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chick fil a s worst menu items

9 Things You Should Never Order at Chick-fil-A

Remember Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Sometimes, temptation is just too hard to resist, and the same can be said when you're ordering at Chick-fil-A. You're standing there, eyeing the menu, and your mouth starts watering at the sight of crispy chicken biscuits, frosted beverages, and those iconic waffle fries. But hold ...

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remembering jim gaffigan s legacy

RIP Jim Gaffigan, by Jim Gaffigan

Like a well-crafted joke, the book 'RIP Jim Gaffigan' by Jim Gaffigan sneaks up on you with its thoughtful introspection wrapped in humor. You're invited to explore the mind of this beloved comedian, presented in a manner as unconventional as his stand-up routines. As you journey through the pages, you'll find yourself chuckling at Gaffigan's ...

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record breaking heat in 2023

It's Over: 2023 Was Earth's Hottest Year, Experts Say

It seems Mother Nature has cranked up the thermostat, as experts confirm that 2023 was the hottest year on record for our planet. You've likely felt the effects, whether through scorching summer heatwaves, unusually mild winters, or the disturbing reports of melting ice caps and extreme weather events. Our world is heating up, and the ...

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Top 10 Jim Carrey Performances

Top 10 Jim Carrey Performances

Jim Carrey, arguably the most versatile actor on the planet, has served up unforgettable performances like a never-ending feast. This compilation explores Carrey’s top 10 performances, showcasing his unique talent for both rib-tickling humor and poignant drama. From his early comedic masterpieces like ‘Ace Ventura’ and ‘The Mask’, to his heartfelt performances in ‘The Truman ...

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inappropriate questions to avoid

Things to Never Ask Someone

Navigating the sea of social interactions, you often find yourself sailing close to the wind. But there are certain questions, like hidden shoals, that you should avoid to keep the conversation smooth and respectful. Some inquiries, while seemingly innocent, can cross boundaries and cause discomfort or even harm. In this discussion, we’ll explore some of ...

Jennifer Wunsch

Top 10 Times The Queen Was Badass

Top 10 Times the Queen Was Badass

With over 65 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has proven she’s not your typical monarch. This piece, ‘Top 10 Times the Queen Was Badass,’ showcases the most impressive instances of her reign that illustrate her courage, wit, and formidable character. From driving a train and serving in World War II, to her steady ...

Neal Caffrey

Top 10 Craziest Family Guy Fan Theories That Might Be True

Top 10 Craziest Family Guy Fan Theories (That Might Be True)

In the intriguing realm of ‘Family Guy‘, fans can’t stop spinning wild theories. From Stewie’s secret identity to the parallels between Brian’s writing career and Seth MacFarlane’s, the show’s creator, there’s no shortage of speculation. Theories about Meg’s hidden talents, Quagmire’s murky past and even Peter’s disguised intelligence add fuel to the fan theory fire. ...