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How Did Deku Pass the Entrance Exam

So, you think getting into U.A. High School is as simple as knocking out a few robots, don't you? Well, let's take a closer look at how our favorite underdog, Izuku Midoriya, managed to secure his place.

Midoriya, or 'Deku' as some affectionately call him, didn't score a single villain point. Instead, he decided to save a classmate, gaining him rescue points. Now, isn't that a twist?

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But how does this selfless act of heroism shape his journey and what nuances does it bring to his character? You might want to stick around to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Deku passed the entrance exam through rigorous physical preparation and strategic focus on showcasing heroic qualities.
  • Despite scoring zero villain points, Deku earned 60 rescue points, demonstrating the importance of selfless heroism.
  • Deku's use of the 'One For All' power highlighted his strength, decision-making, and potential as a hero.
  • His success in the exam, despite being Quirkless initially, marks the beginning of his transformation into a hero.

Deku's Preparations for the Exam

study plan for deku

Under the rigorous guidance of All Might, Deku dedicated ten grueling months to bodybuilding and strength-enhancing exercises, transforming his physical capabilities in preparation for the entrance exam.

Midoriya's determination to become a hero led him to push his limits, focusing on intense training.

This arduous regimen greatly improved his endurance, setting the stage for his successful and heroic performance during the entrance exam.

Understanding the Entrance Exam

As Deku stepped into the arena for the entrance exam, his intense training had put him in a prime position not just to compete, but to truly excel. Here's what you should understand:

  1. Entrance exams in Hero Academia aren't just about defeating villains.
  2. Rescue points are a critical part of the scoring system.
  3. Deku's selfless act of saving Ochaco earned him 60 rescue points, demonstrating true heroism.

Deku's Strategy During the Exam

strategic plan for deku

Exploring the complexities of the entrance exam, Deku's strategy wasn't about accumulating villain points, but instead, he focused on showcasing his heroic qualities by prioritizing rescue missions.

Izuku Midoriya, known as Deku, cleverly navigated the Entrance Exams, earning 60 rescue points by saving Uraraka. His lack of villain points was offset by his exceptional rescue performance, proving his worth as a potential hero.

The Power of 'One For All

strength in unity prevails

Diving into Deku's display of the 'One For All' power during the entrance exam, we see a hero who not only harnesses strength but showcases decision-making and determination.

  1. He earned 60 rescue points, a proof of his heroism.
  2. He skillfully utilized 'One For All', highlighting his potential.
  3. His quick-thinking saved Ochaco, proving his ability to act under pressure.

In Deku, we see a determined, strategic, and powerful upcoming hero.

Implications of Deku's Success

celebration of deku s growth

So, you're probably wondering what Deku's success in the entrance exam really means, right?

It highlights Izuku's selfless heroism, strategic thinking, and quick decision-making. Although he scored zero villain points, his high rescue score got him into high school, portraying his unusual yet effective approach.

It's a glance into his journey from being Quirkless to becoming a beacon of hope, setting the stage for his heroic growth.


So, you see, Deku's triumphant pass wasn't just a random stroke of luck. It was his selfless heroism, his unwavering determination, and his pure heart that won the day.

His actions, although Quirkless, embodied the true essence of a hero. It was a remarkable coincidence that All Might, his idol, saw this potential.

Deku's success wasn't just about passing the exam, but setting the stage for an extraordinary journey to becoming the greatest hero.

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