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Kay Cee Energy IPO Alloltment Out | CHECK NOW

The article from IPO Watch provides detailed information about the Kay Cee Energy IPO Allotment Status. Here’s a summary and analysis based on the content from the provided link:

Kay Cee Energy Ipo Allotment Status

Summary of Kay Cee Energy IPO Allotment Status

  • Allotment Finalization Date: The allotment status for Kay Cee Energy IPO was finalized on January 3, 2024.
  • Refund Initiation and Share Credit: Refunds were initiated on January 4, and shares were credited to investors’ Demat accounts on the same day.
  • IPO Listing Date: The IPO was scheduled to list on January 5.
  • Subscription Details: The IPO was subscribed 1,052.45 times overall, with the following breakdown:
    • QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers): 127.71 times
    • NII (Non-Institutional Investors): 1,668.97 times
    • Retail: 1,311.10 times
  • Fundraising and Price Band: The IPO aimed to raise approximately ₹15.93 Crores, with a price band of ₹51 to ₹54 per equity share.
  • Listing Platform: The IPO was listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Analysis of Kay Cee Energy IPO Allotment

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High Subscription Rates

The overall subscription rate of over 1000 times indicates a strong market interest in Kay Cee Energy. This high demand, especially from retail investors, reflects the positive sentiment towards the company’s market potential.

Allotment Process

The basis of allotment was approximately 1:1300, suggesting that only a small fraction of applicants received shares due to the high demand. This ratio is crucial for investors to understand their chances of receiving an allotment.

Checking Allotment Status

Investors could check their allotment status through various methods:

  • Online via Bigshare: By entering their PAN number, application number, or Demat account number.
  • Through Demat Account: Contacting their broker or checking their trading account.
  • Via Bank Account: Logging into the bank account used for the IPO application.

Implications for Investors

  • High Demand and Limited Supply: The high subscription rate and limited allotment highlight the competitive nature of popular IPOs.
  • Investment Strategy: Investors should consider their strategy in oversubscribed IPOs, balancing the potential for high returns against the low probability of receiving a significant allotment.
  • Market Trends: The enthusiasm for Kay Cee Energy’s IPO could be indicative of broader market trends, particularly in the energy sector.


The Kay Cee Energy IPO represents a significant event in the stock market, reflecting both the company’s potential and the current investment climate. Understanding the allotment process and the implications of such high subscription rates is essential for both seasoned and new investors.

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