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Progress Update on Buffalo Bills Stadium Construction

Progress Update On Buffalo Bills Stadium Construction

The new Buffalo Bills stadium construction in Orchard Park, New York, is advancing into a crucial phase. The project, which is set to redefine the home of the Buffalo Bills, has reached a significant milestone with the arrival of equipment and materials necessary for the next stage of development.

Advancement into the Steel Superstructure Phase

Advancement Into The Steel Superstructure Phase

The Buffalo Bills have announced that the construction will focus on developing the steel superstructure. This critical component will define the future look and functionality of the stadium.

This phase marks a pivotal point in the construction process, with the assembly of large cranes that will become a prominent feature of the site’s landscape.

The New Highmark Stadium

The New Highmark Stadium

Located across Abbott Road from the current Bills stadium, the New Highmark Stadium is on track for completion in 2026. The stadium’s construction is significant, with an initial cost estimate of over $1.5 billion.

This financial plan includes contributions from Erie County ($250 million) and New York State ($600 million). Recent updates from August 2023 indicated that the project’s cost projections were nearing $1.7 billion, with the Bills organization committed to covering any overrun costs.

Commitment to Minimizing Disruptions

Commitment To Minimizing Disruptions

As the construction progresses, the Bills have emphasized their commitment to minimizing disruptions and addressing any temporary inconveniences that may arise during the process.

The primary focus remains on ensuring a safe construction zone for workers and the surrounding community’s well-being.


The ongoing construction of the Buffalo Bills’ new stadium is a significant development in the sports landscape of New York. With the project moving into the steel superstructure phase, the anticipation for the new stadium continues to build. The commitment to safety and community well-being, along with the financial planning to accommodate cost overruns, highlights the thorough approach taken in this large-scale project.

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