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HanuMan: A Telugu Film’s Unique Contribution to the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

In a remarkable move blending cinema with social responsibility, the team behind the Telugu film “HanuMan” has announced a significant contribution towards constructing the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Hanuman A Telugu Films Unique Contribution To The Ram Mandir In Ayodhya

This initiative, led by megastar Chiranjeevi, involves donating Rs 5 from each ticket sold for the film. This decision reflects the film industry’s engagement with social and cultural causes and marks a unique intersection of entertainment and religious devotion.

The Announcement by Chiranjeevi

The Announcement By Chiranjeevi

During the pre-release event of “Hanu-Man,” Chiranjeevi, a legendary figure in the Telugu film industry, made the key announcement. He expressed pride in representing the team’s decision, acknowledging it as a noble gesture. Given his immense popularity and influence, Chiranjeevi’s involvement brings significant attention to the cause.

The Significance of the Contribution

The Significance Of The Contribution

The decision to contribute Rs 5 from each ticket sale is a substantial move, considering the potential reach of the film. “HanuMan” is a much-anticipated socio-fantasy film, expected to attract a large audience upon its release. The funds raised through this initiative could make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing construction of the Ram Mandir, a project of national and cultural significance.

Chiranjeevi’s Personal Connection to Lord Hanuman

Chiranjeevis Personal Connection To Lord Hanuman

Chiranjeevi shared his personal connection with Lord Hanuman, stating that the deity has been a guiding force in his life. He mentioned that Lord Hanuman is a superhero for him, a sentiment that resonates with many of his fans and followers. This personal touch adds depth to the film’s contribution, linking it to the actor’s own spiritual beliefs.

The Emotional Response of Actor Teja Sajja

The Emotional Response Of Actor Teja Sajja

Teja Sajja, the lead actor in “HanuMan,” expressed his emotions and gratitude towards Chiranjeevi, whom he considers his idol and inspiration. Sajja’s acknowledgment of Chiranjeevi’s influence on his career and life adds a personal dimension to the film’s initiative, highlighting the mentor-mentee relationship in the industry.

The Film’s Anticipated Success

The Films Anticipated Success

“HanuMan” is set to release on January 12 and has already garnered significant attention with its teaser and trailer. The film’s expected success at the box office could translate into a substantial contribution to the Ram Mandir, showcasing the power of cinema in supporting significant causes.

The Broader Impact of the Initiative

The Broader Impact Of The Initiative

This initiative by the “HanuMan” team sets a precedent for the film industry’s involvement in social and cultural causes. It demonstrates how entertainment can be leveraged for philanthropic efforts, potentially inspiring similar actions by other film projects in the future.


The “HanuMan” team’s decision to contribute to the Ram Mandir construction reflects a commendable blend of cultural responsibility and religious devotion.

It highlights the potential of the film industry to contribute positively to significant societal projects, extending its influence beyond entertainment. As the film prepares for its release, this initiative adds a layer of social significance to its reception and success.

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