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8 Celebrities That Play Ark Survival Evolved

In the jungle of Hollywood, a new beast is emerging: celebrities who play Ark Survival Evolved. You might think of them as just glamorous figures strutting along the red carpet, but they’ve been swapping their designer outfits for virtual armor, their limousines for digital dinosaurs.

From Vin Diesel’s action-filled adventures to Brie Larson’s strategic gameplay, these stars have been immersing themselves in this popular survival game. But why are they so drawn to it, and how does it impact their off-screen lives?

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Celebrities That Play Ark Survival Evolved

Well, you’re about to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Vin Diesel, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Drake, and Zac Efron are all celebrities who play Ark Survival Evolved.
  • These celebrities’ passion for gaming and their involvement in Ark Survival Evolved showcase their love for the medium beyond their respective careers.
  • Their gameplay experiences add a new dimension to their entertainment careers, combining their talents with their affinity for video games.
  • Their involvement in the game has helped make gaming more popular and accepted in Hollywood.

Vin Diesel’s Ark Survival Adventures

Vin Diesels Ark Survival Adventures

Diving into Vin Diesel’s Ark Survival Adventures, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where prehistoric survival gameplay and Diesel’s well-known love for video games collide.

As a celebrity gamer, Diesel’s passion shines through every aspect of the game. He’s not just a huge fan, his love for video games has led him to craft an engaging, thrilling adventure that thrusts players into a world unlike any other.

Brie Larson: Gamer and Ark Fan

Brie Larson Gamer And Ark Fan

Switching gears to Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, you’ll discover she’s not just a talented performer, but also an avid gamer who frequently shares her passion for Ark Survival Evolved on her YouTube channel.

As Captain Marvel, Larson’s gaming adventures extend to her celebrity friends like Jason.

A fan of video games, Larson’s dedication to Ark Survival Evolved reveals an engaging side of this multifaceted star.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Virtual Dinosaur Battles

Samuel L. Jacksons Virtual Dinosaur Battles 2

Moving on, you’ll find that Samuel L. Jackson’s Virtual Dinosaur Battles is more than just an online series; it’s an immersive experience where the actor takes viewers through thrilling gameplay of Ark Survival Evolved.

As one of the celebrities that play Ark Survival Evolved, Jackson, a big fan of games, skillfully navigates prehistoric terrains, engaging in virtual dinosaur battles.

His played games become a thrilling extension of his TV shows.

Unveiling Drake’s Love for Ark

Unveiling Drakes Love For Ark 2

You might be surprised to learn that Grammy-winning artist Drake isn’t just a fan of Ark Survival Evolved, but a passionate player who’s contributed significantly to the game’s popularity.

With a reputation for playing video games frequently, his YouTube channel features him battling dinosaurs, akin to the actor who portrays Netflix’s The Witcher.

However, it’s not a video game addiction, but a love for the martial arts of gaming.

Zac Efron: Hollywood Heartthrob and Gamer

Zac Efron Hollywood Heartthrob And Gamer

Surprisingly, Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron isn’t just a star on the big screen, but also a passionate gamer. He’s really good, as revealed on Ellen. Efron’s gaming interests aren’t limited to Ark Survival Evolved, he also enjoys first-person shooters.

As one of the celebrities that play Ark Survival Evolved, he’s made gaming cool in Hollywood.

Matthew Perry’s Ark Survival Tactics

Matthew Perrys Ark Survival Tactics

You might be surprised to learn that actor Matthew Perry has some unique tactics when it comes to playing Ark Survival Evolved.

From taming dinosaurs to strategically using in-game resources, he’s got a grip on this prehistoric world.

Let’s take a closer look at Perry’s survival strategy and how he navigates through the dangerous and thrilling Dino World.

Perry’s Unique Survival Strategy

When it comes to mastering Ark Survival Evolved, actor Matthew Perry employs a unique survival strategy that hinges on the effective use of tamed dinosaurs and strategic resource gathering. His tactics, unlike those of Henry Cavill, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Craig, Rosario Dawson, and Ronda Rousey, include:

  1. Utilizing narco berries for taming.
  2. Emphasizing resource gathering and crafting.
  3. Careful planning and construction.
  4. Balancing single-player and multiplayer modes.

Master his tactics to thrive in the game.

Navigating Perry’s Dino World

Building on Perry’s unique approach to Ark Survival Evolved, his video ‘Navigating Perry’s Dino World’ breaks down his tactics into clear, actionable strategies.

Like Megan Fox and Michael Phelps playing World of Warcraft in recent years, Perry’s engagement in gaming is notable.

His tactics, as engaging as Ellen DeGeneres’ humor, can make you feel you should see a doctor for your newfound Dino addiction.

Will Arnett’s Ark Survival Strategies

Will Arnetts Ark Survival Strategies

Let’s turn our attention to Will Arnett’s approach to Ark Survival Evolved. Known for his Call of Duty expertise, it’s interesting to see how he applies his first-person shooter strategies to taming dinosaurs and building bases.

His tactics could offer unique insights for your own gameplay.

Arnett’s Dinosaur Taming Approach

Diving into Will Arnett’s approach to taming dinosaurs in Ark Survival Evolved, you’ll find a unique blend of efficiency and strategy that truly elevates the gaming experience.

  1. Utilize narcoberries effectively.
  2. Master crafting items and structures.
  3. Embrace resource gathering.
  4. Balance solo and multiplayer modes.

Arnett, known for playing World Officer Tenpenny, lent his voice to the live-action Ahsoka. By using his method, you agree to our Privacy.

His Base Building Techniques

Shifting gears from his dino-taming approach, you’ll find that Will Arnett’s base building techniques in Ark Survival Evolved are just as strategic and efficient, showcasing his knack for maximizing defense and resource accessibility.

His base, like many celebrities who play, features creative design, tamed dino-integration, and an adaptable layout.

This article reveals his scalability for expansion, making his play style a winning strategy.

Rosario Dawson’s Journey in Ark Survival

Rosario Dawsons Journey In Ark Survival

Imagine immersing yourself in a prehistoric world, taming dinosaurs and crafting survival tools – that’s exactly what Rosario Dawson did when she embarked on her journey in Ark Survival Evolved. Her experience includes:

  1. Taming and riding dinosaurs.
  2. Crafting items and structures.
  3. Using Narco Berries for taming.
  4. Promoting the game and female character option to her fans.

Just like her role in Fallout: New, Rosario has played so much Ark Survival.


So there you have it, a veritable Jurassic Park of celebrities, from Vin Diesel to Brie Larson, all immersed in the prehistoric world of Ark Survival Evolved.

It’s not every day you see Drake trading his mic for a makeshift spear, or Matthew Perry swapping sitcom gags for dino battles.

This motley crew of Hollywood heavyweights proves that Ark’s appeal truly transcends time and space, making it a must-play in Tinseltown and beyond.

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