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Manoj Sharma, the Real-Life Inspiration Behind ’12th Fail’, Shares an Emotional Moment with Vidhu Vinod Chopra

“12th Fail,” a film that has been capturing the hearts of audiences in theaters and on OTT platforms, stands out not just for its compelling narrative but also for the unique involvement of the real-life individuals who inspired it.

The movie, based on Anurag Pathak’s novel, tells the story of a man who, despite failing his 12th standard exam, manages to clear the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exams through sheer determination and hard work. The film draws from the lives of Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi, whose journey has been a source of inspiration for many.

The Emotional Script-Reading Session

Manoj Sharma Ips

A significant moment in the making of “12th Fail” was the script-reading session that involved the real Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi. Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the director, shared an emotional video on Instagram capturing this poignant moment.

Chopra confessed his apprehension about how Sharma and Joshi would react to the script, a dramatized version of their real-life experiences. The video showcases the relief and joy Chopra experienced when Sharma and Joshi joined him for the script-reading, marking a moment of validation for the film’s narrative.

The Viral Video and Its Impact

Manoj Sharma Ips Viral Video

The video shared by Chopra has gone viral, resonating with viewers and adding a layer of authenticity to the film. It highlights the emotional journey not just of the characters in the film but also of the individuals who lived through these experiences. Shraddha Joshi also shared the video on her Instagram, further amplifying its reach and impact.

Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi’s Cameo in “12th Fail”

Manoj Sharma And Shraddha Joshis Cameo In 12th Fail

Adding to the film’s authenticity, Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi made a cameo appearance in “12th Fail.” This inclusion was confirmed by Vikrant Massey, who plays a pivotal role in the film. Their appearance was shot in Delhi Haat, adding a touch of realism to the film’s narrative.

The Film’s Reception and Availability

12th Fail Movie

“12th Fail” has been well-received by audiences for its inspiring story and realistic portrayal of struggle and success. The film is currently running in select theaters and is also available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from December 29.


“12th Fail” stands as a testament to the power of real-life stories and their ability to inspire and move audiences. The involvement of Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi in the film’s creative process adds a layer of depth and authenticity, making “12th Fail” more than just a movie – it’s a celebration of human resilience and determination.

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