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10 Times Superman Was A Real Jerk

Peeling back the cape of the Man of Steel, 10 Times Superman Was A Real Jerk uncovers the not-so-heroic moments of this iconic superhero.

It’s a riveting exploration into instances where Superman’s actions tilt more towards arrogance and heartlessness, straying far from his usual virtuous persona.

10 Times Superman Was A Real Jerk Youtube

From manipulative tactics to blatant disrespect, this eye-opening countdown will have viewers reevaluating their perception of this famed defender of justice.

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Whether it’s his interactions with villains, fellow superheroes, or innocent bystanders, each scenario serves as a testament to the duality of Superman’s character.

So buckle up and prepare for a unique journey that just might shatter some long-held notions about the world’s greatest superhero.

Key Takeaways

  • Superman’s treatment of villains and enemies can be brutal and manipulative, often resorting to extreme measures to defeat them.
  • He has a history of disregarding the authority and opinions of other heroes, even engaging in battles with them.
  • Superman’s use of power can be questionable, sometimes resulting in excessive force or the destruction of innocent lives and property.
  • His arrogance and ego often lead to him belittling others, ignoring advice, and considering himself above the law and the concerns of the public.

Brutal Encounter With Lex Luthor

Brutal Encounter With Lex Luthor

In the ‘All-Star Superman‘ storyline, he’s shown no mercy, brutally defeating his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor in a particularly ruthless encounter. This is a chilling display of Superman’s lack of empathy, a trait that’s rarely associated with the man of steel.

While he’s known for his unwavering commitment to justice, this incident highlights a darker, more complex side to his character. It isn’t just villains who bear the brunt of his wrath. Innocent bystanders often become collateral damage in his ferocious battles.

Superman’s treatment of innocent people in these situations is, at best, negligent. His focus is on the enemy, not the innocents caught in the crossfire. This raises questions about his moral compass and whether his actions are always in the best interest of humanity.

Manipulating Mister Mxyzptlk

Manipulating Mister Mxyzptlk

He’s not just ruthless with traditional villains, as evidenced by his manipulation of the impish Mister Mxyzptlk in ‘Superman #30‘. The Man of Steel tricks the troublemaking fifth-dimensional imp into saying his own name backward, banishing him back to his home dimension.

It’s clever but also a bit cruel, as Mxyzptlk is more of a mischievous annoyance than a true villain. This instance of manipulating Mister Mxyzptlk highlights Superman’s often overlooked disregard for the consequences of his actions. He’s so focused on maintaining control that he doesn’t consider the potential blowback.

This disregard, while ensuring immediate peace, can create long-term problems. It’s just one of many examples where the so-called hero exhibits less-than-heroic behavior.

Imprisonment of General Zod

Imprisonment Of General Zod

Another example of Superman’s questionable tactics is his harsh treatment of General Zod in ‘Superman II‘, where he traps the villain along with his followers in the Phantom Zone. This action raises ethical implications. Was it justified for Superman, a self-proclaimed beacon of justice, to imprison Zod without a fair trial?

The consequences of Superman’s actions had a profound impact on Kryptonian society. By imprisoning Zod, he left the Kryptonian military leaderless, creating a power vacuum.

From Zod’s perspective, he was a patriot protecting his race. His imprisonment, therefore, felt like a betrayal.

Destruction of Brainiac’s Planet

Destruction Of Brainiacs Planet

Superman’s decision to obliterate Brainiac’s home planet in ‘Action Comics #868‘ truly highlights his disregard for life on a colossal scale. Despite Brainiac’s villainous nature, the destruction of an entire planet shows Superman’s disregard for the consequences of his actions.

  • The once thriving planet, now reduced to cosmic dust.
  • The countless lives lost, civilizations erased in an instant.

The shockwaves of destruction, rippling through the cosmos.

  • The echo of Superman’s lack of trust in others, justifying his destructive actions.

This act of utter annihilation isn’t only a testament to Superman’s power, but also to his profound arrogance. It raises the question: is the ‘Man of Steel‘ a protector of life, or a reckless destroyer blinded by his own might?

Erasing Lois Lane’s Memories

Erasing Lois Lanes Memories

Showing a blatant disregard for personal boundaries, Superman wiped Lois Lane’s memories in ‘Superman: For Tomorrow,’ further cementing his reputation as a self-serving individual. This act wasn’t just an invasion of privacy; it also highlighted Superman’s lack of empathy towards Lois Lane. He chose to rob her of her experiences and knowledge, redefining her reality without her consent, rather than facing the consequences of his actions.

But this wasn’t the only time Superman crossed a line. He’s also known for his controversial erasure of the world’s memories, clearly demonstrating a problematic pattern. These actions raise a critical question: Is Superman’s power an excuse for disregarding others’ rights?

It’s instances like these that make the Man of Steel seem less like a hero and more like a jerk.

Battle With Batman

Battle With Batman

In ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ Superman sparked a fierce conflict with Batman, displaying his disregard for fellow heroes. This conflict was marked by Superman’s disregard for Batman’s authority and his use of excessive force against the Dark Knight.

  • Superman, believing he was superior, didn’t hesitate to undermine Batman’s leadership.
  • In their battle, Superman used his super-strength recklessly, showing no concern for Batman’s human limitations.
  • When Batman used a power suit to level the playing field, Superman responded with even more brutality.
  • At the end of their fight, Superman’s actions left Batman in a near-death state.

This showdown between two iconic heroes showcases Superman’s arrogance and lack of empathy, painting him as a real jerk.

Disrespecting Wonder Woman

Disrespecting Wonder Woman

Another instance of Superman’s lack of respect for fellow heroes is evident in ‘Justice League #12,’ where he blatantly disregards Wonder Woman’s authority. In this issue, Superman takes a high-handed approach, not considering Wonder Woman’s tactical wisdom and battlefield experience. Superman’s disregard for teamwork is glaring and he takes decisions unilaterally, leaving Wonder Woman—arguably one of the strongest members of the team—in the lurch.

Wonder Woman’s reaction to Superman’s high-handedness is one of shock and disappointment. She finds his actions disrespectful and dismissive. This incident not only highlights Superman’s arrogance, but also his inability to value the input and expertise of his teammates. It’s a clear example of Superman being a real jerk, undermining the spirit of unity and mutual respect that should define the Justice League.

Commandeering Green Lantern’s Ring

Commandeering Green Lantern's Ring

Under the guise of goodwill, Superman’s audacity truly shines when he takes control of Green Lantern’s ring in ‘Superman: Red Son,’ disregarding his teammate’s unique abilities and autonomy. This is a stark display of Superman’s abuse of power.

  • He forcefully commands the ring, showing no respect for the Green Lantern’s personal property.
  • His disregard for innocent bystanders is evident as he uses the ring’s power without consideration for the potential fallout.
  • Superman’s arrogance is on full display as he assumes he can wield the ring better than its rightful owner.
  • The incident exemplifies Superman’s tendency to prioritize his own judgement over the collective decision of the team.

In this episode, our beloved hero falls short, proving that even Superman can be a real jerk.

Ignoring Flash’s Cry for Help

Ignoring Flash's Cry for Help

Despite being known for his super-speed and quick response times, Superman shockingly brushed off the Flash’s desperate plea for assistance in ‘Justice League: The Nail.’ This was an unexpected twist, showcasing Superman’s indifference when his fellow hero needed him most.

Instead of rushing to Flash’s aid, the Man of Steel chose to remain aloof, leaving Flash to fend for himself in a perilous situation. This incident shocked fans as it went against Superman’s known persona of being a protector and a team player.

Flash’s plea fell on deaf ears, highlighting a darker, more insensitive side to Superman. It was a clear testament to the fact that even the most revered superheroes can sometimes act like real jerks.

Betrayal of the Justice League

Betrayal of the Justice League

In a shocking turn of events, Superman betrayed the Justice League by joining forces with the Injustice Gang in ‘JLA: Earth 2.’ This shocking moment is just one of the times Superman betrayed the Justice League, raising questions about his loyalty.

  • He sided with the villains, ignoring his responsibility to protect Earth.
  • He disregarded the trust his teammates placed in him.
  • He revealed the Justice League’s secrets to the Injustice Gang.
  • He fought against his own friends, causing havoc and confusion.

Superman’s disregard for the consequences of his actions on Earth was alarming. His betrayal not only shocked his comrades but also disappointed millions of fans worldwide, painting the Man of Steel in a rather unflattering light.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Were the Reasons for Superman’s Brutal Treatment of Lex Luthor?

Superman’s brutal treatment of Lex Luthor stems from Luthor’s constant provocations and threats to humanity. Despite Superman’s morality, he’s pushed to act aggressively to neutralize Luthor’s relentless plans of destruction and chaos.

How Did Superman Justify Manipulating Mister Mxyzptlk?

In ‘Superman #30,’ he tricks Mxyzptlk into saying his name backward, claiming it’s to protect Earth from ‘Mxyzptlk’s Revenge.’ Despite Superman’s manipulation, he justifies it as necessary, showing a darker, jerkier side of his character.

What Led to Superman’s Decision to Imprison General Zod?

Superman’s decision to imprison General Zod was driven by Kryptonian ethics. Zod’s rebellion threatened Earth’s safety, so Superman, believing in justice, felt he couldn’t let Zod roam freely, thus imprisoning him.

Why Did Superman Choose to Destroy Brainiac’s Home Planet?

Superman destroyed Brainiac’s home planet due to his warped sense of justice. From an alien perspective, it’s harsh, but in Superman’s morality, it was necessary to prevent future threats Brainiac could pose.

What Were the Repercussions of Superman Erasing Lois Lane’s Memories?

When Superman tampered with Lois Lane’s memories, it sparked ethical concerns. Lois felt betrayed, her trust in Superman shaken. The repercussions stretched far, affecting their relationship and casting Superman in a questionable light.


In conclusion, Superman’s halo has its fair share of tarnish. From imprisoning Zod without a trial to arrogantly commandeering Green Lantern’s ring, he’s made some questionable choices.

Surprisingly, a recent poll revealed that 65% of comic fans still view him as the epitome of heroism. It’s intriguing how our perception of a hero can be swayed or even remain steadfast despite a few blemishes on their record.

After all, nobody’s perfect, not even the Man of Steel.

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