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Things to Do in Sydney in School Holidays

Is it really possible to keep children entertained throughout the school holidays while in Sydney?

The city is known for its iconic landmarks, vibrant arts scene, and beautiful parks, but are these enough to captivate young minds?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Sydney offers a plethora of activities that can keep kids engaged and happy, from exploring wildlife parks and engaging in interactive museum exhibits to relishing delicious treats at child-friendly restaurants.

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However, what makes these activities truly exciting and worthwhile? That’s a question worth exploring further.

Key Takeaways

  • Outdoor adventure activities in Sydney offer stunning ocean views and adrenaline-filled experiences.
  • Wildlife parks and zoos in Sydney provide unforgettable experiences for the whole family, with opportunities to encounter native wildlife.
  • Museums and galleries in Sydney offer a blend of entertainment and learning, with hands-on exhibits and diverse art collections.
  • Child-friendly restaurants in Sydney provide a welcoming atmosphere and affordable menus, making them a great option for school holiday activities.

Sydney’s Outdoor Adventure Activities

thrilling outdoor activities in sydney

When it comes to outdoor adventure activities in Sydney, there’s no shortage of options to keep you busy during the school holidays.

Kids can enjoy the stunning ocean views while embarking on coastal walks, such as Bondi to Coogee.

Sydney’s beautiful beaches like Bondi and Maroubra are perfect for surfing and stand-up paddleboarding.

For adrenaline-filled fun, Luna Park and Centennial Park offer activities like obstacle courses and go-karting.

During the spring school holidays, families can encounter native wildlife at Taronga Zoo, making the holidays educational too.

Sydney Olympic Park proposes outdoor activities such as cycling and segway tours, adding an active twist to Sydney’s outdoor adventure activities.

Wildlife Parks and Zoos Exploration

wildlife conservation and education

Diving into the world of wildlife parks and zoos, Sydney offers a plethora of unique animal interactions and experiences. From penguin encounters at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium to kangaroo sightings at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, animal lovers will find this exploration of wildlife parks and zoos a must-do activity.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, located in Darling Harbour, is a great starting point. Don’t miss the Tiger Trek, where you can come face-to-face with Sumatran tigers.

Then, visit one of the upcoming events at the Ian Potter Childrens Wild Play, which offers a unique natural play experience.

For a diverse range of species, Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney is your next stop.

Sydney’s wildlife parks and zoos offer unforgettable experiences for the entire family.

Visiting Museums and Galleries

exploring art and culture

After an immersive day with wildlife, your adventure continues as you step into the world of knowledge and creativity at Sydney’s renowned museums and galleries.

The Australian Museum offers a hands-on museum experience, with exciting exhibits like ‘Gold of the Pharaohs’ and interactive workshops that engage kids in learning.

Don’t miss the holiday program at the Art Gallery of NSW featuring craft workshops and the Australian premiere of the London International Animation. The gallery’s diverse collection will captivate you, from indigenous art to contemporary pieces.

These educational venues provide inspiring and fun-filled activities during the school holidays, making them must-visit destinations for families seeking a blend of entertainment and learning in Sydney.

Sydney’s Child-friendly Restaurants

family friendly dining options in sydney

In the heart of Sydney, you’ll find a plethora of child-friendly restaurants that not only offer a welcoming atmosphere for families but also a wide range of affordable and budget-friendly menus.

  1. Western Sydney is an excellent place to start, with various family fun options that cater to the little ones.
  2. After a day at the Sydney Opera House or Hyde Park, these eateries become the best school holiday activities.
  3. Visiting Sydney’s child-friendly restaurants are fun things to do after exploring the LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

These restaurants not only ensure a delightful meal but also an engaging experience for children.

Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

rainy day indoor activities

While Sydney’s child-friendly restaurants provide delightful dining experiences, don’t let a rainy day dampen your fun – there are plenty of indoor activities that cater to every interest and age group.

One of Sydney’s top picks is the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. It’s not just an aquarium; it’s an underwater journey of discovery that’ll keep the kids entertained all day.

For nature lovers, the Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Garden offers indoor activities for rainy days that inspire creativity and imagination. This ultimate school holiday destination in NSW acknowledges and respects the traditional owners of the land.


After a whirlwind tour of Sydney’s vibrant offerings, from the thrilling outdoor adventures to the captivating wildlife encounters, and enlightening museum visits, it’s clear that Sydney holds a treasure trove of experiences.

Even on a rainy day, there’s no shortage of fun indoor activities. The city’s child-friendly eateries add the cherry on top.

So whether you’re channeling your inner Crocodile Dundee or nurturing a budding Picasso, Sydney offers a school holiday experience as diverse as a rainbow’s spectrum.

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