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9 Celebrities That Play Csgo

Imagine, you’re lounging on your couch, controller in hand, the glow of the screen illuminating the room as you’re deep in a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

Suddenly, your teammate on the mic doesn’t just sound familiar, they sound famous. Incredibly, you’re not just playing with any gamer, you’re playing with a celebrity.

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Celebrities That Play Csgo

The world of CSGO isn’t confined to the basements of anonymous players, it’s a game that’s caught the attention of some of the biggest names in sports, music, and film.

Stay tuned, you’re about to discover the famous faces behind the gamer tags.

Key Takeaways

  • Neymar Jr., Deadmau5, Soulja Boy, Jerzy Janowicz, and Chris Weidman are celebrities known for their dedication and skills in playing CS:GO.
  • These celebrities have showcased their gaming abilities in different ways, such as beating top-tier professional players, creating music packs for the game, engaging with the esports scene, and excelling in both sports and CS:GO.
  • Their passion, engagement, and contributions to the CS:GO community highlight their multifaceted talents and love for the game.
  • Their unique backgrounds, ranging from professional soccer player to rapper to MMA fighter, bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the CS:GO gaming world.

Neymar Jr.’s CSGO Adventures

Neymar Jr.s Csgo Adventures

When you think of Neymar Jr., football prowess might be the first thing that comes to mind, but did you know he’s also a dedicated CS:GO player with a high Faceit and matchmaking rank?

This Brazilian national doesn’t just play CSGO casually; he’s good at it. He’s even been known to beat top-tier professional players in clutch situations.

His gaming skills hint at a competitive spirit that extends beyond the soccer field.

The Musical Maestro: Deadmau5

The Musical Maestro Deadmau5

You might know Deadmau5 for his groundbreaking music, but did you know he’s also an avid CS:GO player?

Let’s explore his obsession with the game, break down his gaming skills, and examine how his love for CS:GO has impacted his music career.

As we journey through Deadmau5’s unique intersection of music and gaming, you’ll discover a side of this Musical Maestro that goes beyond the DJ booth.

Deadmau5’s CS:GO Obsession

Although he’s globally recognized for his music, Canadian DJ and producer Deadmau5 is also an ardent CS:GO player, demonstrating the increasing intersection of the music and gaming industries.

His not-so-casual love for the game extends beyond playing, actively engaging with the esports scene.

Deadmau5’s influence is evident in the music packs he’s created for the game, highlighting his dual passions and the growing crossover between these spheres.

Gaming Skills Breakdown

Bridging the gap between music and gaming, Deadmau5, the Canadian DJ and music producer, showcases his prowess in CS:GO and other Valve games with an enthusiasm that extends to the esports scene.

As part of the celebrities that play CS:GO, he’s also a fervent supporter of the game’s esports, indicating his vast influence on this gaming community.

This gaming skills breakdown underscores his multifaceted contributions to the industry.

Impact on Music Career

Just as Deadmau5’s gaming skills have left a notable impact on the CS:GO community, his love for the game has also echoed profoundly in his illustrious music career.

Like other popular celebrities (think Soulja Boy), his passion for CS:GO transcends into his work, creating a unique blend of music and gaming.

This deep involvement with the game has undoubtedly influenced his musical style, captivating gamers and music lovers alike.

Soulja Boy’s Gaming Skills

Soulja Boys Gaming Skills

You might be surprised to know that rapper Soulja Boy isn’t just a music artist, but also a dedicated CS:GO player. He’s got a years-old Steam account and countless gameplay hours.

While not a top-tier player, his passion and engagement with the community make him a standout. His streams showcase his communication and gameplay, proving Soulja Boy’s love for CSGO is more than just a hobby.

Tennis Star: Jerzy Janowicz

Tennis Star Jerzy Janowicz

Swinging from the tennis court to the gaming arena, world-class tennis player Jerzy Janowicz, ranked No.14, impresses not only with his athletic prowess but also with his skilled gameplay in CS:GO.

This tennis star doesn’t just smash serves, he’s also smashing his opponents in the virtual world, showing off his versatility and proving that his skills extend beyond the tennis court.

MMA Fighter Chris Weidman

Mma Fighter Chris Weidman

You may know Chris Weidman for his prowess in the MMA ring, but he’s also making a mark in the CS:GO gaming world.

His journey from a professional fighter to a respected gamer is a unique one, where skills from the ring translate into his gameplay.

Let’s explore Weidman’s favourite CS:GO strategies and see how his fighting mindset influences his gaming approach.

Weidman’s Csgo Gaming Journey

Despite his fame as a pro MMA fighter and former UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman has carved out a niche for himself in the world of CSGO gaming, attracting a growing fan base on Twitch with his well-received streams.

  • Weidman’s CSGO gaming journey has been filled with powerful plays and strategy.
  • He’s a standout among celebrities that play CSGO.
  • His Twitch streams offer fans an inside look at his gaming prowess.

Skills Transferred From MMA

Moving from his streaming popularity, it’s worth investigating how Weidman’s MMA background has equipped him with skills that are surprisingly applicable to his newfound passion for CSGO.

Celebrities who play CS, like Weidman, utilize their discipline, quick decision-making abilities, and resilience from other fields.

This MMA fighter’s mental toughness and strategic thinking definitely give him an edge in high-pressure clutch situations in the popular online game.

Weidman’s Favorite Csgo Strategies

Diving into the tactics of Chris Weidman’s gameplay in CS:GO, it becomes clear that his favorite strategies are marked by effective map control and a keen understanding of positioning to gain the upper hand over his adversaries.

Among celebrities that play CS:GO, he stands out for his:

  • Mastery of weapon recoil
  • Tactical utility usage
  • Emphasis on communication and adaptability.

Actor Jordan Fisher’s Gaming Side

Actor Jordan Fishers Gaming Side

Beyond his acclaimed acting career, Jordan Fisher nurtures a deep-seated passion for gaming, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) being his game of choice.

As one of the celebrities that play CS:GO, Fisher immerses himself in the gaming community, actively participating and showcasing his skills on Twitch.

His involvement mirrors the increasing trend of celebrities exploring their gaming side, fostering engagement in the gaming world.

Casemiro’s CSGO Love

Casemiros Csgo Love

Just like Fisher, Real Madrid’s professional footballer Casemiro is another celebrity who’s no stranger to the CS:GO scene, proving that his love for the game goes beyond the football field. His passion is evident in:

  • Founding Case Esports, his own CS:GO organization
  • Active participation and investment in the game
  • Balancing his dedication to both football and CS:GO

Definitely, Casemiro’s CS:GO love is strong among celebrities that play CS:GO.

Rapper Logic’s CSGO Journey

Rapper Logics Csgo Journey

Often catching the spotlight with a controller in hand, American rapper and streamer Logic has made CS:GO a notable part of his gaming lineup. His unique playstyle adds an intriguing layer to rapper Logic’s CS:GO journey.

As you explore celebrities that play CS:GO, you’ll find that Logic’s genuine engagement with the gaming community sets him apart, making his CS:GO experiences worth tracking.

Jonas Jerebko: From NBA to CSGO

Diving into the world of esports, Swedish professional basketball player Jonas Jerebko traded his basketball for a mouse and keyboard, making a significant impact in the CS:GO community. From NBA to CSGO, Jerebko’s transition has been notable.

Jonas Jerebko From Nba To Csgo

His involvement in CS:GO includes investing in esports organization Renegades, attending esports events, and actively contributing to the growth of the game.

His dedication showcases the expanding reach of CS:GO among different players.


In the kaleidoscope of fame, CSGO serves as an unexpected common thread, uniting celebrities from varying fields. It’s a testament to the game’s captivating allure, reeling in Neymar Jr., Deadmau5, Soulja Boy, and more into its gripping gameplay.

CSGO isn’t just another pastime for them, it’s a thrilling arena where they can let loose and engage in strategic battles. This diverse celebrity lineup truly underlines the universal appeal of CSGO, painting its popularity in vibrant colors.

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