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Moto G34 5G Unboxing & First Look – The New Flagship Killer Is Here

Moto G34 5g Set For India Launch On January 5

I encountered an issue accessing the content of the link you provided regarding the Moto G34 5G’s launch in India. However, based on the general information about such launches and the typical features of Motorola’s G-series smartphones, I can provide a comprehensive article on what to expect from the Moto G34 5G, including its potential features, specifications, and pricing in the Indian market.



Motorola has been a significant player in the smartphone market, especially in India, where it has gained popularity for offering feature-rich phones at competitive prices. The Moto G series has been well-received for its balance of performance, features, and affordability. The upcoming Moto G34 5G launch in India is highly anticipated and is expected to follow this trend.

Design and Display

Design And Display

The Moto G34 5G will likely sport a modern design with a high screen-to-body ratio, following the current trend of minimal bezels. It might feature a 6.5-inch Full HD+ display with a 90Hz or higher refresh rate for smooth scrolling and a better viewing experience. An OLED panel could be a possibility, offering vibrant colors and deep blacks.

Performance and Hardware

Performance And Hardware

Under the hood, the Moto G34 5G is expected to be powered by a mid-range 5G chipset, possibly from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series, ensuring good performance and energy efficiency. It might come with multiple RAM and storage options, catering to different user needs. Considering Motorola’s history with user-friendly designs, a dedicated microSD card slot for storage expansion could also be a feature.

Camera Capabilities

Camera Capabilities

Motorola’s G series has consistently offered competent camera setups. The Moto G34 5G might feature a triple or quad-camera system, with a high-resolution primary sensor, an ultra-wide lens, and a macro or depth sensor. A punch-hole or a teardrop notch front camera is expected for selfies and video calls.

Software and User Experience

Software And User Experience

Motorola is known for its near-stock Android experience, which users highly appreciate. The Moto G34 5G will likely run on Android 12 with minimal bloatware, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience. Motorola might also include its signature Moto Actions for added convenience.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Life And Charging

A large battery, possibly around 5000mAh, is expected to provide all-day battery life. Fast charging support is also anticipated, although the exact specifications might vary. Motorola could include a fast charger in the box, which has become a rarity in the smartphone market.

Connectivity and Additional Features

Connectivity And Additional Features

Being a 5G smartphone, the Moto G34 5G will support multiple 5G bands, ensuring future-proof connectivity. Other connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and a USB Type-C port are expected. A 3.5mm headphone jack might also be present, considering the user demographic Motorola targets with the G series.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing And Availability

Motorola has been competitive with its pricing strategy in India. The Moto G34 5G is expected to be priced aggressively to compete with other mid-range 5G smartphones. Following Motorola’s usual online-first approach, it might be available exclusively on Flipkart.


The Moto G34 5G is becoming a promising addition to Motorola’s portfolio in India. With its expected features and specifications, it aims to cater to the needs of users looking for a mid-range 5G smartphone that doesn’t compromise on performance, camera capabilities, and overall user experience. The official launch will reveal the final details, but the anticipation suggests that Motorola could have another winner in its lineup with the Moto G34 5G.

For more detailed information, it would be best to wait for the official launch or check the provided link once it becomes accessible.

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