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‘Doctor Who’: All Doctors Ranked From Worst to Best

Did you know that the longevity of the British science fiction television series ‘Doctor Who’ has resulted in an array of 14 different actors playing the iconic role of the Doctor? You might be curious about how these talented individuals rank against each other in terms of popularity and performance.

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Let’s embark on a journey through the time vortex, unraveling the vast tapestry of time lords, from the perceived worst to the undisputed best. And who knows? You might find your favorite Doctor isn’t as universally beloved as you thought, or perhaps the one you never quite warmed to is a fan favorite.

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Doctor Who All Doctors Ranked From Worst To Best

Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Jodie Whittaker’s portrayal of the Thirteenth Doctor ranked 13th and received mixed emotions from viewers due to script issues.
  • Colin Baker’s portrayal of the Sixth Doctor ranked 12th and faced criticism and apathy from fans, with mixed reviews for his performance.
  • William Hartnell’s portrayal of the First Doctor ranked 11th and left fans divided due to unfamiliarity with older episodes, but his charming and entertaining performance was appreciated.
  • Peter Davison’s portrayal of the Fifth Doctor ranked 10th and was remembered for his affable charm, but his era lacked complexity in storytelling and received mixed reviews.

Starting With Number 13: Jodie Whittaker

Starting With Number 13 Jodie Whittaker

Kicking off our list at number 13, Jodie Whittaker’s stint as the Doctor has provoked a whirlwind of mixed emotions from viewers, largely due to issues with the script rather than her performance itself. As the Thirteenth Doctor in the series ‘Doctor Who: Every Doctor,’ her youthful vibe and compassion shine through, despite the poor writing.

Yet, she’s ranked lower, surprisingly even below the generally disliked Sixth Doctor.

At Number 12: Colin Baker

At Number 12 Colin Baker

Sliding in at number 12 is Colin Baker, whose run as the Sixth Doctor has been met with a mixture of criticism and apathy from fans, largely due to his limited screen time and controversial fashion sense. During Baker’s tenure as the Doctor:

  1. He was only in two seasons.
  2. Received mixed reviews for his performance.
  3. His era of Doctor Who’s often overlooked.
  4. His audio performances are more appreciated.

William Hartnell: Ranked 11

William Hartnell Ranked 11

Moving up a notch to number 11, we find William Hartnell, whose portrayal of the very first Doctor, while charming and entertaining, often leaves fans divided due to their unfamiliarity with the older episodes.

Hartnell’s First Doctor, despite occasionally flubbing lines and seeming quick to anger, left a lasting impact. His performance as the Doctor established many traits that have become staples in the Doctor’s character throughout the series.

Number 10: Peter Davison

Number 10 Peter Davison

Coming in at number 10, you’ve got Peter Davison, who’s best remembered for the affable charm he brought to the Doctor’s character and that unforgettable celery sprig on his lapel.

Despite the lack of complexity in the storytelling of his era, there were indeed some memorable episodes you can’t help but appreciate.

However, the mixed bag of reviews he received, which often criticized his struggle to portray authority, has resulted in his mid-rank positioning.

Davison’s Doctor Characterization

Ranking at number 10, Peter Davison’s Doctor stands out with his unique style, notably a sprig of celery on his lapel and an unusual breathlessness, which added a distinct flavor to his charming and affable characterization.

  1. The Fifth Doctor’s uniqueness lies in his physical traits and style.
  2. His era had a memorable event, uniting previous doctors.
  3. Davison’s doctor characterization was both charming and affable.
  4. However, the complexity of his character was impacted by the fear of storytelling complexity from writers.

Memorable Davison Episodes

When you delve into the Doctor’s adventures during Peter Davison’s tenure, ‘The Five Doctors’ episode undeniably stands out as a memorable highlight, showcasing a rare union of the Doctor’s previous incarnations to overcome an old nemesis.

Even as Davison’s tenure is criticized as lacking authority, it’s praised for its charm.

Indeed, when ranking all doctors from worst to best, Davison’s memorable episodes help secure his position.

Davison’s Impact on Series

Looking beyond Davison’s memorable episodes, one can’t overlook his significant impact on the series, particularly his affable charm and unique portrayal of the Doctor, which have helped him secure a middle-of-the-road position in the overall rankings.

  1. He introduced a charm contrasting from Tom Baker.
  2. Davison struggled with authority, unlike David Tennant and Peter Capaldi.
  3. His era lacked the storytelling complexity of Matt Smith’s era.
  4. Despite criticisms, his unique portrayal impacted Doctor Who’s legacy.

The Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston

The Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston’s turn as the Ninth Doctor, with his manic energy and grinning demeanor, left a lasting impression, despite his brief tenure of just one season. His impactful portrayal brought Doctor Who back to life.

As you dive into the doctors ranked, Eccleston’s Doctor stands out for his memorable presence and serious approach. He’s loved, respected, and sorely missed by fans.

Ranking Eighth: Paul McGann

Ranking Eighth Paul Mcgann

Moving on from Eccleston’s serious approach, you’ll find a shift in tone with the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, who brought a refreshing wave of romanticism and adventure to the role. Here’s why:

  1. McGann was the first to infuse the Doctor with a romantic flair.
  2. His performance as the Doctor, though brief, was impactful.
  3. He shone in his audio performances.
  4. The Eighth Doctor’s charm resonates with fans, earning him a higher ranking.

Seventh Place: Sylvester McCoy

Seventh Place Sylvester Mccoy

Securing seventh place, we find Sylvester McCoy, who transformed his character from a clown to a master strategist. His unique acting approach and memorable episodes left an indelible mark on the show’s history.

Yet, due to an unexpected hiatus, many of his innovative ideas never came to fruition, leaving us to wonder what could have been.

McCoy’s Unique Acting Approach

Sylvester McCoy, landing the seventh spot, turned heads with his unique acting approach, transforming the Doctor from a whimsical jester to a cunning puppeteer in his tenure.

His distinctive style as the Seventh Doctor included:

  1. Shifting from a clown to a manipulator.
  2. A darker coat and deepened voice in his final season.
  3. Unfulfilled character depth due to the show’s hiatus.
  4. The use of a spoon and a panama hat for eccentricity.

All Doctors ranked, McCoy’s approach stands out.

Memorable Episodes and Moments

While McCoy’s unique acting style indeed sets him apart, it’s his memorable episodes and moments as the Seventh Doctor that truly solidify his place in the annals of the series.

His best moments, such as outsmarting the Daleks, highlight diverse versions of the character. Despite the show’s hiatus limiting his potential, McCoy’s memorable episodes helped shape the ‘Doctor Who All Doctors Ranked From Worst to Best’ narrative.

Character Development and Impact

How could we overlook the transformative journey of Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor, who intriguingly morphed from a clownish character into a master manipulator, leaving an indelible imprint on the series despite the show’s hiatus?

In ‘Doctor Who all doctors ranked from worst to best’, we see:

  1. His character development and impact were significant.
  2. He significantly influenced future Time Lords.
  3. He shaped the darker corners of the Doctor’s mind.
  4. He revitalized the show, impacting main characters.

Jon Pertwee: Spot Six

Jon Pertwee Spot Six

Often overlooked, Jon Pertwee, the third incarnation of the Doctor, brought a unique blend of charm and authority to the classic series of Doctor Who. His performance was marked by a sophisticated persona, making him stand out among the doctors.

Ranked from worst to best, the Third Doctor lands at a respectable sixth place, proving Pertwee’s significant contribution to the series’ success.

The Fifth Rank: Patrick Troughton

The Fifth Rank Patrick Troughton

Securing the fifth spot is Patrick Troughton, an actor whose unique style left an indelible mark on ‘Doctor Who’.

You’ll remember him for his eccentricity, his significant moments and episodes, and the impact he’d on the character’s evolution.

Let’s discuss why this seemingly mischievous doctor earned such a high ranking.

Troughton’s Unique Acting Style

Despite facing initial resistance due to the concept of regeneration, Patrick Troughton’s mischievous and eccentric acting style soon won over fans, carving out a unique and memorable place in Doctor Who’s history.

Here’s why:

  1. His style was distinctive, full of mischief and eccentricity.
  2. He balanced larger-than-life moments with personable interactions.
  3. Troughton embodied a caring, enthusiastic teacher persona.
  4. His unique acting style majorly contributed to Doctor Who’s transition and popularity.

Troughton’s portrayal of the Second Doctor remains a significant milestone in the series.

Noteworthy Episodes and Moments

Building on Troughton’s unique acting style, let’s explore some of his most notable episodes and moments that truly showcased the likability and relatability of his character, the Second Doctor.

His performance in ‘The Five Doctors’ was pivotal in shaping the Tenth, Fourth, and War Doctors. Troughton’s noteworthy episodes and moments created a foundation for these iterations, making his contribution to the Doctor’s enduring appeal significant.

Impact on Doctor Who

While you might’ve faced initial resistance to Patrick Troughton’s portrayal as the Second Doctor due to the unfamiliar concept of regeneration, there’s no denying that his performance evolved to become incredibly likable and relatable over time.

His impact on Doctor Who is significant, ranking fifth in all doctors ranked from worst to best.

David Tennant: Holding Fourth

David Tennant Holding Fourth

Diving into ‘David Tennant: Holding Fourth’, you’re given an intimate exploration of Tennant’s acclaimed portrayal of the Tenth Doctor, a role he imbued with unprecedented depth, weariness, and a hint of romance.

In our ‘Doctor Who All Doctors Ranked’ list, Tennant’s performance is unforgettable. His interpretation of the Doctor’s psyche and his execution of the character’s weariness and romance truly sets him apart, justifying his fourth-place ranking.

The Third Best: Matt Smith

The Third Best Matt Smith

Moving up the ranks, we find Matt Smith, the enigmatic Eleventh Doctor, claiming the third spot.

  1. Smith, the youngest actor to play the Doctor, brought a fresh, quirky energy to the role.
  2. His three seasons saw some memorable episodes, notably the universe reboot in ‘The Big Bang’.
  3. His final season showcased his depth and complexity.
  4. Smith’s unique portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor leaves a lasting impact, securing his place in the top three.

Second Spot: Tom Baker

Second Spot Tom Baker

Claiming the silver medal in our ‘Doctor Who All Doctors Ranked From Worst to Best’ is Tom Baker.

His iconic portrayal of the Fourth Doctor is unforgettable, easily surpassing David Tennants’ Twelfth Doctor.

Baker’s eccentric style and memorable storytelling have cemented Doctor Who’s status as a cultural phenomenon.

His contribution to the show’s legacy is immense, making him a worthy holder of the second spot.

Topping the List: Peter Capaldi

Topping The List Peter Capaldi

At the pinnacle of our ranking in ‘Doctor Who All Doctors Ranked from Worst to Best’, we find Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. This Twelfth Doctor charmed viewers with a distinctive Scottish accent, an unpredictable nature, complex depth, and a unique portrayal, effectively capturing the alien-ness of the Doctor.

Topping the list, Peter Capaldi stands out. His performance is appreciated for its distinctive unpredictability and complexity.


So, there we’ve it. The arduous journey through Time and Space has led us to this unique constellation of Doctors.

From Whittaker’s misunderstood potential to Capaldi’s crowning glory, it’s clear that not all Time Lords are created equal.

Still, each brought their own flavor to the TARDIS, painting this cosmic canvas with their distinct strokes.

Love them or loathe them, they’re all part of the intricate tapestry that’s Doctor Who – shaping its past, present, and future.

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