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6 Celebrities That Play Minecraft

Just as a diamond pickaxe can unearth hidden gems in the pixelated world of Minecraft, so too can we uncover some surprising facts about the celebrities who immerse themselves in this popular game.

You might think that Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, is reserved for the average gamer, but you’d be surprised to know who also enjoys placing blocks and battling creepers. From Grammy-nominated music producers to Hollywood stars, a diverse array of celebrities has publicly expressed their love for this virtual sandbox.

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Celebs Into The Miinecraft World

Intrigued to find out more about these famous Minecraft enthusiasts? Let’s venture on and uncover the unexpected world of celebrities immersed in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Deadmau5 and Mila Kunis are both celebrities who play Minecraft, showcasing the game’s wide appeal among different industries and interests.
  • Jonathan Ross, known by his Minecraft username WossyMano, stands out as a celebrity Minecraft aficionado, connecting with fans and fellow players through late-night gaming sessions.
  • Andrew W.K., a high-energy musician, has a YouTube series called ‘Andrew’s Minecraft Adventures’ where he showcases his enthusiastic gameplay and adventures, reflecting his ‘Party Hard, Play Hard’ philosophy.
  • Chris Kluwe, a former NFL player, transitioned from professional sports to becoming a passionate Minecraft gamer and advocate for LGBTQ rights, demonstrating the game’s ability to provide a creative outlet and platform for diverse interests.

Deadmau5: The EDM Maestro’s Minecraft Love

Deadmau5 The Edm Maestros Minecraft Love

Delving into the world of Minecraft, Grammy-nominated EDM maestro Deadmau5 not only stands as a fervent fan but also runs his own server, showcasing the game’s widespread appeal across different industries. He’s created Minecraft videos and even featured the game in concerts. His passion is so palpable, he’s appeared at Minecon.

Truly, Deadmau5 embodies the EDM Maestro’s Minecraft love, underlining the game’s universal allure.

Mila Kunis: A Secret Gaming Enthusiast

Mila Kunis A Secret Gaming Enthusiast

Surprisingly, amidst her Hollywood fame, Mila Kunis harbors a secret passion for gaming, notably including Minecraft among her favorite video games. As ‘Mila Kunis: A Secret Gaming Enthusiast’, she balances her acting career with her gaming interests which include:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Call of Duty

Her undisclosed Minecraft username speaks to her private enjoyment of the game, proving even celebrities can’t resist Minecraft’s appeal.

Jonathan Ross: Late Night Minecraft Sessions

Jonathan Ross Late Night Minecraft Sessions

Moving on to another celebrity Minecraft aficionado, Jonathan Ross, known by his Minecraft username WossyMano, is no stranger to late-night gaming sessions. He’s showcased his genuine enthusiasm for the game, engaging with the gaming community.

Ross’s late-night Minecraft sessions have connected him with fans and fellow players, making him a standout among Celebrities Who Play Minecraft.

Andrew W.K.: Party Hard, Play Hard

Andrew W.k Party Hard Play Hard

You might know Andrew W.K. for his high-energy music, but did you know he’s also a Minecraft enthusiast?

His love for gaming isn’t just a side hobby, it’s a core part of his vibrant, party-hard persona.

Let’s explore his adventures in Minecraft and how he brings his distinctive ‘party hard’ ethos to the game.

Andrew’s Minecraft Adventures

Diving into the world of Minecraft, Andrew W.K. showcases his love for the game in his YouTube series ‘Andrew’s Minecraft Adventures’, offering a dynamic blend of entertainment and engagement that truly reflects his ‘Party Hard, Play Hard’ mantra.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enthusiastic gameplay
  • His adventures in Minecraft
  • Genuine love for the game
  • Energetic and passionate approach
  • Aligns with his ‘Party Hard, Play Hard’ philosophy
  • Engaging with the Minecraft community

Party Hard in Minecraft

In the hilariously engaging video ‘Party Hard in Minecraft (Andrew W.K.: Party Hard, Play Hard)’, Andrew W.K. takes Minecraft gaming to a whole new level. He invites you into a fun-filled world where famous celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Dwayne Johnson come alive in pixelated forms. This playful video showcases Andrew W.K. playing Minecraft and reveals a unique blend of pop culture, humor, and the charm of Minecraft.

Chris Kluwe: NFL Player Turned Miner

Chris Kluwe Nfl Player Turned Miner

You might know Chris Kluwe as a former NFL player, but did you know he’s also a passionate Minecraft gamer?

After retiring from football, he didn’t just play games, he got involved, even contributing to gaming magazines.

This sports star turned gamer has made quite an impact on the gaming community, particularly with his love for Minecraft.

Kluwe’s NFL Career

Often regarded as a powerful punter, Chris Kluwe spent eight seasons in the NFL, mainly with the Minnesota Vikings, before his retirement in 2013. His strong punting skills made him a valuable player.

  • Chris Kluwe’s NFL career:
  • Eight seasons with the Minnesota Vikings
  • Retired in 2013

Despite his retirement, Kluwe’s influence extends beyond the field, particularly in advocating for LGBTQ rights and his love for Minecraft.

Transition to Minecraft

After hanging up his football cleats, Chris Kluwe dove headfirst into the world of gaming, trading touchdowns for Minecraft, Guitar Hero 2, and World of Warcraft.

Now, a dedicated fan of Minecraft, he’s fully immersed in the gaming community.

This transition highlights an unexpected shift from the physical gridiron to the digital realm, proving that even NFL stars can become captivated by the allure of virtual mining.

Impact on Gaming Community

Delving into the gaming community, former NFL player Chris Kluwe’s passion for Minecraft, among other games, has significantly disrupted stereotypes about professional athletes and expanded the inclusivity of this digital world.

His influence is profound, similar to:

  • Jack Black and his popular gaming channel
  • Justin Bieber, an avid gamer

He’s also drawn to the Yogscast podcast and World of Warcraft, diversifying his gaming interests.

Kristian Nairn: Hodor’s Minecraft Adventures

Kristian Nairn Hodors Minecraft Adventures

Showcasing his love for Minecraft, Kristian Nairn, known for his role as Hodor in Game of Thrones, brings his gaming adventures to life in the YouTube series ‘Hodor’s Minecraft Adventures’.

His genuine passion for the game is evident in his engaging gameplay.

The series not only broadens the Minecraft community but also allows fans to explore the game through Nairn’s unique perspective.

Celebrity Minecraft Servers Worth Joining

Celebrity Minecraft Servers Worth Joining

If you’re an avid Minecraft player looking for a unique gaming experience, you might want to consider joining a celebrity-owned server where the stars themselves have been known to play and interact with fans.

Notable servers include:

  • Deadmau5’s server, famous for its music-themed builds.
  • He’s known to interact with fans here!
  • The Yogscast server, where famous people like Kristian Nairn have been spotted playing.

Minecraft: A Unifying Game for Celebrities

Celebs Into The Miinecraft World 1

While it’s exciting to join celebrity servers and interact with stars in the virtual world of Minecraft, it’s equally fascinating to see how this popular game unites celebrities themselves, transcending their diverse fields and interests.

From Deadmau5 to Mila Kunis, celebrities play Minecraft not just for fun, but also as a platform for expressing their creativity, proving that Minecraft’s appeal isn’t limited to the gaming community.


So, whether they’re spinning records like Deadmau5, acting in epic fantasies like Kristian Nairn, or tackling on the gridiron like Chris Kluwe, celebrities are just like us when it comes to Minecraft. It’s the one place where they can trade in the glitz and glamour for pickaxes and creepers.

In the blocky universe of Minecraft, everyone, star or not, is on an even playing field. So why not join them? After all, you never know who you might bump into on your next mining adventure.

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