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Things to Do in Cardiff Easter Holidays

Just as you’re thinking about what to do for the Easter holidays, Cardiff unveils a line-up of engaging activities that has something for everyone.

You’re in for a treat, whether you’re a history enthusiast wanting to explore the city’s rich past, a thrill-seeker hunting for adrenaline-pumping adventures, or a gourmand eager to sample local culinary delights.

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But the question is, where should you start? There are so many options, you’ll need a little help to make the most out of your Easter break in Cardiff.

Let’s take this journey together, shall we?

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Cardiff’s historical landmarks and museums, such as Cardiff Castle and St Fagans National Museum.
  • Participate in Cardiff’s Easter festivities, including the town-wide Easter Egg Hunt and the Spring Safari Trail at the Red Dragon Centre.
  • Experience the thrill of Cardiff’s adventure parks, with activities like Treetop Golf and Escape Rooms Cardiff.
  • Visit Cardiff’s vibrant markets, like St Davids Dewi Sant Cardiff and Cardiff Central Market, for unique shopping experiences and local produce.

Explore Cardiff’s Historical Landmarks

discover cardiff s rich history

Dive into Cardiff’s rich past by visiting its historical landmarks, such as the illustrious Cardiff Castle. Here, you can immerse yourself in Welsh history through the ‘Black Tower Tales’, a family attraction that brings the story of Welsh hero Llywelyn Brens to life.

Don’t stop your journey in time there. Also, explore St Fagans National Museum, Wales’ most popular heritage attraction, where you can follow the Big Museum Easter Trail to discover more about Welsh everyday life.

Stroll around Cardiff city centre to see the Bricklive Dino Discovery Trail during the Easter Holidays. Lastly, visit Cardiff Bay’s Red Dragon Centre, where you’ll find the Spring Safari Trail featuring wild animal sculptures, perfect for young explorers.

Explore Cardiff’s history this Easter!

Enjoy Cardiff’s Easter Festivities

easter fun in cardiff

After immersing yourself in Cardiff’s rich history, it’s time to fully embrace the spirit of the season and join in Cardiff’s vibrant Easter festivities.

Take your family to the town-wide Easter Egg Hunt, a treat for children of all ages.

For a dose of Spring wildlife, join the free Spring Safari Trail at the Red Dragon Centre. Enjoy the thrill of spotting wild animal sculptures and the chance to win a fantastic prize.

Don’t forget the Easter Family Fun Day, full of activities that bring the joy of Easter alive.

Whether you’re hunting for the elusive Egg or simply enjoying the Spring atmosphere, Cardiff offers a slew of Easter festivities that are sure to make your holiday memorable.

Experience the Thrill of Cardiff’s Adventure Parks

cardiff s adventure parks excitement

If you’re seeking a rush of adrenaline during your Easter break, Cardiff’s adventure parks have plenty to offer. From the exhilarating Treetop Golf with special Easter opening hours, to the intriguing allure of Escape Rooms Cardiff.

This Easter, families are invited to explore inside the Centre for a host of fun activities. The city is teeming with action-packed opportunities.

The National Museum of History brings the past to life for families with children aged 6-12 through a free BRICKLIVE Dino Discovery Trail. You can also get lost in the immersive family attraction ‘Black Tower Tales’ at Cardiff Castle.

And don’t miss the Spring Safari Trail at The Red Dragon Centre – it’s a wonderful way to explore the city and you might even win a family day out!

Visit Cardiff’s Vibrant Markets

vibrant markets in cardiff

Stepping into Cardiff’s vibrant markets, you’ll be greeted by a diverse range of local produce, arts, crafts, and unique gifts ready to be explored and purchased. Among the top attractions and restaurants around Cardiff, St Davids Dewi Sant Cardiff is a must-visit destination. Here, inside The Red Dragon, you’ll find plenty of places offering Afternoon Tea.

From the historic Cardiff Central Market to the lively Riverside Market by the Taff River, you’re in for a unique shopping experience. General admission to these markets is free, allowing you to browse at your leisure. Don’t miss Roath Market, a favorite of local Welsh hero Llywelyn.

As you tour Cardiff’s vibrant markets, you’ll not only support local businesses but also discover a culinary paradise.

Take a Stroll in Cardiff’s Scenic Parks

exploring cardiff s beautiful green spaces

Once you’ve had your fill of Cardiff’s bustling markets, why not escape the city’s hustle and bustle to take a leisurely stroll in one of its scenic parks? This is one of the best things to do in Cardiff Easter holidays, especially for families.

You can win a family day of peace and quiet in places like Bute Park or Roath Park. Keep the whole family engaged as you enjoy the immersive family experience of the free BRICKLIVE Dino Discovery.

As you take a stroll in Cardiff’s scenic parks, you’ll find plenty of places to explore inside, from beautiful flower displays to serene lakes.


So, you’re all set for an unforgettable Easter break in Cardiff.

Picture this: you’re unravelling the mysteries of ‘Black Tower Tales’ at Cardiff Castle, venturing through the Spring Safari Trail at The Red Dragon Centre, and wrapping up the day with a delightful meal at The Parkgate Hotel.

Cardiff promises an exciting blend of culture, adventure and relaxation, ensuring your Easter holidays are nothing short of spectacular.

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