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Things to Do in LA for the Holidays

Imagine Los Angeles as a gigantic Christmas tree, each neighborhood representing a unique ornament that contributes to the city’s overall holiday glow.

You’ve probably heard about its famous Hollywood Christmas Parade or the spectacular light displays in Sleepy Hollow, but what if I told you there’s more?

From ice skating under the stars at Pershing Square to the warm, sugary churros at the LA Zoo Lights, the city offers a buffet of festive experiences that cater to all tastes.

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Now, wouldn’t you like to explore what hidden gems lie beneath LA’s holiday glitz?

Key Takeaways

  • La offers a variety of Christmas events, including Enchanted: Forest of Light, Marina Del Rey Boat Parade, Yuletide Cinemaland, L.A. Zoo Lights, and Disneyland’s Christmas makeover.
  • There are exciting holiday activities in LA such as ‘Christmas at Hogwarts’ event, Winter Fest OC, Beach Christmas Boat Parade, Kidspace Winter Craft, and Annual Christmas Santas Circus.
  • Visitors can enjoy charming experiences in LA during the holidays, including the ‘Forest of Light’ in La Cañada, Marina Del Rey Boat Parade, Yuletide Cinemaland at Heritage Square, and L.A. Zoo Lights in Griffith Park.
  • LA offers family-friendly holiday events, such as Kidspace Children’s Museum workshops, Universal Studios Hollywood and Wizarding World of Harry with festive decorations, Ice Rink Pershing for outdoor ice skating, guided holiday hikes in Santa Monica Mountains, and light shows at South Coast Botanic Garden.

Top Christmas Events in Los Angeles

festive holiday celebrations in la

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of the holiday season with the top Christmas events in Los Angeles. Twinkling lights, festive movies, and holiday-decked boats will create unforgettable experiences.

Imagine strolling through the Enchanted: Forest of Light, with its 10 mesmerizing illuminated installations. Or watching the Marina Del Rey Boat Parade, where 70 boats sparkle with holiday lights.

Don’t miss the Yuletide Cinemaland at Heritage Square, offering holiday movies under the stars. The L.A. Zoo Lights in Griffith Park is another must-see, with oversized animal-shaped lanterns lighting your way.

Lastly, bask in the Christmas makeover of Disneyland, with a special focus on ‘It’s a Small World’. These are undoubtedly some of the best holiday events in Los Angeles, ensuring a joyous holiday season.

Exciting Holiday Activities in LA

vibrant la holiday adventures

Having explored the top Christmas events in Los Angeles, you’re probably eager to dive into more holiday adventures in the city. LA is a festive wonderland, packed with holiday events and activities that will keep you entertained.

  • Visit the ‘Christmas at Hogwarts’ event, a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
  • Attend the Winter Fest OC, a vibrant winter wonderland filled with snow and ice.
  • Take part in the annual Beach Christmas Boat Parade, a delightful and festive maritime spectacle.
  • Engage your creative side at the Kidspace Winter Craft, with numerous activities for children and adults.

Don’t forget the Annual Christmas Santas Circus, the Holiday Ice rink in Downtown Santa Monica, and the various LA County Holiday Arts events. Make your holiday in LA memorable with these fantastic activities!

Charming LA Experiences for Holidays

enchanting holiday activities in la

If you’re seeking a truly charming and unique holiday experience in LA, prepare to be enchanted by activities such as the ‘Forest of Light’ in La Cañada, the Marina Del Rey Boat Parade, and the Yuletide Cinemaland at Heritage Square, to name just a few.

These annual L.A. events in Los Angeles County light up Southern California with their holiday spirit, making them some of the Best Things to do in LA during the holidays.

Celebrate Christmas with the whimsical holiday lights at the Forest of Light or at the spectacular L.A. Zoo Lights in Griffith Park.

Don’t miss the Holiday Parade in Marina Del Rey, where boats dressed in dazzling Christmas lights will surely captivate you.

Let the holiday magic of LA sweep you off your feet.

Family-Friendly Holiday Events in LA

la s festive family fun

Immersing yourself in the family-friendly holiday events in LA will offer you a myriad of delightful experiences, from the enchanting Forest of Light in La Cañada to the spectacular boat parade in Marina Del Rey, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This season, the city of Los Angeles is bursting with joyous attractions.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The Kidspace Children’s Museum hosts fun-filled holiday workshops.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood and the Wizarding World of Harry come alive with festive decorations.
  • The Ice Rink Pershing offers outdoor ice skating with a stunning city view.
  • Santa Monica Mountains and South Coast Botanic Garden host guided holiday hikes and light shows respectively.

These are just a handful of the things to do in LA for the holidays.

Free LA Activities for the Holiday Season

budget friendly holiday events in la

For those seeking festive cheer without breaking the bank, Los Angeles offers a variety of free activities during the holiday season that are as enchanting as they’re budget-friendly.

You can behold the dazzling light displays at the Enchanted: Forest of Light or the Marina Del Rey Boat Parade’s holiday lights. Don’t miss the tree lighting ceremony at L.A. Zoo Lights, where holiday celebration is in full swing with animal-shaped lanterns.

The Yuletide Cinemaland offers outdoor holiday screenings of your favorite holiday movie. And don’t forget to take photos with Santa! Even without the usual ice skating, the city’s Lightscape and holiday spirit are enough to fill your heart with joy.


So, there you have it! LA turns into a veritable winter wonderland during the holidays, teeming with dazzling lights, festive movies, and magical boat parades.

From the entrancing Enchanted: Forest of Light to the spectacular L.A. Zoo Lights, there’s an endless array of unforgettable experiences awaiting you.

Seriously, if you’re not spending your holidays in LA, you’re missing out. Big time.

So, get out there and immerse yourself in LA’s enchanting holiday cheer, folks!

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