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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 vs Super Meteor 650: Key Differences

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Vs Super Meteor 650 Key Differences

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 and the Super Meteor 650 are two distinct models from Royal Enfield, each with its unique characteristics. Here’s a comprehensive analysis of their key differences:

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Design and Styling

Design And Styling

The Shotgun 650 is a bobber-style motorcycle, featuring a different tank design, shorter fenders, and a restyled triple clamp.

The Super Meteor 650, on the other hand, embodies classic cruiser styling, with longer fenders and a larger fuel tank​​.



The Super Meteor 650 offers a laid-back riding posture typical of cruisers, with forward-set footpegs and a pulled-back handlebar.

The Shotgun 650 opts for a more aggressive, roadster-like stance, with central-set footpegs and a flatter handlebar, contributing to a commanding riding posture​​​​.

Wheel Sizes

Wheel Sizes

The Shotgun 650 rides on an 18-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel.

The Super Meteor 650 has a larger 19-inch front wheel and a smaller 16-inch rear wheel. This difference in wheel size affects their handling characteristics, with the Shotgun 650 expected to have better handling and flickability​​​​.



The Shotgun 650 has a shorter wheelbase of 1,465mm compared to the 1,500mm wheelbase of the Super Meteor.

The Shotgun also has a higher seat height of 795mm versus the 740mm on the Super Meteor, along with a 5mm higher ground clearance. It’s also slightly lighter, weighing 240kg​​.

Both bikes are set to launch in India in mid-January 2024 and share several components, being part of Royal Enfield’s 650cc range​

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