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How Many Times Has Goku Died

So, you're a Dragon Ball fan, huh? You probably think you've got all the facts straight, even the number of times our beloved protagonist, Goku, has bitten the dust.

Well, it's not as simple as you might think. There's a lot of debate about the exact count, and it's not just because fans can't do basic math. It turns out, Goku's habit of popping back to life makes it a bit tricky to keep track.

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Curious to find out the specifics, or do you want to stick with your headcanon?

Key Takeaways

  • Goku has died twice canonically, sacrificing himself during battles with Raditz and Cell.
  • Near-death experiences and resilience are key aspects of Goku's character, showcased in battles and disease survival.
  • Teamwork and support have played crucial roles in Goku's survival and victories.
  • Non-canon stories and alternate timelines introduce additional temporary deaths, adding complexity to Goku's character.

Goku's First Death: The Raditz Battle

Get ready to plunge into the story of Goku's first death, a heroic sacrifice during the epic battle against his own brother, Raditz, in the Saiyan Saga.

Goku took the hit of Piccolo's special beam cannon, a turning point that showcased his selflessness.

This warrior's death wasn't his end, though. Thanks to the Dragon Balls, Goku was brought back to life, ready to fight another day.

The Cell Games: Goku's Sacrifice

Diving into the heart-stopping Cell Games, you'll discover Goku's second sacrifice, where he chose to risk his life once again to save Earth from Cell's deadly explosion.

Our heroic figure, Son Goku, used Instant Transmission, teleporting the threat to King Kai's planet. Goku died in Dragon Ball Super, showcasing a selfless act of Earth defense.

Indeed, Goku's sacrifice during the Cell Games solidified his status as a true hero.

Goku's Brief Demise: The Hit Episode

In the thrilling episode of Dragon Ball Super featuring Hit, Goku's life hung in the balance as he bravely faced off against the deadly Phoenix Eye Fist technique.

Here's a quick rundown of the intense events:

  1. Goku's brief demise occurs at the hands of Hit.
  2. He's struck by the lethal Phoenix Eye Fist.
  3. Goku's resilience shines when a Ki Blast revives him.
  4. The Hit episode adds another near-death experience to Goku's list of powerful foes.

Buckle up! Goku's journey is far from over.

Goku's Heart Disease: A Non-Battle Death

While Goku's resilience in battle is legendary, there's been a time when he faced an opponent not in the battlefield, but within his own body: a deadly heart disease during the Future Trunks timeline in Dragon Ball Z.

Despite its severity, Goku, with the support of the Z Fighters and Future Trunks' timely delivery of medication, managed to overcome this non-battle death challenge through sheer teamwork.

Non-Canon Instances of Goku's Deaths

Beyond the primary storyline, Goku's non-canon deaths offer a thrilling exploration of alternate realities and what-if scenarios in the Dragon Ball universe.

You'll find:

  1. Goku's temporary deaths against Piccolo and Hit.
  2. Deaths in the Future Trunks arc's alternate timelines.
  3. More times Goku died in non-canon stories.
  4. How these instances add complexity to Goku's character.

Enjoy digging into these fascinating, non-traditional tales where Goku's end is explored differently!


So, how many times has our hero Goku met his end? Four times in the canon series, and a few more in non-canon instances. Each time, his death rocked us to our core, but Goku's spirit never wavered. He always found a way back, proving that true heroes never really die.

They live on, etched in our hearts, inspiring us with their undying courage.

So, here's to Goku, a true symbol of resilience and determination!

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