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8 Celebrities That Play Apex Legends

You might know Breanna Stewart for her skills on the basketball court, but did you also know she’s a pretty impressive Apex Legends player?

It’s not just sports stars like Stewart and former NFL player, Martellus Bennett, who are hooked on this popular battle royale game. Even actors like Sam Witwer and Marcus Scribner, and musicians like Post Malone, can’t resist the thrill of the Apex Games.

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Apex Legends Legends

It’s intriguing, isn’t it? How the worlds of fame, talent, and virtual battles intertwine. But just how good are these celebrities when it comes to mastering Apex Legends? That’s what we’re about to uncover.

Key Takeaways

  • Breanna Stewart, Martellus Bennett, Xavier Woods, Sam Witwer, Marcus Scribner, Post Malone, and Dillon Francis are all celebrities who play Apex Legends.
  • These celebrities showcase the wide appeal and inclusivity of Apex Legends, highlighting the crossover between celebrity culture and gaming.
  • The involvement of athletes and sports personalities in Apex Legends demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of athletes in different domains.
  • The participation of renowned musicians like Post Malone and Dillon Francis in Apex Legends adds to the diverse and engaging experience of the game.

Breanna Stewart: The Hoops Star Gamer

Breanna Stewart The Hoops Star Gamer

Frequently stepping off the basketball court and into the virtual battlefield, Breanna Stewart proves her gaming prowess as she dunks on opponents in Apex Legends, even showcasing her impressive skills as Ash during the 2019 EXP Pro-AM event.

Not just a number 21 jersey, she’s a force in the gaming world too. Her performance highlighted the intersection of sports and gaming, impressing viewers and proving athletes’ versatility.

Martellus Bennett’s Apex Obsession

Martellus Bennetts Apex Obsession

Swapping his football helmet for a gaming headset, former NFL player Martellus Bennett made waves in the 2019 EXP Pro-AM event for Apex Legends, showcasing his skills beyond the gridiron.

His Apex obsession brought diversity to the gaming community, highlighting the crossover appeal of esports.

Bennett’s engagement with Apex not only showed his own gaming passion but also affirmed the game’s wide-ranging influence.

Apex Legends and Sam Witwer

Apex Legends And Sam Witwer

Diving headfirst into the world of gaming, renowned actor Sam Witwer showcased his love for Apex Legends at the 2019 EXP Pro-AM event. Famous for his roles in Battlestar Galactica and Once Upon A Time, Witwer’s presence not only spiced up the event but also highlighted the crossover between celebrity culture and gaming.

His involvement certainly amplified the appeal and inclusivity of Legends, encouraging more celebrities to play Apex Legends.

Marcus Scribner: The Apex Enthusiast

Marcus Scribner The Apex Enthusiast

You might know Marcus Scribner from Black-ish, but did you know he’s also an Apex Legends enthusiast?

Let’s discuss his favorite legends, his achievements in the game, and the strategies that have led him to success.

This actor’s passion for Apex Legends showcases just how wide-reaching and diverse the game’s fanbase truly is.

Scribner’s Favorite Legends

While you might know him from his role in Black-ish, Marcus Scribner’s dedication to playing Apex Legends is undeniable, even stepping up to compete in the 2019 EXP Pro-AM event for a prize pool of $25,000.

His performance speaks volumes about his love for the leaked Legends. His passion for the game is obvious and his competitive spirit shines through every match he plays.

Marcus’ Apex Achievements

In 2019, Marcus Scribner, the Black-ish star, plunged into the competitive world of Apex Legends, participating in the EXP Pro-AM event and battling fiercely for a $25,000 prize pool.

Marcus’ dedication to the Battle Royale game is noteworthy. His achievements include:

  • Participation in the EXP Pro-AM
  • Competing for a hefty prize
  • Investment in a gaming rig
  • Positive reception from the gaming community
  • Adding diversity to the celebrity gamer roster

Scribner’s Gaming Strategies

Building on Marcus Scribner’s achievements in Apex Legends, let’s examine his gaming strategies that set him apart in the competitive landscape.

Scribner’s dedication to Apex is evident in his participation in different games and events. His streams on Twitch showcase not only his enthusiasm but also an effective strategic approach to gaming that makes him a formidable competitor in the popular battle royale game.

Xavier Woods: Gaming in Style

Xavier Woods Gaming In Style 1

Ever noticed how WWE wrestler Xavier Woods showcases his gaming prowess alongside his wrestling career? He’s not just a fan, but a competitor in Apex Legends. Just like Post Malone, Woods has favorite video games that span genres:

  • Apex Legends: a competitive battle royale
  • Super Smash Bros: a classic fighting game
  • Fortnite: popular for its building mechanics
  • Overwatch: a team-based shooter
  • Final Fantasy: a beloved RPG series

His participation firmly places him in the celebrity gaming scene.

Post Malone’s Apex Journeys

Post Malones Apex Journeys

Unbeknownst to some, renowned musician Post Malone isn’t just a force in the music industry, but also a formidable contender in the Apex Legends gaming community. His gaming journey, similar to Snoop Dogg’s Call of Duty escapades, has excited fans and brought a fresh face to the community.

His involvement not only highlights Apex’s diverse appeal but also introduces exclusive in-game items, creating an engaging experience.

Blake Cashman’s Gaming Tactics

Blake Cashmans Gaming Tactics

You’ve seen Blake Cashman dominate on the football field, now let’s explore how he takes that competitive spirit into the realm of Apex Legends.

His gaming tactics are a blend of strategic positioning, precise movement, and seamless use of different legend abilities.

But what truly sets Cashman apart is his focus on effective communication, adaptability, and quick decision-making.

Cashman’s Apex Strategies

Delving into Cashman’s Apex Strategies, you’ll find an array of pro-level insights shared by Blake Cashman, a renowned footballer and avid Apex Legends player, designed to enhance your gameplay and dominate this popular battle royale.

  • Mastering movement mechanics
  • Optimizing loadouts
  • Maximizing team coordination
  • Achieving individual performance
  • Blending sports insights and gaming tactics

He’s one of the biggest names, like Doja Cat, who enjoy this game.

Blake’s Gaming Style

While Cashman’s strategies offer a comprehensive guide to winning at Apex Legends, getting a closer look at his personal gaming tactics really underscores what makes him a formidable player.

Cashman’s account to Steam highlights his favorite games, including Apex Legends. His tactical approach, versatility, and effective communication skills make him a team player.

His adaptability, whether it’s close-quarter combat or long-range engagements, adds to his gaming prowess.

Dillon Francis: The Musician Gamer

Apex Legends 20190326113028
Apex Legends_20190326113028

Bridging the worlds of music and gaming, Dillon Francis, a renowned DJ, has forged a noteworthy presence in the Apex Legends community. This musician gamer is one of the famous people you’d spot in the Apex arena. Here’s why:

  • Participated in the 2019 EXP Pro-AM Apex Legends event.
  • Unfazed by fans’ trolling for gaming over remixing music.
  • Appeared at the Twitch prime gaming event.
  • Streams his gameplay on Twitch.
  • Shows genuine passion for gaming and Apex Legends.


In the end, Apex Legends isn’t just a battlefield for gamers, but a star-studded stage where celebrities let their gaming skills shine. Like a spotlight in a dark theater, it unveils a different side of them, one that’s competitive, strategic and downright entertaining.

It’s clear that in the arena of Apex Legends, celebrities aren’t just spectators—they’re players, fully immersed in the thrill of the game. It’s a spectacle worth watching, a show that keeps us glued to our screens.

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