Every WrestleMania Match of The Rock, Ranked From Worst To Best

Vs. Erick Rowan (WrestleMania 32) A quick, uneventful match.

Vs. John Cena (WrestleMania 28) Overhyped, lacked ring quality.

Vs. The Sultan (WrestleMania 13) Unremarkable first WrestleMania match.

Vs. John Cena (WrestleMania 29) Better than their first, still lacking.

Vs. Ken Shamrock (WrestleMania 14) Intense, with post-match drama.

Vs. Triple H, Foley, Big Show (WrestleMania 16) Chaotic, disappointing ending.

Rock 'N' Sock Vs. Evolution (WrestleMania 20) Fun, action-packed match.

Vs. Steve Austin (WrestleMania 19) Solid match, The Rock's final win over Austin.

Vs. Steve Austin (WrestleMania 15) High-energy, captivating bout.

Vs. Steve Austin (WrestleMania 17) Iconic, superb storytelling.

Vs. Hogan (WrestleMania 18) Electrifying, unforgettable clash.