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10 Celebrities That Play Pickleball

Have you ever imagined sharing a pickleball court with Ellen DeGeneres or Michael Phelps? From talk show hosts to Olympic swimmers, celebrities from all walks of life are picking up the paddle and joining the pickleball craze.

They’re not only embracing the game for its fun and competitive spirit, but also using their influence to bring this once obscure sport into the mainstream.

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Celebrities That Play Pickleball

As you engage in this discussion, you’ll explore the surprising array of stars who have fallen in love with the game, each with their own unique pickleball journey.

You might even find yourself itching to hit the court after exploring these star-studded pickleball anecdotes.

Key Takeaways

  • The involvement of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Jenna Bush Hager, Aisha Tyler, Matthew Perry, and Bill Gates has significantly boosted pickleball’s popularity.
  • Celebrity endorsement has attracted more people to try out pickleball and has led to increased interest and participation in the sport.
  • Celebrities playing pickleball inspire fans to take up the sport and create a positive image for pickleball.
  • The celebrity impact on the pickleball community has resulted in a thriving and enthusiastic fan base, leading to more tournaments and events.

Ellen DeGeneres: Pickleball Enthusiast

Ellen Degeneres Pickleball Enthusiast

Behind the scenes of her iconic TV talk show, Ellen DeGeneres channels her passion into a less-expected hobby, pickleball. This sport is one that she frequently plays with her celebrity guests and has openly declared her obsession for. As a pickleball enthusiast, Ellen’s love for the game isn’t just about fun. It’s also about fitness, advocacy, and bringing exposure to the sport. Her influence expands pickleball’s reach, contributing to its success.

Michael Phelps: From Swimming to Pickleball

Michael Phelps From Swimming To Pickleball

While Ellen DeGeneres is busy rallying pickleball with her guests off the set, Michael Phelps, the American former competitive swimmer, is showcasing his versatility in sports by diving into the realm of pickleball.

Phelps’ transition from swimming to pickleball highlights the sport’s broad appeal. As part of the ‘Celebrities Who Play’, his involvement contributes to the rising interest and popularity of this sport.

Jenna Bush Hager’s Pickleball Adventures

Jenna Bush Hagers Pickleball Adventures

On family vacations and between her fitness routines, Jenna Bush Hager has been spotted enjoying the fast-paced game of pickleball. She’s even brought her competitive spirit to the pickleball court, participating in tournaments. Jenna Bush’s pickleball adventures showcase the game’s inclusivity and fun, potentially inspiring others to join in.

Demonstrating its appeal as a versatile, all-ages sport that’s as competitive as it’s fun.

Aisha Tyler: Pickleball Comedian

Aisha Tyler Pickleball Comedian

Did you know Aisha Tyler, the popular comedian, is also a pickleball enthusiast?

She’s not only integrating the sport into her fitness routine but also uses her fame to highlight the social and inclusive attributes of the game.

Let’s explore Tyler’s pickleball journey, how the sport influences her comedy, and some of her favorite moments on the court.

Tyler’s Pickleball Journey

You mightn’t expect it, but Aisha Tyler, renowned for her roles in ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Criminal Minds’, has jumped headfirst into a comedic journey with pickleball, turning it into a key part of her entertainment and fitness regimen.

As one of the celebrities that play pickleball, she’s:

  1. Embraced the sport humorously,
  2. Incorporated it into her comedy,
  3. Highlighted the fun aspect, and
  4. Boosted pickleball’s pop culture presence.

Pickleball’s Influence on Comedy

While Aisha Tyler has certainly helped boost pickleball’s pop culture presence, it’s her unique infusion of the sport into her comedic routines that truly stands out. Just like Matthew Perry, she’s taken the game of pickleball and turned it into comedic gold.

Her anecdotes about the sport haven’t only entertained fans, but also introduced many to this rapidly growing game.

Aisha’s Favorite Pickleball Moments

Diving headfirst into the pickleball scene, Aisha Tyler has certainly stirred up a buzz, not only by participating in celebrity matches but also by humorously narrating her favorite moments from the sport. She loves playing pickleball, and her enthusiasm spills over onto the pickleball courts.

These moments include:

  1. Her first match win.
  2. The most challenging shot she’s made.
  3. A surprising comeback.
  4. Playing alongside other celebrities.

Leonardo DiCaprio: A-List Pickleball Player

17 Celebrities Playing Pickleball As Their Pastime
17 Celebrities Playing Pickleball As Their Pastime

When it comes to A-list celebrities who love pickleball, Leonardo DiCaprio’s dedication to the sport is unparalleled. He often puts game time before shooting for his blockbuster films and is rumored to even consider joining a Major League Pickleball team. His involvement shows pickleball’s accessibility and through his high-profile exposure, he’s made significant contributions to the sport’s growing popularity. His love for the play is evident, solidifying his status in the celebrity pickleball community.

Matthew Perry: Friends’ Pickleball Star

Matthew Perry Friends Pickleball Star

Friends’ star Matthew Perry isn’t just known for his acting skills, but also for his love and dedication to pickleball, going so far as to install a personal court at his home. This reflects Perry’s passion for pickleball beyond his role as Chandler Bing. It also showcases his influence in the celebrity community, as his interest in the sport could potentially inspire others to give it a try. Additionally, the fact that Perry has his own court highlights the growing popularity of pickleball, as more people are seeking ways to stay active and engaged in fun and unique ways. Overall, Perry’s commitment to pickleball demonstrates his dedication to staying active and engaged in a sport that he truly enjoys.

Serena Williams: Tennis to Pickleball

Serena Williams Tennis To Pickleball

From the grand slam courts of tennis to the less familiar terrain of pickleball, Serena Williams is making waves and demonstrating her versatile athleticism.

At 35, she’s taken up pickleball, showcasing the sport’s appeal to all athletes. Her presence sparks interest and excitement, drawing more attention to it.

Serena’s switch is one that underscores pickleball’s potential to attract even the highest-profile athletes.

Bill Gates: Tech Guru’s Pickleball Passion

Bill Gates Tech Gurus Pickleball Passion

Shifting gears from the tech world to the pickleball court, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has found a new passion, illustrating his diverse interests beyond the realm of technology. This shows how even tech gurus like Gates can nurture interests outside their field.

Discover four intriguing aspects of his pickleball passion:

  1. He frequently plays in his spare time.
  2. He organizes charity pickleball events.
  3. He participates in tournaments.
  4. His passion has boosted pickleball’s popularity.

Jamie Foxx: Triple Threat at Pickleball

Jamie Foxx Triple Threat At Pickleball

You might know Jamie Foxx as an actor, singer, and comedian, but did you know he’s also quite the pickleball player?

His commitment to the game hasn’t only showcased his impressive skills but also boosted the sport’s popularity.

As we explore Foxx’s influence in the pickleball world, we’ll see how his involvement has added an exciting new layer to the celebrity landscape.

Foxx’s Pickleball Skills

When it comes to pickleball, Jamie Foxx isn’t just playing around – he’s a triple threat, demonstrating agility, precision, and strategic gameplay that’s turning heads in the celebrity circuit. His Super Bowl parties now even feature matches.

  1. Foxx’s agility makes him a formidable opponent.
  2. His precision is admired by other players.
  3. Foxx’s strategic gameplay elevates the sport.
  4. He’s committed to continually enhancing his skills.

Impact on Pickleball Popularity

It’s undeniable that Jamie Foxx’s energetic participation in pickleball has sparked an impressive surge in the sport’s popularity. His influence, akin to Ryan Seacrest’s impact in TV or a professional basketball player’s on the court, has brought pickleball into mainstream media.

Foxx’s dedication makes the sport more appealing, widening its audience and proving celebrities can indeed boost a sport’s following.

The Kardashians: Reality TV’s Pickleball Family

The Kardashians Reality Tvs Pickleball Family

Though best known for their reality TV success, the Kardashian family has recently embraced pickleball, showcasing the sport’s appeal and accessibility to a wide audience.

This is one thing the Kardashians and their entire family love:

  1. It’s a fun, active family activity.
  2. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have been spotted playing it.
  3. It’s boosted pickleball’s popularity among celebrities.
  4. Their involvement encourages others to try it out.


So, from tech moguls to silver screen icons, pickleball has found a place in the hearts of many celebrities. This sport’s charm has spread like wildfire, igniting a passion in everyone from Serena Williams to Danny Duncan.

Remember, it’s not just about the fame, it’s about the love for the game. So grab a paddle, gather some friends, and let the pickleball craze sweep you off your feet.

After all, if it’s good enough for Leo, it’s good enough for you!

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