Crazy Things to Do in Rockingham School Holidays

Crazy Things to Do in Rockingham School Holidays

Rockingham offers numerous outdoor attractions, such as kayaking and hiking through picturesque trails.

Visit local museums for interactive exhibits and engaging workshops.

Enjoy family-friendly dining along the Rockingham Foreshore, with beach views and diverse meals.

Participate in creative workshops and classes during school holidays.

Explore Rockingham Beach and engage in activities like stand-up paddleboarding.

Visit Penguin Island, a haven for wildlife and a must-see spot for nature lovers.

The Baldivis Children's Forest provides engaging activities for all ages.

Discover Rockingham's walking trails and uncover its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

At Rockingham’s museums, find interactive storytelling sessions and historical reenactments.

Enjoy family-friendly dining options with beach views and a variety of delicious meals.