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How Did Denji Beat Makima Final Chapters Explained

Who could forget the gripping climax of Chainsaw Man, where Denji, our underdog hero, finally confronts the formidable Makima?

You've watched Denji grapple, strategize, and grow, and in the end, he does the unthinkable – he actually beats Makima.

But how exactly did he pull off such a feat?

We're going to peel back the layers of this epic showdown, examining the pivotal roles of Pochita's heart, Power's sacrifice, and Denji's sheer determination.

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Hang tight, because this dive into the intricacies of Denji's victory is set to be as thrilling as the battle itself.

Key Takeaways

  • Denji's victory over Makima was achieved through strategic dismemberment and exploiting Power's blood to impede her healing abilities.
  • Denji underwent a significant transformation post-battle, enhancing his strength, durability, and control over chains.
  • Pochita's heart was integral to the battle, forming a powerful chainsaw weapon that significantly weakened Makima.
  • Makima's defeat was confirmed after Denji consumed her, symbolizing his ultimate triumph in the Chainsaw Man anime.

The Setup for Denji Versus Makima

In the heart-pounding climax of Chainsaw Man, you find Denji, our protagonist, facing off against the formidable Makima, whose regenerative abilities add an intriguing twist to their showdown.

As the end nears in the Chainsaw Man manga, Denji's unique strategy for defeating Makima unfolds in the final chapters.

His bold move of consuming Makima's flesh symbolizes his ultimate victory over her control.

Denji's Transformation and New Abilities

Buckle up as we investigate into Denji's remarkable transformation and the astonishing new abilities he gains after consuming Makima.

In the Chainsaw Man anime, Denji's transformation isn't just a physical change, it's his final victory.

From a struggling devil hunter, he evolves into a formidable entity, controlling chains with enhanced strength and durability, marking a thrilling climax to his journey.

Key Strategies in Denji's Victory

Now that we've explored Denji's powerful transformation, let's take a closer look at his strategic triumph over Makima.

This article contains spoilers, so Chainsaw Man fans, brace yourselves.

In Chainsaw Man Part one's finale, Denji cleverly used Power's blood to cripple Makima's healing, then dismembered her.

This key strategy, revealed in the second season, led to his ultimate victory.

The Role of Pochita in the Battle

Undeniably, Pochita's heart is the ace up Denji's sleeve, transforming into a deadly chainsaw that becomes instrumental in his epic showdown with Makima.

  • Denji uses his powers and Pochita's heart to create an important weapon: a chainsaw.
  • This chainsaw plays a key role in weakening Makima.
  • Denji's bond with Pochita empowers him to wield this chainsaw effectively.
  • Pochita's influence helps Denji become one with his chainsaw.
  • Ultimately, this contributes significantly to Denji's defeat of Makima.

Makima's Defeat: A Detailed Analysis

Diving into the details of Makima's defeat, you'll find Denji's clever use of Pochita's heart and Powers' blood turning the tide of the battle in his favor. His strategic dismemberment of Makima nullified her regenerative abilities, ensuring her defeat.

The end of Chainsaw Man saw Public Safety informed of Makima's downfall, a victory signified by Denji's consumption of her, ending their conflict.


And there you have it! Denji's epic takedown of Makima is a clever blend of strategy, sacrifice, and sheer determination.

Interesting fact: Chainsaw Man has sold over 11 million copies, proving just how captivated readers were by this intense showdown.

Denji's journey isn't just about defeating devils—it's about growth, friendship, and taking on life's responsibilities.

Can't wait to see what's next for our chainsaw-wielding hero!

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