Who Does Sasuke Hate the Most?

Who Does Sasuke Hate the Most?

Sasuke’s life is marked by friendships, rivalries, and deep hatreds.

His primary animosity could be towards his brother Itachi or Naruto.

Sasuke's hatred stems from betrayals and manipulations.

He harbors bitterness towards the Uchiha clan due to Itachi’s actions.

Sasuke's team Taka also felt his wrath. His hatred solidified after fighting Naruto.

Key figures in his animosity include the Raikage, Deidara, and Kabuto. Sasuke's hatred shapes his journey and character.

His obsession with Naruto overshadows other desires.

Itachi is the focus of Sasuke's intense hatred.

This hatred fuels his pursuit of power and revenge. Sasuke's path is defined by a web of hatred and revenge.