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20 Biggest Upcoming IPOs with High Listing Gain of 2024

A Flourishing IPO Market in 2024

As 2024 unfolds, the primary market is witnessing a vibrant start, following a blockbuster year. So far, three companies, including Doms and Muthoot Microfin, have launched their IPOs. This follows a record-breaking year where approximately 92 companies went public, the highest since 2022.

List Of Upcoming Ipo In 2024

However, the market is currently experiencing volatility due to factors like rising crude oil prices, geopolitical tensions, and inflation concerns, leading some companies to postpone their IPO plans.

Upcoming IPO List 2024

1Ola ElectricElectric Vehicle700-800 Million USDIndia’s first IPO in the motor sector in around 20 years
2FirstCryOmnichannel Marketplace₹1,816 CrorePlans to expand into Saudi Arabia
3Aakash (Byju’s Subsidiary)EducationAcquired by Byju’s for $950 Million
4PhonePeDigital PaymentsValued at $12 Billion after Walmart’s investment
5Oyo RoomsTravel Booking Platform$400-600 MillionIPO size slashed by almost half
6PharmEasyHealthcare & Pharmacy₹3,950 CroreOwned by Tata
7PayU IndiaFinancial ServicesPart of Prosus
8SwiggyFood DeliveryValued at $10.7 Billion
9MobiKwikMobile Wallets & Buy Now, Pay Later₹1900 CroreOne of India’s largest mobile wallets
10Jyoti CNC AutomationCNC Machines Manufacturer₹1000 Crore
11Allied Blenders and DistillersLiquor₹2000 CroreLargest Indian-owned IMFL company
12Balaji Speciality ChemicalsChemicals₹425 CroreNiche chemicals manufacturer
13EbixCashDigital Products & Services₹6000 Crore
14ESDS SoftwareCloud Services
15CMR Green TechnologiesAluminium and Zinc Die-Casting AlloysOne of the largest producers
16Hexagon NutritionNutrition Products₹600 CroreBased in Mumbai
17Go AirAirline₹3600 CroreOne of the largest airlines in India
18Skanray TechnologiesMedical DevicesKey player in the Indian Medical Device Market
19Tata Play
20FirstMeridian Business

Strategies to Enhance IPO Allotment Chances

Improving the likelihood of securing an IPO allotment is a multifaceted challenge, with no guaranteed formula for success. The probability of a company successfully launching an initial public offering (IPO) fluctuates widely, influenced by various factors unique to each company and the prevailing market conditions.

Nonetheless, certain strategies can bolster your chances.

Key strategies include establishing a robust financial foundation for your company, ensuring efficient management with the necessary skills and technological resources, crafting a compelling business vision, and developing a clear growth trajectory.

Staying abreast of industry trends and outpacing potential competitors also plays a crucial role in enhancing your IPO prospects.

Requirements for IPO Application

Applicants aiming for an IPO must possess a substantial business acumen, particularly in navigating the Capital Markets Process. Preparing your company for an IPO entails a deep comprehension of the stock market and the broader Capital Markets Process.

The Capital Markets Process encompasses the complete system of capital generation, including the IPO procedure. This process is a multifaceted mechanism that enables the public sector to accumulate capital for funding various projects, acquiring goods and services, and offering other services

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