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5 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies to Watch This Week (March 31)

5 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies To Watch This Week Jan. 31

As we approach the tail-end of January, Netflix has curated a host of compelling original horror features to keep you entertained.

These films, ranging from psychological thrillers to supernatural horrors, invite you to explore the darker realms of the human psyche, the uncanny, and the unknown.

With stories that push the boundaries of conventional horror tropes, these films promise to ignite your imagination, unsettle your senses, and leave you with lingering thoughts long after the credits roll.

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Engage with the narratives of survival, hidden identities, real-world struggles wrapped in supernatural elements, and ancient evils, all set against the backdrop of different cultures and landscapes.

The question remains, are you prepared to embark on these thrilling cinematic journeys?

Key Takeaways

  • “Gerald’s Game” is a psychological thriller that explores the inner demons of a wife who must find a way to escape after her husband’s fatal heart attack during a sex game.
  • “The Babysitter” combines elements of comedy and horror as a young boy discovers that his babysitter is part of a demonic cult and must engage in a game of cat and mouse to survive.
  • “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is a serial killer thriller where a new student uncovers a serial killer in her Nebraska town who targets students and reveals their darkest secrets, exploring the theme of hidden identities and secrets.
  • “His House” is a supernatural horror film that follows a refugee couple from South Sudan struggling to adapt to their new life in England, haunted by a sinister presence in their new home. The film has received critical acclaim with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Gerald’s Game: A Tense Thriller

Geralds A Tense Thriller

Masterfully directed by Mike Flanagan, ‘Gerald’s Game’ (2017) is a gripping psychological thriller that intricately explores the terrifying ordeal of a woman trapped in a life-threatening situation, forced to confront her inner demons while fighting for survival.

This film delves into the themes of exploring trauma and survival, unraveling the protagonist’s psyche in the process. Flanagan’s deft handling of Stephen King’s source material results in a harrowing exploration of a woman’s resilience and the power of the human spirit.

The film’s tension hinges on the protagonist’s struggle, not just with her physical predicament, but also with the ghosts of her past. ‘Gerald’s Game’ is a tense, thought-provoking exploration of survival that showcases Flanagan’s ability to seamlessly weave psychological horror with deep character exploration.

The Babysitter: Horror Comedy Delight

The Babysitter Horror Comedy Delight

Brimming with black humor and thrilling sequences, ‘The Babysitter’ (2017) offers a unique blend of comedy and horror, presenting a fresh take on the genre by incorporating elements of a slasher film into a comedic narrative.

The Babysitter’s unexpected twists keep the audience engaged, while its adept mixing of humor and horror ensures a delightfully terrifying experience. The film successfully challenges the conventional horror tropes, replacing them with cleverly crafted comedic instances that underline the absurdity of the situation.

The characters, despite their involvement in a demonic cult, are humorously relatable, adding another layer to the film’s appeal. ‘The Babysitter’ is a standout in the realm of horror-comedies, a testament to the potential of blending genres to create a unique cinematic experience.

There’s Someone Inside Your House: Secrets Unveiled

Theres Someone Inside Your House Secrets Unveiled

Shifting from the comedic horror domain of ‘The Babysitter’, we now turn our attention to the chilling narrative of ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’, a movie that delves deep into the realm of secrets, hidden identities, and raw fear.

The premise revolves around a series of brutal murders, each unveiling hidden secrets of the victims. The killer, grotesquely masked and enigmatic, targets students in a small Nebraska town, unmasking their concealed truths post-mortem, thereby creating a climate of dread and suspicion.

The protagonist, Makani, is thrown into a whirlwind of terror and mystery as she races against time to unmask the killer. The film is a suspenseful exploration of the horror that lurks beneath the facade of normalcy, leaving viewers on edge.

His House: Haunting Refugee Experience

Mcdhiho Zx001
HIS HOUSE, from left: Ṣọpẹ Dirisu, Wunmi Mosaku, 2020. ph: Aidan Monaghan / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Delving into the realm of supernatural horror, ‘His House’ presents a haunting portrayal of a refugee couple from South Sudan, grappling with the dual horrors of their past trauma and a sinister presence in their new English home.

This Netflix original masterfully explores the themes of haunted houses and psychological trauma. The couple’s struggle to settle in their new surroundings is exacerbated by the eerie occurrences in their dwelling, blurring the line between reality and hallucination.

This film beautifully intertwines real-world horrors with otherworldly terror, creating a unique and impactful narrative. ‘His House’ stands as a testament to the power of psychological horror, inviting viewers to reflect on the refugee experience through a chilling, supernatural lens.

The Ritual: Dark Nordic Folklore

The Ritual Dark Nordic Folklore

From the psychological terror in a haunted house setting, we move into the isolated, eerie wilderness of Sweden in ‘The Ritual’, a folk horror film that explores the dark heart of Nordic folklore.

The film adeptly blends elements of Nordic mythology and ancient rituals, resulting in a chilling narrative that leaves viewers at the edge of their seats. The protagonists’ psychological impact of supernatural encounters is meticulously portrayed, emphasizing their deep-seated fears and inner turmoil.

The Ritual taps into ancient superstitions and rituals, offering a unique take on horror that is deeply rooted in cultural mythology. Its atmospheric tension, coupled with the relentless sense of dread, makes ‘The Ritual’ a memorable addition to the horror genre on Netflix.


In summation, these five distinct Netflix Original horror films each uniquely manipulate the genre’s conventions, offering a diverse array of narratives that blend terror with elements of comedy, suspense, and social commentary.

Through the use of symbolism, these films not only captivate viewers but also provoke deeper reflections on themes such as survival, identity, displacement, and ancient evils.

They are a testament to the creative potential within the horror genre, promising an engrossing cinematic experience.

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