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2024 ka Pehla Dhamakedar IPO Jyoti CNC Automation

2024 Ka Pehla Dhamakedar Ipo Jyoti Cnc Automation

Overview of the IPO

Overview Of The Ipo

Jyoti CNC Automation is set to launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on January 9, 2024, marking the first IPO of the year. This book-built issue aims to raise Rs 1,000.00 crores entirely through a fresh issue of 3.02 crore shares.

The subscription window for the IPO is scheduled from January 9 to January 11, 2024, with the allotment results expected to be announced on January 12, 2024.

The IPO is poised for listing on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), with a tentative listing date of January 16, 2024.

Pricing and Investment Details

Pricing And Investment Details

The price range for the IPO is set between ₹315 to ₹331 per share. The minimum lot size for retail investors is 45 shares, translating to a minimum investment of ₹14,895.

The offering also caters to different investor categories: for non-institutional investors (sNII), the minimum lot size is 14 lots (630 shares), requiring an investment of ₹208,530, and for big non-institutional investors (bNII), it is 68 lots (3,060 shares) with an investment of ₹1,012,860.

Significance of the IPO

Significance Of The Ipo

The Jyoti CNC Automation IPO represents a significant event in the financial market, being the first IPO in 2024. It reflects the company’s growth trajectory and its readiness to enter the public market.

The IPO’s success could set a precedent for other companies planning to go public in 2024, especially in the technology and automation sector.

Potential Impact on the Market

Potential Impact On The Market

The launch of this IPO could have various implications for the stock market. It may influence investor sentiment, especially towards companies in the automation and technology sector.

The response to this IPO could also provide insights into the market’s appetite for new public offerings in the current economic climate.


The Jyoti CNC Automation IPO is a noteworthy event for the company and the stock market. It offers an opportunity for investors to participate in a company’s growth in the automation sector. The outcome of this IPO could be a bellwether for the IPO market in 2024, mainly for technology-oriented companies.

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