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The Easiest Companion to Get in New Vegas

Navigating the dust-ridden expanses of New Vegas can be as lonely as a cloud, but luckily, you're not required to wander the wasteland solo.

Imagine stumbling upon ED-E, a loyal eyebot companion, nestled within the rubble of Primm's Mojave Express outpost. With just a touch of mechanical savvy, or a sprinkling of science knowledge, you can breathe life into this rusted relic.

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ED-E's laser armament and carrying capacity can be a game-changer in your early skirmishes. But is this metallic companion truly the easiest to recruit, or could there be other contenders lurking in the shadows of the Mojave?

Key Takeaways

  • ED-E is the easiest companion to recruit in New Vegas, found in Primm and requiring only a science skill.
  • High science or repair skills can increase trust levels, enhancing the effectiveness of companions like ED-E.
  • ED-E offers survival boosts, valuable battle support, and an enriching questline, 'ED-E My Love.'
  • Understanding each companion's unique abilities and quests is crucial, but ED-E's recruitment is notably straightforward.

Understanding Fallout: New Vegas Companions

exploring companions in game

Let's dive into the fascinating world of Fallout: New Vegas companions, where characters like ED-E and Boone not only add to your firepower but also create a dynamic and interesting gameplay experience.

Your science skill comes into play when recruiting ED-E in Primm. Fixing this robotic ally requires a high science or repair skill.

Boone, another worthy companion, joins your adventure in Novac after completing a certain quest.

The Importance of Companions

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Undeniably, companions in Fallout: New Vegas aren't just fancy add-ons; they're pivotal assets that can drastically reshape your gaming journey, from your survival odds in fierce battles to the paths your narrative takes. Consider this:

  • Companions provide invaluable support in battles.
  • Recruiting them early changes gameplay outcomes.
  • Each companion brings unique skills and questlines.
  • Companions can die, affecting your story.
  • Companion deaths may lead to missed opportunities or altered endings.

Identifying Potential Partners

identifying business collaboration opportunities

In the vast expanse of New Vegas, picking the right companion can make or break your game.

Let's break down the essentials of assessing companion capabilities, understanding their trust levels, and successfully navigating their unique quests.

Arm yourself with this knowledge, and you'll turn potential partners into powerful allies in no time.

Assessing Companion Capabilities

Navigating the treacherous landscapes of New Vegas, you'll find ED-E, a companion whose potential offers a significant boost to your survival odds. This relic of Doctor Henry's experiment provides:

  • Easy recruitment in Primm
  • Enhanced Sensors perk
  • Upgradeable abilities at Hidden Valley or with Knight Lorenzo
  • Valuable support in battles
  • A deep, enriching questline, 'ED-E My Love'

ED-E's capabilities are a game-changer in your New Vegas journey.

Companion Trust Levels

As you delve deeper into the world of New Vegas, it's essential to understand the trust levels of potential companions like ED-E, who can be pivotal allies in your quest for survival.

You can recruit ED-E with a successful speech check, using either your science or repair skills. Once on board, ED-E's trust level increases, enhancing your sensory perception significantly, making it a valuable early companion choice.

Navigating Companion Quests

With a wide range of potential partners strewn across New Vegas, you'll find that successfully navigating companion quests isn't just about finding these allies, but understanding their unique requirements and quirks.

  • ED-E: Found in Primm, requires high science or repair skill.
  • Boone: Located in Novac, needs a completed quest.
  • Veronica: At the 188 Trading Post, easy early recruit.
  • Cass: At Mojave Outpost, requires speech or barter skill.
  • Rex: In Freeside, needs 'Nothin' But a Hound Dog' quest completion.

Meeting ED-E: An Overview

exploring ed e s role

On your journey through the harsh wastelands of New Vegas, you'll stumble upon the broken shell of a robot, ED-E, in Primm.

With a bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, you can repair this little guy, unlocking a powerful companion and a fascinating quest line.

Let's tackle the steps to finding and recruiting ED-E, and explore the advantages he brings to your survival in the game.

Finding ED-E: Steps

To get your hands on ED-E, a valuable ally in the battles of New Vegas, you'll need to make a pit stop in Primm and either flex your high science or repair skills, or hustle to gather the necessary parts. Here are your steps:

  • Visit Primm
  • Find ED-E in Mojave Express
  • Use high Science or Repair skill
  • Gather necessary parts if skills aren't high
  • Repair ED-E

Advantages of ED-E

If you're looking to get a leg up in your New Vegas adventures, snagging ED-E as your companion can offer a slew of benefits.

From his unique abilities to the hefty support he provides in battles and exploration, ED-E's advantages lie in his Enhanced Sensors, early recruitment value, and enhanced gameplay after completing his questline.

Truly, ED-E is a treasure in the wasteland.

Encountering Rex: A Brief Guide

meeting a dinosaur puppet

In the bustling heart of Freeside, you'll find the King's School of Impersonation, home to Rex, a bionic dog companion with a unique combat style and a quest that's worth your time. Near the Old Mormon Fort, this is where your journey begins.

  • Find Rex at King's School
  • Complete 'Nothin' But a Hound Dog' to recruit him
  • Utilize Rex's 'Search and Mark' perk
  • Your decisions affect Rex's abilities
  • Enjoy Rex's distinctive combat style

Arcade Gannon: Recruitment Process

recruiting arcade gannon quest

Just a stone's throw away from where you'll find Rex, at the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside, you can recruit the intellectual and witty companion, Arcade Gannon, provided your Speech skills are polished or your Intelligence is a bit on the low side. His Better Healing perk and side quest 'For Auld Lang Syne' add depth and utility.

To optimize Arcade's performance, equip him with heavy armor and a laser weapon.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy: Companion Profile

fallout new vegas character

Ever wondered about the fiery and versatile companion Rose of Sharon Cassidy, known as Cass, in Fallout: New Vegas?

Well, here's what you need to know:

  • Location: Mojave Outpost
  • Combat Style: Excels in both ranged and melee
  • Perks: Grants Whiskey Rose and Calm Heart
  • Equipment: Best with heavy armor and Hunting Shotgun
  • Role: An early-game, versatile companion

Recruiting Craig Boone: Easiest Strategy

recruiting craig boone easy strategy

If you're prowling around Novac near the dinosaur's mouth at night, chances are you'll bump into Craig Boone, a highly skilled sniper who you can recruit as a companion by completing the 'One For My Baby' quest.

To convince him to come, unravel the Bitter Springs Massacre story. Boone's exceptional enemy-detection skills make him worth the quest, making your recruitment strategy in Fallout: New Vegas easier.

Lily: An Unusual Ally

unlikely friendship with lily

After wrapping up the 'Guess Who I Saw Today' quest in Jacobstown, you'll meet Lily, a truly unique companion with the ability to turn invisible in combat and transform into a Super Mutant, making her an unusual but formidable ally in Fallout: New Vegas.

  • Stealth Boy ability: turns invisible in combat
  • Super Mutant transformation: adds toughness
  • Unlocks special perks: boosts your gameplay
  • Side quest: deepens her storyline
  • Found in Jacobstown: easy to recruit

This eccentric ally surely shakes up the Wasteland!

Veronica and Raul Tejada: Final Thoughts

endearing couple finds happiness

As we wrap up our exploration of Veronica and Raul Tejada, let's highlight some key takeaways.

You've experienced Veronica's impressive abilities.

You've seen Raul Tejada's transformation.

Together, they've added strength to your team and given you an edge in the harsh wasteland of New Vegas.

Veronica's Noteworthy Abilities

When you bring Veronica on board from the 188 Trading Post by aligning with the Brotherhood of Steel, you'll gain a formidable companion known for her powerful melee skills and Power Armor proficiency.

  • Strong melee fighter
  • Power Armor proficient
  • Available at 188 Trading Post
  • Grants Scribe Assistant perk
  • Companion quest: 'I Could Make You Care'

Harness Veronica's abilities to conquer New Vegas's ruthless wasteland.

Raul Tejada: A Review

In the shadowy depths of Black Mountain, you'll stumble upon Raul Tejada, a gunslinging ghoul with a knack for weapon maintenance and a fierce proficiency in revolvers and Cowboy Repeaters.

Once freed from Super Mutants, Raul will grant you the Regular Maintenance perk, slowing your weapon and armor decay.

Complete his side quest and you'll unlock a new outfit and additional perks.


So, you've danced with death in the wastelands and lived to tell the tale.

Companions, these quirky souls like ED-E and Craig Boone, aren't just your backup; they're your lifeline.

They turn the desolate lands of New Vegas into an ensemble road trip.

Remember, it's not about surviving alone, it's about thriving together.

So, head out there, recruit your robot and marksman, and make your story unforgettable.

After all, every Lone Wanderer needs a companion.

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