10 Times DC Comics Lost Their Damn Minds

10 Times DC Comics Lost Their Damn Minds

As the world of graphic novels has given us some unexpected twists and turns with character transformations! Recall the instance when the Dark Knight transformed into a deity-like figure. Yes, you read that right.

You've already witnessed unexpected character combinations that had you puzzled, such as the unlikely friendship between Batman and Scooby-Doo.

Who could forget the time when Wonder Woman was re-conceptualized as a blood-sucking creature, or the numerous occasions when prominent characters were written off, only to be resurrected later?

Do you recall when Batman became a deity-like figure, or when Wonder Woman suddenly became a vampire? There was even a time when Green Lantern was portrayed as a villain! These audacious changes to beloved characters certainly stirred up some debate!

With these incredible changes of characters, DC never fails to surprise us!

DC never shies away from throwing their characters into the whirlpool of parallel realities.

Did you believe they were unassailable? Hold onto your seats, as DC is renowned for its startling narrative turns and unforeseen departures of characters.

DC has a knack for making you invested in a character, and then abruptly, they disappear! Yet, it's not all despair.

At times, these unnerving demises set the stage for new characters to emerge.

Don't overlook the contentious narratives that involve the death of our favorite characters and antics from alternate dimensions.