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Things to Do in Perth School Holidays

Like a treasure chest full of adventures, Perth transforms during the school holidays, offering a multitude of activities for families to explore.

From outdoor pursuits that will have your kids reconnecting with nature, to indoor entertainment options that are as educational as they are fun, there’s no shortage of ways to keep the little ones busy.

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This rich mix of experiences isn’t just about keeping the children entertained – it’s about creating memories as a family and growing together.

So what activities does Perth have in store for your family this holiday? Stay with us to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Perth offers a variety of outdoor activities during school holidays, such as biking on scenic cycle paths and exploring nature at Kings Park’s Rio Tinto Naturescape.
  • There are educational experiences available for kids, including Eurekamp Oz at the University of Western Australia and the Aviation and Heritage Museum, which provide opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge.
  • Families can enjoy free family events in Perth during school holidays, such as the Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair and exploring the natural beauty of Western Australia.
  • Even when the weather isn’t cooperating, Perth offers indoor entertainment options like Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq and Code Camp, which keep children engaged and happy.

Outdoor Activities in Perth

exploring perth s outdoor opportunities

Perth’s network of cycle paths offers families a scenic and safe route for bike rides, making it a perfect outdoor activity during the school holidays. This family-friendly adventure is one of the many school holiday activities Perth has to offer.

Another gem is Kings Park’s Rio Tinto Naturescape, where kids, aged three and up, can connect with nature and learn about the environment.

Kingsford at Bullsbrook Playground, a recent addition to Perth’s family attractions, provides endless outdoor fun for all ages.

To cool off, families can head to the Kwillena Gabi Pool in Mandurah, which is free and suitable for all ages, or take a splash at Maylands Waterland.

These outdoor activities in Perth are just some of the numerous events in Perth providing family fun this school holiday.

Educational Experiences for Kids

engaging learning opportunities for children

Diving into the realm of educational experiences for kids, Perth boasts a plethora of engaging and enlightening activities that not only entertain but also inspire learning and creativity among the young ones.

During the summer school holidays, kids can visit Eurekamp Oz at the University of Western Australia to learn new skills, or explore the Aviation and Heritage Museum in Bull Creek.

Code Camp technology programs are among the best school holiday activities, keeping kids entertained while fostering creativity in coding and game development.

Rio Tinto Naturescape in Kings Park encourages outdoor learning, while Active Gymnastics offers school holiday programs promoting physical fitness.

These educational experiences make the 98 school holiday days in Perth, a fun, enriching journey for kids.

Free Family Events in Perth

perth s free family fun

Beyond these educational experiences, the city also offers numerous free family events during the school holidays, turning Perth into a vibrant playground for both kids and adults.

Long holidays are a perfect time for families to bond and create fun memories. A popular choice is the Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair. This event, one of the many Perth Events, is a hub of holiday fun. From rides to games, it brings joy to everyone.

Another idea Perth offers is visiting the University of Western Australia for Eurekamp Oz, an educational experience that balances learning and fun.

Western Australia is famed for its natural beauty, so exploring the Perth school holidays outdoors is a must.

With these things to do, Perth ensures that families have a memorable and enjoyable holiday.

Indoor Entertainment Options

wide variety of indoor activities

When the weather in Perth isn’t cooperating, families can find plenty of indoor entertainment options to keep the children engaged and happy during the school holidays.

Take them to the Entertainment Centre for a round of Mario Kart at the Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq. This unique centre also showcases an array of cartoon characters that children adore.

If they’re into tech, enrol them in a coding workshop at Code Camp, where they can learn to build their own space shuttle game.

For a bit of physical activity, head over to Outback Splash. Despite its outdoor-sounding name, it offers indoor entertainment options that are just as exciting.

With all these options, Perth school holidays can be a blast, even indoors.

Unique Perth Holiday Experiences

exploring perth s distinctive attractions

While indoor entertainment keeps the kids busy during drizzly days, Perth also offers a range of unique holiday experiences that combine fun, learning, and adventure for all ages. Looking ahead for Perth school holidays, here are four exceptional activities:

  1. A unique stay at Novotel Perth Murray Street promises fun for the whole family.
  2. The CraftDojo Ninja Minecraft Adventure, one of the exciting activities in December, fosters creativity in kids in Perth.
  3. Eurekamp Oz at The University of Western Australia provokes critical thinking.
  4. Escape This in Northbridge offers thrilling escape room challenges.

These unique Perth holiday experiences aren’t just things to do in Perth school holidays, but memories to be made.

Visit the WA Maritime Museum or WA Shipwrecks Museum for more family-friendly activities.

The holidays Perth: family edition starts in Perth City.


So, if you’re stuck in Perth these school holidays, don’t despair! There’s more than kangaroos and desert.

Pedal away in the great outdoors, dive into history at a museum, or even pretend you’re a marine scientist for a day.

And if all else fails, lock yourself in an escape room! Believe it or not, Perth has it all.

So, pack up the kids and gear up for an exciting, enriching, and yes, even educational holiday!

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