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2024 Oscar Shortlists Unveiled: ‘Barbie,’ ‘Poor Things,’ ‘Maestro,’ and ‘The Zone of Interest’ Make the Cut

With the glamour of ‘Barbie’ starkly contrasting the gritty realism of ‘Poor Things’, the 2024 Oscar shortlists have been unveiled, presenting a fascinating array of films.

As you glance at the list, it’s clear that ‘Maestro’ and ‘The Zone of Interest’ have equally secured their spots, adding a rich diversity to the mix.

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This year’s selection is an intriguing blend of cinematic storytelling, showcasing a spectrum of themes and styles.

So, what does this mean for the upcoming Oscars? Well, you’re about to embark on a riveting journey of film analysis, predictions, and an exploration of potential winners.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Barbie’ and ‘Poor Things’ have received multiple nominations in various categories for the 2024 Oscars, showcasing their excellence in filmmaking and storytelling.
  • The inclusion of ‘Maestro’ and ‘The Zone of Interest’ in the shortlists highlights the diversity of films and directors recognized by the Academy.
  • The anticipation for the winners is high due to the tight race between the shortlisted films and the involvement of artists like Billie Eilish.
  • The 2024 Oscar shortlists offer a mix of themes and styles, making it an exciting year for film analysis and predictions.

Spotlight on ‘Barbie

barbie under the spotlight

While ‘Barbie’ has certainly caught the spotlight this Oscar season, bagging five shortlist nominations including sound, original song, and original score, it’s the viral ballad ‘I’m Just Ken’, performed and co-written by Ryan Gosling, that stands out for its unique melody and lyrical prowess.

The Oscar Shortlists unveiled, ‘Barbie’ and ‘Zone of Interest’ made the cut, showcasing their cinematic excellence in this highly competitive award season.

Delving Into ‘Poor Things

exploring the novel s themes

Diving into the cinematic marvel of ‘Poor Things’, you’ll find it has garnered three deserving nominations in the 2024 Oscar shortlists. Notably, it has been nominated for Best International Feature, Best Documentary, and crafts.

As part of Penske Media’s in-depth analysis, you’ll discover that the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ recognition of the film underscores its original score, song, and the 48 media outlets it has captivated globally.

The Magic of ‘Maestro

enchanting musical mastery unleashed

In the array of stellar films recognized for the 2024 Oscars, ‘Maestro’ stands out, earning a noteworthy place in the shortlists across various categories.

Complying with the Google Privacy Policy, Motion Picture Arts and Sciences relies on information to help provide their services.

The information, released ahead of the March event, affirms ‘Maestro’s’ position, articulating its magic in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms.

Exploring ‘The Zone of Interest

holocaust novel dark satire

You might find it intriguing that ‘The Zone of Interest’, directed by the talented Jonathan Glazer, has also secured its spot on the shortlists for the upcoming Oscars, marking a significant milestone for the film and its creators.

This notable moment:

  1. Highlights the 2024 Oscar shortlists.
  2. Reinforces Penske Media Corporation’s commitment to diversity.
  3. Demonstrates the process your information undergoes for selection.

Predictions for the Winners

2022 academy awards predictions

While the recognition of ‘The Zone of Interest’ sheds light on the diverse shortlist, it’s also essential to consider the buzzing predictions for this year’s winners.

The 2024 Oscar shortlists, including ‘Barbie’, ‘Poor Things’, ‘Maestro’, and ‘The Zone of Interest’, suggest a tight race.

With films like ‘Flower Moon’ and ‘Color Purple’ in the mix, and talents like Billie Eilish involved, it’s an exciting year for the Oscars.


As the 2024 Oscars approach, excitement builds over the shortlisted films. ‘Barbie,’ ‘Poor Things,’ ‘Maestro,’ and ‘The Zone of Interest’ have all demonstrated exceptional talent and potential.

Just like ‘Parasite’s’ unexpected sweep in 2020, any one of these could be the dark horse of the night.

Keep an eye out as the final nominations are announced, and the film industry’s biggest night unfolds.

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