Every Look Of Seth Rollins' Wrestling Career, Ranked Worst To Best

The Beast Slayer, Universal Champion (2019) Challenged Brock Lesnar; lacked memorable feuds.

The Monday Night Messiah (Late 2019 & 2020) Black leather jackets odd feud with Rey Mysterio.

WWE's Newest Signing To FCW & First NXT Champion (2010-2012) Inaugural NXT Champion; similar to ROH look.

Ring Of Honor World Champion, Tyler Black (2007-2010) Won ROH World title minimal change in WWE.

Betraying The Shield & Joining The Authority (2014-2016) Became WWE Champion debuted "White Power Ranger" attire.

The Kingslayer & Reunion With The Shield (2016-2017) Unique attires tag-centric run.

The Original Shield Run (2012-2014) Debuted at Survivor Series captured WWE Tag Team and US Championships.

The Visionary & World Heavyweight Champion (2021-Current) Eccentric and flamboyant looks; entertaining performances.