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Famous Celebrities That Play Valorant

Isn’t it fascinating how the world of glitz and glamour intersects with the realm of competitive gaming? You’re probably aware that Valorant, the popular free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, has captured the attention of numerous celebrities.

From European footballers to Hollywood stars, many have swapped their real-world fame for virtual battlegrounds. But who are these well-known individuals, and how adept are they at maneuvering through the intense, tactical landscapes of Valorant?

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Celebrities Valorant Enthusiasts

Stick around, and you’ll discover the intriguing intersection of fame and gaming in a way you might not expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Valorant attracts a diverse range of celebrities, including actors, musicians, hip-hop artists, and popstars.
  • The game’s appeal extends beyond the gaming community and has a wide-reaching influence in the entertainment industry.
  • Valorant provides a new platform for actors and musicians to showcase their skills and passion.
  • The convergence of the entertainment industry and gaming is evident in Valorant’s popularity among EDM artists and its collaborations with popstars.

Top Actors Playing Valorant

Top Actors Playing Valorant

Diving into the world of Valorant, actors like Simu Liu, known for his roles in the Barbie movies, have showcased their impressive skills, with Liu achieving an ace on Fracture while playing as Jett.

You’d be surprised at the number of top actors playing Valorant, solidifying it as a popular choice among celebrities that play Valorant.

It’s not just a game, it’s a new field for them to excel in.

Musicians Immersed in Valorant

Musicians Immersed In Valorant

You may be surprised to learn that a number of hip-hop artists are also Valorant players. The game’s appeal extends beyond the gaming community, attracting popstars who are just as captivated by its strategic gameplay and dynamic character abilities.

It’s not just these genres feeling the draw, even EDM artists are finding an obsession in Valorant, further demonstrating the game’s wide-reaching influence in the music industry.

Hip-Hop Artists Playing Valorant

Surprisingly, a number of prominent hip-hop artists are immersing themselves in the Valorant gaming scene, proving that it’s not just athletes and actors who can’t resist the thrill of the game.

These hip-hop artists playing Valorant add a new dimension to the list of celebrities that play Valorant. They’re embracing the game’s unique blend of strategy and action, showing that Valorant’s appeal cuts across all cultural boundaries.

Valorant’s Appeal to Popstars

While hip-hop artists have certainly made their mark in the Valorant scene, it’s equally intriguing to observe the game’s magnetic pull on popstars and other musicians. Valorant’s appeal to popstars is evident in:

  • DJ Zedd’s collaboration with Riot.
  • Mike Shinoda’s active participation.
  • Soulja Boy’s personalized gaming style.

These celebrities that play Valorant highlight the game’s diverse appeal by spanning across different genres of music.

EDM Artists’ Valorant Obsession

Shifting our focus from popstars to the EDM world, it’s fascinating to note that many artists such as DJ Zedd, have found a similar obsession with Valorant, immersing themselves in the game just as intensely as they do with their music.

These celebrities that play Valorant reveal a trend in the EDM artists’ Valorant obsession, reflecting the convergence of the entertainment industry and gaming.

Sports Stars’ Valorant Obsession

Sports Stars Valorant Obsession

From the football field to the digital battlefield, Atlético de Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann has found a new passion in the esports sensation, Valorant. His sports stars’ Valorant obsession highlights a trend:

  • Professional footballers like Griezmann, transitioning into esports
  • Griezmann’s preference for Valorant after earlier ventures into CS:GO
  • How this obsession is influencing other sports stars to join the Valorant community.

Surprising Celebrities Who Game

Surprising Celebrities Who Game

You might be surprised to learn who’s really behind the screen when you’re gaming.

Celebrities aren’t just about red carpets and blockbuster movies; some of them are hardcore gamers with unexpected profiles.

Let’s explore some of these surprising celebs and their favorite games.

Unexpected Gamer Profiles

In the world of celebrity gamers, it’s surprising to discover that stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Grace Van Dien not only play Valorant, but also have their favorite characters and stream their gameplay.

  • Unexpected gamer profiles include:
  • Celebrities that play Valorant such as Soulja Boy who cosplays as Phoenix.
  • Notable figures like Antoine Griezmann and DJ Zedd achieving milestones in Valorant.
  • Non-gaming celebrities like Mike Shinoda showcasing gameplay on Twitch.

Celebs’ Gaming Favorites

While it’s fascinating to find out which celebrities are unexpectedly into gaming, it’s equally intriguing to unpack their gaming preferences, particularly those stars who’ve made Valorant their game of choice.

Among these celebs’ gaming favorites, you’d find footballer Antoine Griezmann, actor Simu Liu, DJ Zedd, fashionista Kourtney Kardashian, and actor Jordan Fisher, all showcasing their unique play styles and character preferences in Valorant.

Valorant’s Celebrity Fan Base

Valorants Celebrity Fan Base

From footballers to actors and DJs, a diverse mix of celebrities are making waves in the Valorant community, showcasing their gaming prowess and entertaining fans worldwide.

Here’s a look at Valorant’s celebrity fan base:

  • Professionals like Antoine Griezmann
  • Entertainers such as Kourtney Kardashian and Grace Van Dien
  • Cosplayers like Soulja Boy.

These celebrities that play Valorant not only enjoy the game but also enrich the community with their unique touches.

Pop Star Valorant Players

Pop Star Valorant Players

Moving beyond the broad array of Valorant enthusiasts, let’s zoom in on the pop stars who’ve found their rhythm in this competitive game.

Notable pop star Valorant players include Antoine Griezmann, Simu Liu, DJ Zedd, and Kourtney Kardashian. These celebrities that play Valorant showcase impressive milestones, from achieving an ace on Fracture to launching Twitch channels.

Each brings a unique flavor to the gaming table, further stirring up the Valorant scene.

Hollywood’s Valorant Enthusiasts

Hollywoods Valorant Enthusiasts

Diving into the Hollywood scene, you’ll find an intriguing mix of Valorant enthusiasts, including stars like Antoine Griezmann and Simu Liu, who’ve swapped their on-screen roles for virtual combat.

Other Hollywood’s Valorant enthusiasts include:

  • DJ Zedd, an Immortal-ranked player
  • Kourtney Kardashian, a fashionista who loves Raze
  • Jordan Fisher, who reached Diamond rank.

These celebrities that play Valorant show that love for the game transcends industries.


So there you have it! From football fields to music studios, and from Hollywood to Twitch, Valorant has hooked an impressive roster of celebs.

It’s not just a game, it’s a shared passion uniting stars from all walks of life.

So next time you’re in a Valorant match, remember, you might just be playing against a Grammy winner or a silver screen star.

Talk about a game that truly knows no bounds!

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