Every Year Of Roman Reigns' WWE Career, Ranked From Worst To Best

2012 Debut with The Shield limited impact due to late debut.

2019 Returned from leukemia lacked significant storylines.

2018 Poorly booked diagnosed with leukemia, vacated title.

2023 Part-time stale title reign with few matches.

2015 Negative reception won WWE Title late in the year.

2016 Mixed reactions good title defenses but stale character.

2014 Went solo indicated push as main guy.

2017 Defeated Undertaker strong year with great rivalries.

2013 Dominated with The Shield showcased potential.

2022 Continued as Universal Champion each appearance impactful.

2020 Career turnaround heel turn, aligned with Paul Heyman.

2021 Excelled as Tribal Chief top-notch storylines and matches.