Wwe: Every Version of the Undertaker Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

Iconic Look Changes Undertaker's look evolved, with many iconic styles.

Classic Black Attire Known for his black gear and hat throughout his career.

Shorter Hair Transition Post-head shave, faced a tricky transitional look.

Mark Calloway's Influence Post-retirement, a more relaxed appearance.

Masked Due to Injury Wore a Phantom of the Opera-style mask in 1995.

Early Mortician Days Debuted with a creepy, effective look in 1990.

American Badass Shift Major character change in 2000 with a biker look.

Ministry Of Darkness Flamboyant, dark attire with leather and cloaks.

Part-Time Run Over-the-top entrance attire, known as "The Last Outlaw.

Deadman Returns in 2004 Classic look with long hair and detailed gear.

World Heavyweight Championship Era Iconic look with black singlet and hat.