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All 15 Michael Jackson Songs Ranked From Worst to Best

Imagine the pulsating beats, the mesmerizing melodies, and the unique, captivating voice of Michael Jackson filling your room as you journey through his discography. You’ve probably tapped your feet to the rhythm of ‘Billie Jean’ or been thrilled by the iconic ‘Thriller’, but have you ever wondered how all of his 15 songs stack up against each other?

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Well, let’s embark on this musical exploration together, dissecting each tune and its impact, from the less celebrated to the universally acclaimed. Prepare to be intrigued, you might just discover some hidden gems and gain a new perspective on the King of Pop’s musical legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Dirty Diana’ and ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ are ranked higher on the list of Michael Jackson’s songs, indicating their popularity and impact.
  • ‘Dirty Diana’ showcases Jackson’s exploration of edgier themes and his ability to incorporate rock and blues influences into his music.
  • ‘Man in the Mirror’ is highlighted as an inspirational song that encourages personal self-reflection and taking action for positive global changes.
  • ‘Bad’ is recognized for showcasing Jackson’s vocal prowess, enduring influence, and its impact on pop culture, solidifying his status as a pop icon.

Ranking 15: “Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Securing the 13th spot on our list, ‘Speed Demon’ proves its mettle as a standout track in Michael Jackson’s repertoire, displaying his talent and versatility through its unique musical style.

As one of the top Michael Jackson songs, it showcases his ability to experiment with various genres.

Its enduring popularity among fans indicates it has successfully stood the test of time, remaining impactful in his discography.

Spot 14: “Liberian Girl


Riding the momentum from ‘Speed Demon’, we land on ‘Liberian Girl’, a distinct track that cements its position at number 14 in the ranking of Michael Jackson’s songs.

This song is notable for:

  • Its infectious rhythm and catchy melody which:
  • Reflects Jackson’s exploration of different styles
  • Demonstrates his vocal prowess and musical artistry
  • Its enduring popularity, signified by the 39th spot in the ranking.

At 13: “Just Good Friends

Just Good Friends

Landing at number 13 on our list, ‘Just Good Friends’ is a testament to Jackson’s versatility, showcasing his ability to collaboratively weave pop and R&B elements into a single track with the help of Stevie Wonder.

This song, while not a chart-topper, still reflects the King of Pop’s musical artistry and skill. It offers a different facet of Michael Jackson’s diverse musical repertoire.

Position 12: “Dirty Diana

Dirty Diana

At the twelfth spot, we find ‘Dirty Diana,’ a testament to Jackson’s musical versatility. This rock-infused track features dark lyrics and a compelling vocal performance, creating a raw and captivating experience.

It’s a song that highlights Jackson’s exploration of edgier themes and sounds, ultimately enriching his musical palette.

Dirty Diana’ Inspiration

While ‘Dirty Diana’ may not be one of Michael Jackson’s most popular tracks, it certainly stands out in his collection as a raw and intense song. It showcases his rock and blues influences, painting a darker picture with its narrative of a seductive and manipulative woman. In ‘All 15 Michael Jackson Songs Ranked from Worst to Best’, ‘Dirty Diana’ stands at number 12.

  • Uniqueness:
  • Rock and blues influences
  • Dark narrative


  • Powerful vocals
  • Memorable hooks

Musical Composition Analysis

Moving on to the analysis of the musical composition of ‘Dirty Diana’, you’ll find its electric guitar and driving rhythm not only underscore the song’s edgy and intense atmosphere, but also highlight Jackson’s unique ability to incorporate rock elements into his iconic pop music style.

This musical composition analysis in our ‘All 15 Michael Jackson Songs Ranked From Worst to Best’ article underscores Jackson’s versatility and knack for creating captivating melodies.

Number 11: “The Way You Make Me Feel


Despite not being as famous as some of his other hits, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ is a testament to Michael Jackson’s ability to create catchy, upbeat love songs that highlight his iconic style and charismatic stage presence.

This song, landing at number 11, captures:

  • Jackson’s unique style and infectious melodies.
  • His charismatic stage presence and vocal range.

It’s a lesser-known gem, yet a timeless classic in Jackson’s repertoire.

10th Place: “Man in the Mirror


In the ranks of Michael Jackson’s illustrious discography, ‘Man in the Mirror’ claims the tenth spot for its inspirational message and its significant impact on the charts. You’ll find that its compelling lyrics and stirring melody make it a standout track, offering a profound call to self-reflection.

Its chart performance and enduring appeal attest to its influence and its place in Jackson’s legacy.

Song’s Inspirational Message

‘Man in the Mirror’ stands as a potent anthem of personal introspection and social responsibility, urging you to recognize your potential to bring about positive change in the world.

In ranking all 15 Michael Jackson songs from worst to best, this song’s inspirational message stands out:

  • The song encourages:
  • Personal self-reflection
  • Taking action for positive global changes
  • The song’s impact:
  • Timeless classic due to its inspirational message
  • Encourages individual efforts in creating a better society.

Chart Performance Impact

Building on its inspirational message, the chart-topping success of ‘Man in the Mirror’ further attests to its profound impact and enduring popularity.

With regard to chart performance impact, it hit the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, underscoring its status in all 15 Michael Jackson songs ranked from worst to best.

Its enduring success and influence remain evident, reflecting its global resonance.

On 9: “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You


Ranking ninth in Michael Jackson’s discography is the romantic duet ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,’ which showcases his versatility through tender vocals and emotional depth.

In the realm of ‘All 15 Michael Jackson Songs Ranked From Worst to Best,’ this song stands out for:

  • Its success as the debut single from ‘Bad’
  • Reached number one on Billboard Hot 100
  • The emotional resonance it offers
  • Notable for its heartfelt lyrics and enduring appeal.

Ranking 8: “Bad


You’re now looking at ‘Bad’, Michael Jackson’s anthem that sits at number 8 on our list.

Not only does it spotlight Jackson’s vocal prowess, but it also serves as a testament to his enduring influence in the music industry.

Its success on the charts and its timeless appeal underscore why it’s ranked so highly.

Bad’ Song Analysis

Undeniably, ‘Bad’ is an iconic Michael Jackson song that showcases his impressive vocal range, securing its well-deserved spot as the 8th best in his vast catalogue.

In our ‘All 15 Michael Jackson Songs Ranked From Worst to Best’ analysis, ‘Bad’ stands out due to:

  • Its timeless appeal
  • The reflection of Jackson’s artistic prowess

The ‘Bad’ song analysis yields a spectacular hit that’s still enjoyed today.

Impact on Pop Culture

Delving into the realm of pop culture, it’s clear to see that ‘Bad’ isn’t just an iconic Michael Jackson song, it’s a cultural anthem. Like ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’ influenced generations of artists and resonates with audiences today.

Its confrontational dance-off music video became a cultural phenomenon, solidifying Jackson’s status as a pop icon and substantially shaping pop culture.

7th Spot: “Another Part of Me


Claiming the tenth spot on this list, ‘Another Part of Me’ showcases Jackson’s knack for creating infectious rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics. This song is noteworthy for its catchy melody that instantly hooks you in and its poignant message, a testament to Jackson’s songwriting prowess.

Despite its lower rank, ‘Another Part of Me’ remains a significant piece in Jackson’s discography.

At Number 6: “Smooth Criminal


Sitting at number 6, ‘Smooth Criminal’ is a testament to Michael Jackson’s musical prowess. You can’t ignore the pulsating rhythm and the captivating storytelling, which has made it a fan favorite.

Also, the choreography, especially the iconic lean in the video, underlines Jackson’s remarkable influence on dance, making it a cultural phenomenon.

Smooth Criminal’ Song Analysis

Ranked at number 6 on our list, ‘Smooth Criminal’ isn’t just another song in Michael Jackson’s discography, but a testament to his iconic style, with its infectious rhythm, distinctive sound, and an unforgettable music video showcasing his innovative choreography.

  • Notable elements of ‘Smooth Criminal’:
  • Connection to ‘Wall and Thriller’
  • The unique appeal of ‘Smooth Criminal’

This track is a timeless classic, reinforcing MJ’s legacy as a game-changer in the music industry.

Impact and Legacy

Unquestionably, ‘Smooth Criminal’ has left an indelible mark on the music industry, demonstrating Michael Jackson’s unrivaled talent and iconic style that continues to captivate fans worldwide.

Its impact and legacy persist, making it a standout in ‘All 15 Michael Jackson songs ranked from worst to best.’

This timeless classic resonates with fans globally and firmly underscores Jackson’s enduring influence on the music landscape.

Behind the Choreography

Delving into the choreography of ‘Smooth Criminal,’ you’ll discover it’s a brilliant display of Michael Jackson’s iconic style and impeccable dance skills, making it an enduring classic that continues to influence a multitude of artists.

  • Key elements:
  • Jackson’s unique style
  • His captivating dance moves


  • On modern artists
  • In ‘all 15 Michael Jackson songs ranked from worst to best’ lists

This is your ‘behind the choreography’ insight into ‘Smooth Criminal’.

5th Position: “Leave Me Alone


Sitting at the 15th spot, ‘Leave Me Alone’ is often viewed as one of Michael Jackson’s less remarkable pieces. It fails to match the emotional resonance, chart performance, or timeless appeal of his more celebrated works. In the context of Michael Jackson songs ranked from worst to best, its lower position implies it didn’t showcase Jackson’s vocal prowess or artistic versatility as effectively as his other tracks.

Coming in 4th: “Black or White


In the 4th spot, we find ‘Black or White’, a song that encapsulates Jackson’s mastery of diverse musical styles and his commitment to promoting racial harmony through his art.

In our list of ‘All 15 Michael Jackson Songs Ranked From Worst to Best’:

  • ‘Black or White’ is notable for:
  • Its powerful message of racial unity.
  • The unforgettable guitar riff and Jackson’s commanding vocals.

Coming in 4th, ‘Black or White’ remains a timeless classic.

Ranking 3: “Beat It


Moving one spot higher, we find ‘Beat It’, a track that truly attests to Jackson’s versatility with its powerful guitar riffs and rock-infused sound.

In the list of Michael Jackson songs ranked from worst to best, ‘Beat It’ clinches the third spot. Its chart-topping success, memorable solo by Eddie Van Halen, and Jackson’s dynamic vocals make it a timeless classic, resonating with its message of defiance.

Runner Up: “Billie Jean


Just a notch below the top spot, ‘Billie Jean’ stands as a testament to Jackson’s signature sound, lyrical brilliance, and his ability to craft powerful guitar riffs.

In the series ‘All 15 Michael Jackson songs ranked from worst to best’, it’s the runner up.

  • ‘Billie Jean’ showcases:
  • Jackson’s versatility
  • His emotional depth

It remains a fan favorite:

  • Timeless classic
  • Symbol of Jackson’s influence

The Best: “Thriller

1 2

While ‘Billie Jean’ offers a fascinating snapshot of Jackson’s creative prowess, it’s ‘Thriller’ that truly stands out as his crowning achievement.

In the ranking of all 15 Michael Jackson songs from worst to best, ‘Thriller’ is undeniably the best.

Its groundbreaking music video and infectious rhythm transformed pop culture.

It showcases Jackson’s vocal range and his ability to infuse funk and dance into pop music, creating a timeless classic.


So, there you have it. From the upbeat ‘Speed Demon’ languishing at rank 15, to the timeless classic ‘Thriller’ seizing the top spot, Michael Jackson’s diverse catalogue is a testament to his extraordinary talent.

Despite the varying reception, each song showcases Jackson’s unique blend of melody, rhythm, and style.

It’s interesting to juxtapose the underrated ‘Dangerous’ with chart-topper ‘Billie Jean’. While one underwhelmed, the other continues to dazzle, embodying the unpredictable genius of Jackson’s musical legacy.

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