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Did Hank Get Fired From the Dea

Just like a pawn in a grand chess game, Hank Schrader found himself pushed off the board of the DEA in Breaking Bad's Season 5.

You're left wondering, was this merely a consequence of Hank's inability to suspect Gus Fring's illicit activities, or was there more beneath the surface?

While his dismissal was due to an oversight that led to a major scandal, the narrative doesn't delve into a personal grudge or nefarious connection between Hank and Gus.

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Are you intrigued to dissect the hidden layers of this storyline?

Key Takeaways

  • Hank Schrader was not fired from the DEA; his dismissal was due to an oversight involving his superior, not his actions.
  • Controversies surrounding Hank's dismissal were linked to his superior George Merkert's oversight of Gus Fring's criminal activities.
  • Despite his dismissal, Hank maintained his professional integrity and continued his unwavering commitment to law enforcement.
  • Hank's suspension over an incident with Jesse Pinkman did not tarnish his dedication to the DEA or his relentless pursuit of justice.

Hank Schrader: Character Analysis

breaking bad dea agent

Delving into the character analysis of Hank Schrader, it's clear that despite not being fired from the DEA, he faced numerous hurdles like PTSD and recovery from injuries, displaying an unwavering dedication to his job.

His suspension, a result of attacking Jesse Pinkman, didn't dampen his integrity or determination.

Hank's resilience, growth, and unwavering commitment to law enforcement are pivotal to his character development.

Hank's Career in Drug Enforcement Administration

hank s law enforcement career

In exploring Hank Schrader's illustrious career in the Drug Enforcement Administration, it's clear that he was a deeply committed agent, respected and admired for his dedication and relentless pursuit of justice.

Hank's relentless pursuit of drug kingpins like Heisenberg and Gustavo Fring showcased his commitment to justice.

His professional reputation earned him respect among colleagues.

His career saw significant promotions, reflecting his skills and dedication to fighting drug crimes.

Controversies Surrounding Hank's Employment

hank s job raises concerns

Despite Hank's impressive career, certain controversies can't be overlooked, particularly surrounding his superior George Merkert's dismissal from the DEA. Merkert's oversight, failing to suspect Gus Fring's criminal activities, led to his dismissal.

This sparked fan debates about the investigation's consequences on Hank's standing in the DEA. Despite the turmoil, Hank wasn't implicated in Merkert's professional missteps.

Evidence of Hank's Dismissal

hank s termination confirmed

While there's a lot of buzz around Hank's dismissal, it's important to remember that he wasn't actually fired from the DEA. Instead:

  • His superior George Merkert got the boot for his oversight of Gus Fring's criminal organization.
  • This slip-up led to an explosion, causing a major embarrassment for the DEA.
  • Merkert's dismissal was a strategic move to address this fiasco.

Fan Theories and Speculations

analyzing fan s creative minds

Now, let's explore the fan theories and speculations surrounding Hank's supposed firing from the DEA.

Some fans argue his dismissal was because of his relentless pursuit of Heisenberg. Others suggest internal investigations led to his termination, while a few point to political motivations.

Whether it was Hank's actions or external influences, the theories on his DEA firing continue to fuel debates.


So, was Hank's dismissal from the DEA just? His failure to suspect Gus Fring and oversight of a major criminal organization led to his downfall.

But, was it all his fault, or was he just a pawn in a larger game? Whatever the case may be, Hank's story serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities of law enforcement and the consequences of failing to see what's right under your nose.

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