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Popular Celebrities That Play Nintendo Switch

Imagine sitting in your living room, the soft glow of your television reflecting off your Nintendo Switch as you dive headfirst into the latest adventures in Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom.

Now, picture your favorite celebrity doing the exact same thing. Sounds surreal, right? Yet, it’s true. Celebrities, just like you, are drawn to the joy and escapism that Nintendo Switch games offer.

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Bangkok, Thailand June 25, 2017 : A Man Playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe On Nintendo Switch.
Bangkok, Thailand – June 25, 2017 : A man playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch.

From A-list Hollywood stars to internationally acclaimed athletes and musicians, many have found solace in the virtual worlds of Nintendo.

Who might these celebrity gamers be? Stick around, as we unpack the intriguing world of celebrities who find solace, joy, and a competitive edge in the realm of Nintendo Switch.

Key Takeaways

  • A-list Hollywood stars such as Christina Aguilera, Brie Larson, Serena Williams, Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill, and Neil Patrick Harris are fans of Nintendo Switch games.
  • Celebrity endorsements and promotions, with celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, Daniel Craig, and Henry Cavill appearing in Nintendo commercials, boost game sales and help market the console.
  • Celebrity endorsements have a significant impact on game sales, with famous faces like Serena Williams and Neil Patrick Harris influencing the popularity of Nintendo Switch.
  • The love for Nintendo Switch extends beyond Hollywood, with musicians like Christina Aguilera and Brie Larson finding solace in virtual worlds, and athletes like Serena Williams and Randy Orton enjoying the console’s games.

Hollywood Stars With Switches

Hollywood Stars With Switches

Dive into the world of glitter and glam as we spill the tea on Hollywood stars who’ve swapped their scripts for Switches!

You’d be surprised by the famous faces secretly playing games on their Nintendo Switch. From Christina Aguilera to Brie Larson, these celebrities have shared posts on social media showing they’re huge fans.

Who knew Hollywood was this hooked on handheld gaming?

Celebs in Nintendo Commercials

Celebs In Nintendo Commercials

You’ve seen them on the red carpet, now catch them on your Nintendo screen! From Christina Aguilera’s family game nights to Serena Williams serving up some virtual aces, celebs aren’t just playing Switch, they’re selling it.

Let’s chat about these famous faces in ads and whether their star power boosts game sales.

Famous Faces in Ads

From pop divas to late-night hosts, it seems like everyone’s getting in on the Nintendo Switch action. Famous people like Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, and Neil Patrick Harris are starring in commercials, even dedicating YouTube videos to their favorite games.

Even Bond himself, Daniel Craig, and gaming enthusiast Henry Cavill can’t resist the allure of the Switch. Now that’s some star-studded gaming power!

Impact on Game Sales

While we’re on the topic of celebs getting their game on, let’s not overlook the significant boost their star power can give to Nintendo Switch sales.

Seeing Serena Williams or Neil Patrick Harris flaunting their Switch games isn’t just entertaining, it’s marketing gold!

Their endorsements can lead fans to not only buy the console but also the diverse range of games they’re playing.

Celeb power, indeed!

Nintendo’s Musician Fanbase

Nintendos Musician Fanbase

Guess what, folks? Big-name musicians like Christina Aguilera and Brie Larson aren’t just belting out chart-topping hits, they’re also smashing Goombas and catching digital fish on their Nintendo Switch consoles!

  1. Picture Aguilera, mid-tour, unwinding with a quick round of Animal Crossing.
  2. Imagine Larson, between shoots, squeezing in some Super Mario 3D World action.
  3. Visualize Serena Williams acing it in Mario Tennis Aces.

Talk about a crossover of video games and music! Rights Reserved, indeed!

Sports Stars Playing Switch

Sports Stars Playing Switch

You might think sports stars only compete on the field, but they’re also battling for supremacy on the Nintendo Switch.

From their favorite games to intense gaming tournaments, these athletes are swapping balls for joysticks, and it’s having a surprising impact on their performance.

Buckle up, because these players are about to show you that the Switch isn’t just for the armchair athletes among us!

Famous Athletes’ Favorite Games

Ready to sweat it out with Serena Williams on the virtual tennis court? Our athletic superstar loves showcasing her unmatched gaming prowess in Mario Tennis Aces and busting out dance moves in Just Dance on the Nintendo Switch!


  1. Serena’s fierce forehand in Mario Tennis Aces.
  2. Randy Orton’s stealthy moves in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  3. Both athletes, breaking a sweat in Just Dance, competing for the crown.

Gaming Tournaments Among Athletes

While it’s a thrill to visualize Serena’s swift swings in Mario Tennis Aces, it’s even more electrifying to consider the high-stakes gaming tournaments that these sports stars participate in, battling it out on the Nintendo Switch.

Imagine world-famous tennis pros trading rackets for controllers. It’s a different court, but the competition is just as fierce.

Impact on Athletic Performance

Believe it or not, our favorite sports stars are swapping their cleats for Joy-Cons, finding that playing the Nintendo Switch not only offers a fun escape, but could also give their athletic performance a surprising boost.

  1. Visualize @chrissyteigen’s nimble fingers flying over the Joy-Con, honing her hand-eye coordination.
  2. Imagine athletes on the go, Switch in hand, stress melting away.
  3. Picture them laughing, bonding over a fierce Mario Kart race.

TV Stars’ Favorite Switch Games

Tv Stars Favorite Switch Games

Hold onto your Joy-Cons, because even Hollywood’s brightest stars can’t resist the allure of Nintendo Switch games. Favorites range from Super Mario 3D World to Fitness Boxing 2.

Celebrities like Christina Aguilera have shown their love for Animal Crossing, while Serena Williams has a passion for Just Dance. These celebs prove that the Switch’s appeal transcends the red carpet.

Unexpected Celebrity Gamers

Now, let’s blow your mind with some surprising star players who hide a game controller behind their Oscar.

Unexpected Celebrity Gamers

You’ll be amazed by the A-Listers’ gaming favorites, and who knew that there are so many secret Switch enthusiasts in the limelight?

Buckle up, because the next level of celebrity revelations is about to start!

Surprising Star Players

While you mightn’t expect it, big-name celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Serena Williams have swapped their stage and court for the Nintendo Switch, showcasing their unexpected love for gaming.

Picture this:

  1. Aguilera conquering Super Mario 3D World,
  2. Williams acing Mario Tennis Aces,
  3. And Neil Patrick Harris’s competitive side surfacing during Big Brain Academy.

In the world of Nintendo, these celebs are just 23 regular Joes, proving anyone can be a gamer.

A-Lister’s Gaming Favorites

Get ready for a treat, folks! You’d be amazed at the Nintendo Switch games your favorite celebrities can’t get enough of.

Christina Aguilera loves Super Mario 3D World, while Serena Williams can’t resist a game of Mario Tennis Aces.

Neil Patrick Harris has family fun with Big Brain Academy, and Annie Murphy spices up game night with Mario Kart 8.

Even Brie Larson’s hooked on Fortnite!

Secret Switch Enthusiasts

You’d think it’s just the Hollywood big shots who are hooked on Nintendo Switch, but surprise, there’s a whole gang of undercover celebrity gamers who’ve secretly been leveling up!

Imagine this:

  1. Neil Patrick Harris throwing a virtual tennis ball in Mario Tennis Aces.
  2. Brie Larson meticulously designing her Animal Crossing island.
  3. Serena Williams smashing the leaderboards in Super Mario 3D World.

Who knew these stars were such Nintendo Switch enthusiasts?

Switch Gaming in the Model World

In the glitzy universe of fashion and catwalks, Nintendo Switch has found a surprising fan base, with top models swapping their heels for Joy-Cons during downtime. You’ll find them channeling their inner Mario in Mario Kart, creating utopias in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or battling foes in Breath of the Wild.

You might even catch a glimpse of their gaming adventures on their YouTube channels. Super Mario, meet supermodels!

Comedians Who Love Nintendo

While supermodels might be swapping stilettos for Joy-Cons, it’s the famous funny folks in the comedy sphere who are really giving us a laugh with their love for Nintendo Switch.

  1. Picture Christina Aguilera acing Super Mario 3D World.
  2. Imagine Neil Patrick Harris going head-to-head with his kids in Big Brain Academy.
  3. Think of Annie Murphy’s wide range of games, from Ring Fit Adventure to Mario Kart 8.

Gaming Routines of Famous Athletes

Gaming Routines Of Famous Athletes

Ever wonder how Serena Williams hones her reflexes off the court? Look no further than her Nintendo Switch, where she trades her tennis racket for Joy-Cons in intense matches of Mario Tennis Aces.

But don’t think she’s a one-game wonder! She also breaks a sweat with Just Dance and Fitness Boxing 2.

Next time you’re boxing virtual shadows, remember: you’re in good company!

Nintendo Switch: The Celeb Edition

Nintendo Switch The Celeb Edition

Shifting gears from the virtual workout routines of athletic stars, let’s peek into the gaming world of other celebs who’ve swapped the Hollywood spotlight for the glow of Nintendo Switch screens.

  1. Imagine Christina Aguilera hosting a Super Mario 3D World tournament with her kids.
  2. Visualize Serena Williams flexing her virtual tennis skills in Mario Tennis Aces.
  3. Picture Neil Patrick Harris battling his offspring in Big Brain Academy.


So, there you have it. Whether you’re a Grammy-winning singer or an Olympic champion, the Nintendo Switch is the unrivaled champion of gaming.

It’s the holy grail of entertainment, loved by stars from all walks of fame. Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into Neil Patrick Harris in an online Mario Kart race, or visit Serena Williams’ island in Animal Crossing.

Remember, in the world of Nintendo Switch, we’re all stars. Game on, folks!

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