Things to Never Ask an Artist

Things to Never Ask an Artist

Asking an artist for free artwork devalues their time, effort, and creative ingenuity.

Avoid time-related questions as they trivialize the artist's expertise and effort.

Disregard for pricing strategies is disrespectful; pricing reflects the artist's value.

Asking to copy another style or change their own disrespects the artist's creative integrity.

Misunderstanding the artist's choice of style overlooks their personal growth and vision.

Never equate the value of art to the time taken to create it.

Artists invest time in honing their craft, which is time-intensive itself.

Inquiring about the cost of supplies or suggesting lower prices is insensitive.

Respect an artist's process and appreciate their work for its beauty, message, or technique.

Understand the complexity involved in the creation of art, focusing beyond time and cost.