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All 6 Scream Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

Did you know that the Scream franchise, spanning over two decades, has raked in more than $600 million worldwide? That’s a staggering amount for a series that’s as much a critique of the horror genre as it is a participant.

Yet, not all of these films are created equal. From the convoluted plot of Scream 3 to the genre-changing original, each entry has its strengths and weaknesses.

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All 6 Scream Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

So, let’s delve into the depths of this infamous series, ranking each film from worst to best. But be warned, there might be a few surprises along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Scream 2 is widely regarded as the strongest film in the franchise, surpassing expectations and maintaining the tension and humor of the original.
  • Scream 4 was a surprising comeback for the series, offering a modern take on the impact of movies on slashers and addressing the perils of social media and fame-seeking.
  • Scream (2022) bridges the gap between the original and the future of the series, introducing new characters and promising to continue the legacy.
  • Scream VI offers an innovative twist on horror movie survival rules and has a strong character lineup, cleverly subverting expectations and offering a new perspective on the final girl archetype.

The Lows: Scream 3

The Lows Scream 3

Though often deemed the weakest link in the franchise due to its convoluted plot and tired commentary on horror sequels, ‘Scream 3’ does harbor some redeeming qualities that add depth and intrigue to the narrative.

This third installment of the Scream series, directed by Wes Craven, introduces new energy and explores darker themes within the horror film genre, keeping you engaged with Dewey Riley and other original characters in this slasher saga.

Fifth Place: Scream 2

Fifth Place Scream 2

Moving up the ranks, we find ‘Scream 2’ in fifth place, a sequel that not only met but surpassed the high expectations set by its predecessor.

The second installment in Wes Craven’s Scream franchise, this horror sequel successfully maintained the tension and humor of the original.

With the return of the Ghostface killer, ‘Scream 2’ stands as one of the stronger slasher sequels within the horror film genre.

Middle Ground: Scream 4

Middle Ground Scream 4

You’ll find that ‘Scream 4′ holds its own as the unexpected comeback of the franchise. It impresses with a modern take on the impact of movies on slashers and introduces fresh characters who reignite the series’ energy.

The film not only maintains the original’s clever tone but also brilliantly addresses the perils of social media and fame-seeking.

Scream 4″: Plot Analysis

Diving right into ‘Scream 4’, released over a decade after ‘Scream 3’, you find the series successfully reincarnated with the return of main characters, an impressive killer reveal, and a fresh take on the dangers of social media and fame.

Director Wes Craven skillfully maintains the horror genre’s suspense while modernizing the original Scream’s plot, making ‘Scream 4′ a standout in Wes Cravens’ scary movies series.

Character Development in “Scream 4

In ‘Scream 4’, the character development takes a fascinating turn, as the film not only builds on the original characters but also introduces a fresh generation, effectively exploring the modern perils of social media and fame-seeking.

You’ll see:

  1. Sidney Prescott’s (Neve Campbell) resilience,
  2. Gale Weathers’ (Courtney Cox) ambition, and
  3. Dewey’s (David Arquette) dedication.

The new generation, particularly Emma Roberts, adds a modern twist to Kevin Williamson’s horror film, earning Scream 4 a middle spot in ‘Scream Movies Ranked’.

Bronze Medal: Scream (2022)

Bronze Medal Scream 2022

Snagging the bronze medal in our ranking is ‘Scream (2022)’, a film that remarkably made its debut after an 11-year hiatus, effectively bridging the gap between the original and the future of the series.

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, the new Scream introduces characters like Tara Carpenter and Meeks-Martin.

The opening scene sets the tone for a horror film that ranks above other Scream movies from worst, despite being a recent entrant.

Runner Up: Scream VI

Runner Up Scream Vi

You’ll find that ‘Scream VI’ earns its spot as runner up with its innovative twist on horror movie survival rules and a strong character line-up.

The film deftly explores the intriguing dynamic between Sam and Billy, reimagining the concept of a ‘final girl’.

Not to mention, the introduction of ‘The Core Four’ sets an exciting stage for the franchise’s future.

Scream VI: Plot Analysis

Diving into Scream VI’s plot, you’ll find that it cleverly subverts expectations, offering a new perspective on the classic final girl archetype and changing the rules of surviving a horror movie. This Scream film, the best entry since the first film, showcases:

  1. A unique slasher story with a surprising killer.
  2. A strong connection between the Stab movies and the real world.
  3. A promising future for the franchise with ‘The Core Four’ characters.

Character Development in Scream VI

Building on the plot’s strong structure in Scream VI, the character development further enhances the film’s appeal.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) are legacy characters freshly explored. The emergence of horror expert (Mason Gooding) adds depth.

Interestingly, the ‘Core Four’ provide a fresh perspective, honoring the franchise’s past while setting the stage for its future.

This blend of old and new makes Scream VI a standout.

Crowned Champion: Scream (1996)

Crowned Champion Scream 1996

Undeniably, ‘Scream (1996)’ stands as the pinnacle of the Scream franchise, thanks to its ingenious blend of self-aware camp, humor, and terrifying home invasion scenes. Here’s why it’s the crowned champion:

  1. Directed by Wes Craven, the first Scream elevated horror to new heights.
  2. The original movie featured a memorable villain, Billy Loomis.
  3. The first of the Scream Movies Ranked, it’s a genre-defining classic.


So, there you have it. From Scream 3’s tangled labyrinth of a plot to the runaway success of the original Scream, we’ve journeyed through the highs and lows.

Scream (2022) served as a nostalgic side dish, while Scream 4 added a surprising twist in the tale. Like a roller coaster ride through a haunted house, the Scream series has given us chills, thrills, and unexpected turns.

But the crown remains firmly on the head of the 1996 classic.

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