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10 Celebrities That Play Warhammer

You may not know this, but the world of Warhammer, a popular tabletop game, has captivated the imaginations of many celebrities.

Intriguingly, these aren’t just your typical geeky stars, we’re talking about heavy-hitters like Henry Cavill, Robin Williams, and even Ed Sheeran.

Warhammer Celebrities

They’ve spent hours engrossed in the fantasy universe, strategizing battles, and even painstakingly painting miniature figures.

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Now, aren’t you curious to find out more about these celebrities’ unexpected hobby, and how their passion for Warhammer offers a fascinating departure from their public personas?

Key Takeaways

  • Henry Cavill and Ansel Elgort are both diehard fans of Warhammer, showcasing their love for the game through meticulously painting miniatures and developing strategies.
  • Warhammer has had a significant impact on Ansel Elgort’s career, shaping his public persona and earning him admiration from fans who appreciate his unique synergy between his career and his interest in the game.
  • Warhammer has also captured the interest of other celebrities such as Vin Diesel, Ed Sheeran, Sir John Hurt, Robin Williams, and David Tennant, further highlighting the widespread appeal of the game.
  • Even unexpected fans like Billy Crystal have shown a surprising passion for Warhammer, adding a unique dimension to their persona and garnering attention for their love of the game.

Henry Cavill: A Warhammer Enthusiast

Henry Cavill A Warhammer Enthusiast

You may know Henry Cavill for his role as Superman, but did you know he’s also a diehard fan of Warhammer 40K? Often showcasing his meticulously painted figures on Instagram, his love for the game extends beyond his acting career. Cavill praises the game’s extensive lore, displaying his dedication and precision in painting. His choice to paint Custodes further shows his deep knowledge and appreciation for the game.

Ansel Elgort’s Fascination With Warhammer

Ansel Elgorts Fascination With Warhammer

You might know Ansel Elgort for his roles in Hollywood, but did you know about his passion for Warhammer?

He’s not just playing the game, he’s also painting the miniatures and developing his strategies.

Let’s explore Elgort’s Warhammer collection, how he plays, and how this hobby impacts his career.

Elgort’s Warhammer Collection

Known for his roles in blockbuster movies, Ansel Elgort has also revealed an unexpected hobby during an appearance on Conan – a deep-rooted fascination with the game Warhammer.

Elgort’s Warhammer collection isn’t just for show; he’s passionate about the game, often painting miniatures. Playfully, he’s even invited dates to partake in his hobby.

This adds an intriguing, endearing layer to his persona.

Games and Strategies

Diving deeper into Ansel Elgort’s fascination with Warhammer, it’s clear that his love for the game extends far beyond casual play. His passion resonates with fans and opens a unique window into his diverse hobbies and creative pursuits.

For Elgort, Warhammer encompasses not only the strategic aspects of the game but also the creative outlet it provides. He finds joy in painting detailed miniature figurines, showcasing his artistic side.

Among celebrities that play Warhammer, Elgort stands out. His dedication to the game and his willingness to share his experiences with fans sets him apart. It’s refreshing to see a well-known figure embrace a hobby that may not be mainstream, giving fans a glimpse into his personal interests and passions.

Impact on Career

Ansel Elgort’s fascination with Warhammer has significantly shaped his career and public persona. His love for painting miniatures and playing Warhammer has set him apart, earning admiration from fans. The extent of his commitment to play Warhammer will surprise many, confirming his authentic passion and revealing a new dimension of his persona.

Ansel’s involvement with Warhammer adds a unique layer to his celebrity image that resonates deeply with the game’s community of enthusiasts. This connection to the game has not only influenced his personal interests but has also impacted his professional choices. It has become a defining characteristic of his public persona, distinguishing him from other celebrities in the industry.

His dedication to the game is evident in his collection of meticulously painted miniatures and his active participation in Warhammer events and competitions. Ansel’s genuine enthusiasm for the game has allowed him to connect with fans on a deeper level, as they appreciate his authentic passion for the hobby.

By fully embracing his love for Warhammer, Ansel has been able to showcase a different side of himself to the public. This has not only endeared him to existing fans of the game but has also attracted new followers who appreciate his commitment and dedication. The intersection of his career and his interest in Warhammer has created a unique synergy that sets him apart in the celebrity sphere.

Vin Diesel: The Action Star Gamer

Vin Diesel The Action Star Gamer

You might be surprised to learn that Vin Diesel, the adrenaline-fueled star of the Fast and Furious series, is a dedicated fan of Warhammer 40K, especially the Blood Angels installment. His love for the game extends beyond the big screen. It showcases a different side of his interests and has garnered attention from the gaming community. This action star’s passion for gaming adds another dimension to his persona.

Ed Sheeran’s Unknown Hobby

Ed Sheerans Unknown Hobby

Pop sensation Ed Sheeran may be known for his heartfelt melodies, but few know about his deep-rooted passion for Warhammer 40K, a hobby that has stayed with him since childhood.

His love for this game goes beyond simple amusement; it’s a nostalgic journey back to his youth. This unexpected hobby adds an interesting facet to Sheeran’s persona, revealing a connection to the UK’s popular culture.

The Late Sir John Hurt’s Warhammer Love

The Late Sir John Hurts Warhammer Love

While Ed Sheeran’s passion for Warhammer 40K may come as a surprise, he’s not the only celebrity with an affinity for the game – the late Sir John Hurt, renowned for his roles in fantasy films, also held a deep love for Warhammer.

  • He started to play Warhammer to bond with his son.
  • His involvement in fantasy led to his interest in Warhammer 40K.
  • This love added an intriguing dimension to his diverse acting career.

Robin Williams and His Warhammer Collection

Robin Williams And His Warhammer Collection

Beloved comedian and actor, Robin Williams, had an impressive collection of Warhammer armies, despite never actually playing the game. His passion for Warhammer 40K significantly boosted the game’s popularity.

During a Reddit AMA, he openly confessed to being a collector, resonating with many fans.

Robin Williams remains an iconic figure, held dear by the Warhammer community for his unique contribution.

David Tennant: Doctor Who Plays Warhammer

David Tennant Doctor Who Plays Warhammer

You might know David Tennant as the iconic Doctor Who, but did you know he’s also an avid Warhammer fan?

Let’s discuss his fascination with Warhammer, the characters he prefers, and how his love for the game has influenced his career.

It’s a side of this versatile actor you may not have seen before, and it’s sure to add another layer to your appreciation of him.

Tennant’s Warhammer Fascination

Known for his iconic role as the Doctor in Doctor Who, David Tennant is also an enthusiastic Warhammer fan, a fact that has added an unexpected twist to his diverse career.

You’ll find him:

  • At a Games Workshop store, deep into the tabletop miniature wargame.
  • Playing Warhammer Fantasy, with his miniature figurines.
  • As a fan of the Orks, donning his Custodes helmet, or leading his Blood Angels to play the game.

Warhammer Characters He Prefers

While David Tennant’s enthusiasm for Warhammer is evident in his choice of armies and gameplay, it’s his affection for specific characters that truly highlights his fandom.

Among the galaxy of characters, Tennant holds a particular fondness for space marines. Their strength, tenacity, and complexity resonate with him, making them a standout choice in his Warhammer adventures.

This preference gives insight into the depths of Tennant’s Warhammer engagement.

Impact on Tennant’s Career

In the midst of his illustrious acting career, David Tennant’s passion for Warhammer significantly shaped his trajectory, broadening his appeal to an even wider audience.

  • His Warhammer connection showcases:
  • His diverse interests beyond acting
  • His candidness, which fans appreciate
  • A strengthened bond with fans who love both Doctor Who and Warhammer

Tennant’s Warhammer passion adds depth and dimension to his career, resonating with an audience of 25 and up.

Brian May: The Rockstar’s Game of Choice

Brian May The Rockstars Game Of Choice

Strumming tunes that ignite stadiums, Brian May, the iconic guitarist of Queen, also finds joy in the intricate world of Warhammer, proving his fandom extends beyond just performing on the stage.

You’ll see his passion for the game in his band’s Warhammer-influenced lyrics. He’s even visited a Games Workshop store, showcasing his down-to-earth nature and genuine enthusiasm for this community.

Francisca Santos: Model Gamer

Francisca Santos Model Gamer

From the electrifying world of rock music, let’s shift our focus to the glamorous sphere of modeling. Francisca Santos, a renowned model, adds a unique twist to her portfolio with her passionate engagement in Warhammer gaming.

She doesn’t just play, she immerses herself in the game, building an intriguing persona around it. Francisca showcases her love for the game on social media, sharing updates and insights with her fans. She goes beyond playing the game by painting and customizing her miniatures, adding her personal touch to each piece.

This level of involvement resonates with her fans and adds another layer to her appeal as a model. Francisca’s dedication to Warhammer gaming not only showcases her versatility but also allows her to connect with a wider audience who share her passion.

The Unexpected Warhammer Fan: Billy Crystal

The Unexpected Warhammer Fan Billy Crystal

You might be surprised to learn that Billy Crystal, acclaimed for his performances in When Harry Met Sally and Monsters, Inc., harbors a deep-seated passion for Warhammer.

This Fast and Furious fan of the intricate lore showcased his talent in painting and playing the tabletop game during interviews.

His unexpected love for Warhammer has garnered attention, adding a unique dimension to his persona.


So, you see, the love for Warhammer transcends profession and fame. It’s not just Henry Cavill geeking out over his painted miniatures or Vin Diesel adding a gamer’s touch to his action star persona.

It’s also Ed Sheeran’s hidden hobby and Brian May’s rockstar game of choice. Intriguingly, Warhammer has found a place in the hearts of celebrities across the board.

It’s a fascinating coincidence, showing us the universal appeal of this captivating tabletop game.

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