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7 Celebrities That Play Fortnite

In the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, it’s rather surprising to find the quiet hum of a video game console. You wouldn’t usually pair celebrities with a game like Fortnite, but you’d be surprised at how many of them are active players.

From the music industry to Hollywood, Fortnite has taken the celebrity world by storm. Some of the biggest names in the industry are not just playing the game, but they’re making waves in the gaming community.

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Hollywoods Fortnite Frenzy

Wouldn’t you be intrigued to know which of your favorite stars might be hiding behind those animated characters?

Key Takeaways

  • Celebrities like Drake and Ariana Grande have contributed to Fortnite’s cultural impact and potential as an entertainment platform through their virtual concerts within the game.
  • The involvement of celebrities like Roseanne Barr, Finn Wolfhard, and Joe Jonas showcases the diverse range of celebrities who enjoy playing Fortnite and engage with fans through the game.
  • Frag’s involvement in Fortnite adds a celebrity boost to the game, further increasing its popularity and visibility.
  • Celebrities playing Fortnite break stereotypes and demonstrate the game’s appeal to a wider audience, highlighting its potential beyond traditional gaming.

Drake’s Fortnite Obsession

Drakes Fortnite Obsession

When Drake jumped into the Fortnite arena with Ninja, he not only set a new Twitch record with over 600,000 viewers, but also stirred a frenzy in the gaming community with his impressive skills and evident obsession for the game.

Yet, it wasn’t just about breaking records, as Drake Graham, playing Fortnite, added a new layer of excitement to the community. His multiple appearances playing the game and monumental battles on Twitch highlighted his passion for Fortnite. It’s no wonder his involvement has added to Fortnite’s cultural impact and unique events.

As part of the ‘Celebrities Who Play Fortnite’, Drake’s active participation has shown that the game isn’t just for seasoned gamers, but also draws the interest of high-profile celebrities.

Roseanne Barr’s Virtual Sanctuary

Roseanne Barrs Virtual Sanctuary

You might be surprised to learn that Roseanne Barr isn’t only an accomplished actress but also a serious Fortnite player. Her virtual sanctuary reveals her unique gameplay style and favorite in-game features, painting a detailed picture of Roseanne as a devoted gamer.

As you explore further, you’ll find that she also uses this platform to interact with fans, offering a unique peek into her gaming world.

Barr’s Fortnite Gameplay Style

Diving into Roseanne Barr’s virtual sanctuary, Fortnite, reveals a gameplay style that’s as strategic and calculated as her comedic craft. She masterfully juggles resource management, aggressive combat, and meticulous planning.

You’ll notice that Barr’s Fortnite gameplay style is a mix of strategic positioning, high-action combat, and seamless adaptability. She plays the game with calculated aggression, often engaging foes directly. She showcases her adaptability by transitioning between weapon loadouts and utilizing building mechanics.

Her gameplay is characterized by meticulous planning, navigating challenges with methodical precision. Barr’s supportive style shines in team-based modes, where she synergizes with teammates to conquer the game. Her approach to Fortnite is a testament to her strategic thinking, showcasing a unique blend of combat prowess and careful planning.

Roseanne’s Favorite Game Features

In Roseanne’s Virtual Sanctuary, players can discover a host of favorite game features personally selected by Roseanne Barr herself, offering a unique, immersive, and highly personalized gaming experience. Among the celebrities that play Fortnite, she’s made a distinctive mark through her own virtual playground.

You’ll find a curated collection of in-game items and settings that mirror real-world places dear to Roseanne. There’s also an exclusive chat function, connecting fans with the famous people behind their favorite characters.

Additionally, you’re invited to participate in customized mini-games and challenges, inspired by Roseanne’s memorable Fortnite: Battle Royale moments.

Online Interactions With Fans

Building on the unique features of Roseanne’s Virtual Sanctuary, it’s worth exploring how this platform enables direct online interactions between fans and the celebrity herself.

Roseanne, playing under the Fortnite username: CrackedPig8153, has crafted an inviting virtual space for her fans.

  • You can come and join her in thrilling Fortnite matches, experiencing the rush of battle side by side with the celebrity herself.
  • The sanctuary serves as a hub where fans can engage in direct interactions, laughing, strategizing, and sharing the joy of victory or the sting of defeat.
  • Exclusive gaming sessions, where fans can potentially play Fortnite with Roseanne, offer unique, personalized experiences.

This engaging, interactive platform is a testament to the merging of celebrity culture and digital entertainment spaces.

Finn Wolfhard: The Young Gamer

Finn Wolfhard The Young Gamer

Let’s turn our attention to Finn Wolfhard, the young star of Stranger Things, who’s also a Fortnite aficionado.

His skills in the game are impressive, often showcased on platforms like Twitch and TikTok.

Balancing an acting career with a passion for gaming, Wolfhard’s Fortnite achievements are notable and certainly worth discussing.

Wolfhard’s Fortnite Gaming Skills

If you’ve tuned into Twitch lately, you’ve likely caught a glimpse of Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard showcasing his impressive Fortnite skills and passion for gaming. Wolfhard’s Fortnite gaming skills aren’t just for show, the young actor genuinely enjoys the thrill of Fortnite: Battle.

He’s often seen engaging in intense battles, outsmarting opponents with his quick thinking. He collaborates with friends and even his brother in team matches, displaying teamwork and strategic planning. His interactions with fans during live streams show his dedication to the gaming community.

Wolfhard’s love for Fortnite is evident in every match he plays. It’s clear that Finn Wolfhard isn’t just a talented actor; he’s also a passionate and skilled gamer.

Notable Fortnite Achievements

Diving into Finn Wolfhard’s notable Fortnite achievements, you’ll soon realize that this young gamer, renowned for his role in Stranger Things, isn’t just an actor, but also a force to be reckoned with in the gaming community.

Among celebrities that play Fortnite, Wolfhard stands out with his active engagement on Twitch and TikTok, where he frequently showcases his gameplay. His passionate play and interaction with the community offer a unique insight into his personality beyond the screen.

This not only endears him to his fans but also highlights his skill in Fortnite. His achievements in the game, while perhaps less known than his acting career, are notable in their own right and proof of his gaming prowess.

Balancing Acting and Gaming

How does Finn Wolfhard manage to balance his demanding acting career with his evident love for gaming, you might wonder? This young actor, known for his role in Stranger Things, is among the celebrities that play Fortnite, skillfully balancing acting and gaming.

He’s disciplined, setting specific times for both acting and gaming. He won’t let one overlap the other.

Finn’s passionate about both. He doesn’t view either as work, but as hobbies he loves.

He’s highly organized. He plans his day meticulously, ensuring he’s time for both.

It’s impressive how he’s managed to excel in his acting career while still finding time to play Fortnite. Finn’s approach could be a blueprint for others looking to balance their passions.

Joe Jonas: Pop Star Turned Player

Joe Jonas Pop Star Turned Player

When you think of Fortnite enthusiasts, pop star Joe Jonas mightn’t be the first name that springs to mind, but this musician certainly knows his way around the popular game, regularly inviting fans to join his team under the username CrackedPig8153.

You might be more familiar with Jonas from his work with the Jonas Brothers or DNCE, but his passion extends beyond the stage and into the Fortnite item shop. His transition from pop star to player showcases his versatility and desire to connect with fans on multiple platforms.

Lil Yachty’s Passion for Gaming

Lil Yachtys Passion For Gaming

Ever thought a famous rapper like Lil Yachty could be a passionate Fortnite enthusiast? Well, it’s true. His love for the game is profound, and he’s not shy about showing it off.

Lil Yachty didn’t just jump on the Fortnite bandwagon; he’s deeply embedded in the gaming community. He’s teamed up with TBNRFrags, a top gaming streamer, to take on virtual challenges.

He’s not just playing; he’s making waves. His participation in the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am event showcases Lil Yachty’s passion for gaming.

He’s not just a casual gamer. His active involvement gives the Fortnite community a celebrity boost, showing his dedication and love for playing.

In essence, Lil Yachty isn’t only a successful rapper; he’s also a committed gamer.

Ariana Grande’s Unexpected Hobby

Ariana Grandes Unexpected Hobby

Believe it or not, pop sensation Ariana Grande isn’t just known for her chart-topping hits, but also for her unexpected hobby – playing Fortnite.

Among celebrities that play Fortnite, she stands out, not just as a player, but as a performer. She surprised fans with a virtual concert within the game, demonstrating her love for gaming and her knack for Fortnite victory royale wins.

This event wasn’t just entertaining, but it also added to Fortnite’s extensive lore and cultural impact. Ariana Grande’s unexpected hobby showcases Fortnite’s potential as a platform for entertainment beyond traditional gaming.

It’s clear that her involvement with the game isn’t a passing whim, but a passion she’s eager to share with fans.

Sports Star Tristan Thompson’s Pastime

Sports Star Tristan Thompsons Pastime

Surprisingly, NBA star Tristan Thompson isn’t just a pro on the basketball court, but also in the Fortnite arena, often spending his downtime battling it out in this popular game. This professional basketball player’s love for this battle royale game offers a unique perspective into his off-court life.

  • Imagine his towering figure, usually seen dunking on the basketball court, now huddled over a gaming console, engrossed in Fortnite.
  • Picture him teaming up with Travis Scott, another celebrity Fortnite enthusiast, for a thrilling duo match.
  • Visualize the glow of camaraderie as he plays Fortnite duos with his daughter, bonding over shared victories.

Thompson’s passion for Fortnite shatters the typical gamer stereotype, proving that the game’s appeal extends beyond traditional gaming communities.


So, who would’ve thought that Fortnite could unite Drake, a pop star, a sitcom legend, and even an NBA player?

Isn’t it fascinating how this game transcends boundaries, connecting people from all walks of life?

From Ariana Grande’s unexpected hobby to Lil Yachty’s gaming passion, Fortnite has become more than just a game.

It’s a cultural phenomenon, a virtual meeting place, and a shared obsession for these celebrities and millions more.

What’s next for this gaming giant?

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