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8 Celebrities That Play Overwatch

Imagine stepping into the glimmering world of Overwatch, where every avatar you encounter could be a secret celebrity moonlighting as an esports enthusiast.

You’ve probably heard that Elon Musk, T-Pain, and even Superman himself, Henry Cavill, have all shared their affinity for this action-packed game.

Celebrities That Play Overwatch

But, did you know that various other stars also tend to unwind with Overwatch?

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Now, you’re likely wondering who these celebrities could be, and what draws them to the vibrant, virtual battles of Overwatch.

Well, rest assured, we’re about to pull back the curtain and reveal the star-studded roster.

Key Takeaways

  • Elon Musk and T-Pain’s love for Overwatch breaks stereotypes about celebrities and showcases that gaming appeals to all.
  • Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki’s involvement in gaming adds another layer to their dynamic personas and highlights their diverse interests and passion for gaming.
  • Quinton Jackson’s gaming prowess proves that famous athletes can also be dedicated gamers and adds another dimension to his tough guy persona.
  • The love for Overwatch by these celebrities reflects the game’s widespread appeal and demonstrates that it can attract individuals from various backgrounds, including celebrities.

Elon Musk: The Technological Mogul

Elon Musk The Technological Mogul

Diving into the world of tech tycoons, you’ll find Elon Musk, a notable Overwatch enthusiast. He often takes to the battlefield as Soldier 76, one of the game’s characters. His fondness for Overwatch reveals a side of celebrities that play such games, breaking stereotypes.

Musk’s preference showcases the game’s appeal to all, irrespective of their status. So next time you play Overwatch, remember, you might just be up against Musk!

T-Pain’s Love for Overwatch

T Pains Love For Overwatch

While Elon Musk might surprise you with his gaming prowess, another celebrity who’s equally enthusiastic about Overwatch is the acclaimed rapper and singer, T-Pain. He’s been seen live-streaming his play on Twitch, showcasing his love for Overwatch.

Switching between heroes, T-Pain’s love for Overwatch is undeniable. Recently, he’s moved to Call of Duty, but his passion for Overwatch still remains evident.

Deadmau5: The Gaming DJ

Deadmau5 The Gaming Dj

You might know Deadmau5 as a top-notch DJ, but he’s also an avid Overwatch player.

Despite his early reservations about the game, he’s grown to enjoy it, often indulging in online play sessions.

His passion for the game and influence on gaming through music amplifies his unique persona, proving that he’s more than just the guy behind the mouse head helmet.

Deadmau5’s Overwatch Obsession

Despite his initial disdain for Overwatch, renowned electronic music artist Deadmau5 has found himself drawn to the game, showcasing his varied interests beyond the music industry. His Overwatch obsession is a testament to the game’s appeal, even among celebrities.

Deadmau5’s gaming passion adds another layer to his already dynamic persona, proving that celebrities that play Overwatch aren’t restricted to any particular industry or profession.

Musical Influence on Gaming

Building on Deadmau5’s passion for Overwatch, let’s explore how his musical prowess shapes his approach to gaming, turning this acclaimed DJ into a recognized figure in the gaming world.

  • Deadmau5’s influence
  • Fans, including Steve Aoki and various K-pop groups, are drawn to his unique blend of music and gaming.
  • His initial aversion to Overwatch, yet eventual engagement, reflects the game’s widespread appeal.

Frequent Online Play Sessions

Known for his iconic mouse head helmet and electrifying music, Deadmau5 often immerses himself in frequent online play sessions of Overwatch, showcasing his deep-rooted interest in the gaming community.

This makes him among the celebrities that play Overwatch, despite his previous dislike for the game. His involvement not only adds a new dimension to his persona but also brings a unique flavor to his Overwatch team.

Steve Aoki: Beats and Battles

Steve Aoki Beats And Battles

Not just spinning beats in the music world, Steve Aoki, a successful DJ and producer, also immerses himself deep into the gaming industry, particularly showing a strong affinity for Overwatch.

  • Aoki’s Overwatch connections:
  • Purchased majority stake in team Rogue
  • Seen playing Overwatch with Team Liquid

Terry Crews: From Acting to Gaming

Terry Crews From Acting To Gaming

While you may recognize Terry Crews for his dynamic acting roles, you might be surprised to learn he’s also quite the Overwatch enthusiast, often playing the popular game with his son.

This transition from acting to gaming highlights Crews’ diverse interests. In an interview with PC Gamer, he expressed his love for Overwatch, proving that celebrities can be just as passionate about gaming as their fans.

Quinton Jackson’s Virtual Arena

Quinton Jacksons Virtual Arena

Diving into the virtual arena, Quinton Jackson, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, streams Overwatch matches on Twitch, displaying his gaming prowess to fans worldwide.

You’d be surprised to know that the tough guy:

  • Plays Hearthstone and League of Legends, proving that famous people are just like us.
  • In fact, he’s a gamer through and through, showcasing his skills in various games online.

Henry Cavil: Superman’s Other Identity

Henry Cavil Supermans Other Identity

You might know Henry Cavill as Superman, but off-screen, he’s busy channeling his superpowers into the game of Overwatch.

He’s got quite a knack for it too, often choosing to play as Symmetra, an underdog character.

Balancing his acting career and gaming isn’t easy, but Cavill seems to manage it all while also racking up some impressive in-game achievements.

Cavil’s Overwatch Character Preference

Known for his iconic roles in Superman and The Witcher, Henry Cavil isn’t just a star on screen but also a passionate Overwatch player, with a particular fondness for the buffed character Symmetra, although he’s coy about revealing his main hero. Among the celebrities that play Overwatch, Cavil’s Overwatch character preference adds an intriguing element.

  • Cavil’s connection to gaming:
  • Starred in The Witcher, based on a popular game.
  • Rumored to have competed in League of Legends.

Balancing Acting and Gaming

While Cavil’s preference for Symmetra in Overwatch may be fascinating, it’s his ability to balance his passion for gaming with his acting career that truly sets him apart.

Even amidst his busy schedule, Cavil plays video games, especially Overwatch.

This not only breaks stereotypes but puts him among the notable name Overwatch players, proving that one can juggle between different passions.

Cavil’s In-Game Achievements

Often slipping into the role of Symmetra, Henry Cavil’s engagement with Overwatch goes beyond casual gaming, as evidenced by his impressive in-game achievements.

Not just the Man of Steel, Cavil is among the celebrities that play Overwatch and exhibit a high level of competency.

  • Cavil’s In-Game Achievements:
  • Mastery of Symmetra’s abilities
  • Frequent high-ranking in competitive play

These accomplishments show Cavil’s dedication to the game.

BTS: K-Pop Stars in Overwatch

Bts K Pop Stars In Overwatch

Diving into the world of K-pop, the members of BTS have openly shared their love for Overwatch. They have discussed their favorite players and even revealed that one of the members prefers to play as D.Va.

As the 35th most played game by kids, Overwatch resonates with their youthful spirit. These K-pop stars’ engagement with Overwatch makes it clear that anyone can enjoy this game, regardless of their status or profession.


So, there you have it. From tech giants to music icons, action stars to eSports enthusiasts, Overwatch has cast a wide net, capturing hearts across industries.

It’s more than just a game; it’s a shared passion, a virtual playground where the likes of Elon Musk and T-Pain can battle it out.

Remember, in the electrifying world of Overwatch, we’re all heroes.

Now, who knows? You might just find yourself sharing a match with your favorite celebrity.

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