How to Divorce Your Husband and Get Everything: 8 Expert Tips

How to Divorce Your Husband and Get Everything

Today I’m going to share with you How to Divorce Your Husband and Get Everything.

The word ‘divorce’ brings an air of hostility, financial and emotional burden along with uncertainty with itself but is nonetheless a crucial option that every woman needs to be open to and educated about.

If you are wondering how to divorce your husband and get everything you need, you are not alone, neither are you incapable of doing the same. You just need to be well informed, equipped with the right lawyer, surround yourself with people who support you and believe in yourself.

How to Divorce Your Husband and Get Everything?

1. Acceptance:


Marriage is a legally and more importantly an emotionally binding agreement and getting out of it can be messy on both psychological and court levels and is thus seen as a forbidden lane by numerous unhappy wives. But if you are miserable in your marriage or are victim to repeated and unrelenting abuse, it is advisable to navigate all possible options. 

I want to divorce my husband but I have no money.” If you feel you are a victim to this category of thought, you aren’t alone. A large fraction of females who were formerly dependent financially on their significant others have successfully divorced them and landed everything they deserve.

There are numerous resources for women belonging to low-income backgrounds to get quality legal representation, provided by both government and non-profit institutes to make sure that you know how to divorce your husband and get everything you rightfully need and have the resources to go through with it.

I want to separate from my husband, what do I do?” The first step is to accept the divorce. Parting ways with your spouse is one of the most heartbreaking things one can experience and it makes the upcoming legal formalities for the same unimaginably painful.

The thought of losing your children on top of that can feel unbearable. Surround yourself with people who love and comfort you and reassure yourself that divorce is the right choice for you and your future.

2. Start Building a Plan:

Start Building a Plan

The first step in the guide for how to divorce your husband and get everything you should is planning. Divorce is a lengthy process that is bound to drain you so planning and being ready for everything is key so there is no room for your former spouse to spike in and use anything against you in court which can cost you your future.

Planning starts with being informed and educated about the entire process. Reading up about the legal proceedings of divorce and setting up meetings with legal advisors and lawyers to get a grasp on the proceedings in court can give you a better understanding of the decorum and mechanics of a courtroom.

What if you are wondering, ‘I want to divorce my husband but I have no money to get legal advice or hire a lawyer, neither am I well acquainted with the divorce proceedings.’ 

It is important to note that divorce falls under the category of civil cases and thus any help regarding it is termed as civil legal aid. There are many legal advice forums, running online and offline, by government organizations and otherwise that provide said civil aid.

Online forums generally use telecommunication or email services to answer all queries posted by people so you can educate yourself about court proceedings in detail, for free.

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3. Find a Good Lawyer:

Find a Good Lawyer

I want to separate from my husband, what do I do?” The best and most qualified person to answer this question is a lawyer. Getting your hands on a good lawyer can be a game-changer. Some lawyers specialize in divorce cases (divorce lawyers) who have a better understanding than the layman.

After dealing with numerous divorces, they are bound to know what has more potential to work in court. Especially in contested divorces (divorces where the two parties are not in agreement in certain aspects of the presented case), a good divorce attorney can tell you to ask the right questions and help you tackle tricky questions which can be thrown towards you.

Most of the most renowned divorce attorneys do private practice and thus have a hefty fee. A considerable number of women who might be formerly financially dependent on their ex-spouses can feel, “I want to divorce my husband, but I have no money to invest in a private divorce lawyer but he does and that can give him a clear edge over me in court.” 

Though that is true, equal if not better opportunities have been tried to be made accessible to all women who cannot afford to hire said help so no one gets an unfair edge over their counterpart solely owing to their financial status. Civil legal aid in the form of lawyers and divorce attorneys has been made accessible for women.

Such legal aid institutes can hook you up with pro bono lawyers who have dealt with divorce cases. You can gain access to an affordable lawyer, have the required sessions with him before your court date, take help of all the free but reliable legal advice and still have a fair chance at court against your partner who might have the riches to afford a private divorce attorney.

If you are wondering how to divorce your husband and get everything you need to start a new chapter of your life without actually going to court, that is possible as well.

Once both parties have a lawyer, there are alternatives to going to court, corresponding to your circumstances but it should be noted that taking your divorce isn’t a bad thing, these substitutes are considerable options that “might” work in your situation and save you a lot of hassle, money, time and mental peace.

  1. Divorce mediation: This choice has a mediator who facilitates negotiations for the divorce by trying to bring both parties to a common ground or resolution. This way is advisable where the marriage is short, uncomplicated and has no kids.
  2. Divorce arbitration: Another resolution based alternative, divorce arbitration has an arbitrator who is selected by both parties who tries to negotiate. This appointed arbitrator is generally a retired judge or a lawyer. Even though the concussion drawn by the arbitrator can not be appealed, it is a much quicker process than divorcee mediation.

4. Hunt for Financial and Tax Expert:

Hunt for Financial and Tax Expert

I want to divorce my husband but I have no money and am afraid that the monetary crisis following my split will be overwhelming.” Does this though haunt you? Worry not.

Divorce can hit you with a financial punch you might certainly not be expecting but there are ways to ensure that you know how to divorce your husband and get everything you need. After acquiring a good divorce attorney, the next step is to get your hands on a trusted and reliant tax and financial expert.

A married couple has several shared assets that may have been bought and used on a sharing basis. For instance, the house that they lived in, the car, expensive pieces of furniture. After separation, these shared assets can be divided equally but it is not uncommon where parties try to hide assets that may fall under the shared category in a hope of keeping it all to themselves.

Divorces, like said, are expensive procedures and can cost a lot of money apart from the money that is paid to the attorney. A good financial advisor can make sure that you are getting a fair share from the distribution of shared assets.

A meeting with a tax expert or financial advisor can give you a rough figure you are going to pay or receive in the divorce which can mentally prepare you for what is to come.

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5. Division of Assets:

Division of Assets

You may be wondering, “I want to divorce my husband but I have no money.” What needs to be understood is that money is not only the number that appears on your bank balance column but is also in the form of property and other commodities like vehicles.

Couples in marriage tend to share a lot of valuable commodities during their union and their division before divorce is generally messy, especially when it comes to assets like real estate, brokerage accounts, stock holdings, etc.

Properties can be divided into Separate and Marital properties. The definitions for each may vary slightly in different states but properties owned before marriage, inheritances, gifts, etc generally fall under the category of the separate property whereas assets acquired during the marriage irrespective of which spouse’s name is on the official paperwork In several cases where the value of the separately owned properly rises during the time where the marriage was legally identified, the said increase is also seen as marital property.

States that recognize this clause regarding assets are classified as Community property states. The nine community property states are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. These community property states believe in the equal division of the marital property equally, meaning a fifty-fifty division.

The other forty-one states are the Equitable Distribution States, where the split of marital assets need not be exactly equal but equitable meaning fair where each spouse gets what they deserve out of the marriage.

But the “deserved” aspect is subject to endless arguments. Some major factors that are considered while splitting assets during equitable distribution are:

  1. Length of the marriage
  2. Income or property individually bought into the marriage by either spouse
  3. Earning potential of each spouse and predicted financial situation after the split.
  4. The role, effect and contribution of one spouse in the other’s life in terms of healthcare, education, earning, etc.
  5.  The physical and mental health of both parties

Other factors like established standard of living during the marriage, the role in the life of children, if any, etc are also weighed in. 

In addition to assets, debts are also divided after the legal termination of marriage and have different ways of division depending on the state that the divorce is happening, whether it is an equitable distribution state or a community property state, 

6. Child Custody and Support:

Child Custody and Support

The only people who are subjected to the same, if not more amount of pain when it comes to the termination of marriage compared to the spouses are the children. Having your parents splitting up is emotional damage enough for the children but the fight for child custody after, having to choose one parent, watching both of them tear each other down in court can scar kids for life.

“I have a small child but I am sure that I want to separate from my husband, what do I do?” What you shouldn’t do is feel guilt over ending a marriage you are certain you are not happy in.

Both parties, irrespective of their differences in opinion, want the collective good of the child as so does the court. Child support refers to the resources required for the development of the child in terms of education, physical and mental health, etc.

It is no surprise that raising a kid is an expensive affair where money is spent on schooling, college funds, braces, health appointments, clothes, food, etc. The arrangement (sharing or otherwise) of this cost is decided during trial or settlement with the sole goal of the unhampered development of the child.

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7. Alimony:


Alimony can be the answer to your “I want to divorce my husband but I have no money” problem. Alimony is the money that is provided by a spouse to the other in the name of spousal support or spousal maintenance. It is a sum of money that the court may ask one spouse to pay the other, depending on the personal circumstances of your split. 

Meeting with a financial advisor can help you figure out how much you are spending right now and how much you need to stay afloat after your divorce. 

8. Mental Stability:

Mental Stability

I want to divorce my husband but I have no money. What should I do? What will happen to me? What will happen to my kid?” “I want to separate from my husband, what do I do?”

All these questions are bound to haunt single mothers who may be dependent on their significant others for money before the split. But monetary issues are not the end of it, then comes the looming unpredictability of the children’s lives.

Separation of parents has cut deep scars in the mental being of children numerous times. The guilt of causing so much pain to your kids can cause damaging effects to an already shattered and heart-broken mental state.

How to cope with all this stress? How to fight the potential mental illnesses like depression and anxiety that have the potential of latching on to you for the rest of your life? 

A professional counsellor or therapist, one who even specializes in post-divorce cases is considered best but they may not always be as pocket friendly as one wants. And if you are in a financially tougher spot, parting with money to just “make yourself feel better” is not something most women do.

Many support groups can be found through Facebook, Reddit or even through your local church which if not free have extremely less monetary costs.

Surrounding yourself with women going through similar things if not the same can make you feel less isolated. These support groups work in online, offline and hybrid modes. Keeping your mental health first is extremely important.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the process on how to divorce your husband and get everything has been answered below :

1. Is It Possible to Get a Free Lawyer Apart from the One Appointed by the Court?

Yes, It is possible to get a free lawyer apart from the one provided by the court. Look up pro bono lawyers in your area and you are bound to find one that suits you.

2. I Want to Divorce My Husband but I Have No Money. Is It Possible for Me to Get Child Custody of Our Only Daughter?

Child custody cases’ verdicts are given only based on the best interests of the child. If you have no stable financial income, you may be perceived as someone who cannot handle the financial responsibility for the upbringing of your child which may hamper your case in court.

But demanding alimony that covers your and your child’s expense may build your case up to the point where you can even assume full custody of your child.

3. How to Divorce My Husband and Get Everything I Need?

It is important to note that a lot of preparation goes in during the entire divorce preparation. If you want to get everything you deserve, the best plan of action needs to be scheduling meetings with lawyers, legal advisors, financial advisors, etc. and understanding your standing in the case and forming your case.

4. What Is Alimony?

Alimony can be best described as money meant for maintenance, support or sustenance and is the financial support that is provided by one spouse to another after legal termination of the marriage.

Alimony is generally provided if one spouse was completely dependent on the other in terms of financial stability and has no way to provide for themselves after the divorce.

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Ending the Article:

There is no perfect guide on how to divorce your husband and get everything you want but there are a few pointers that should be kept in mind while entering the tedious, soul-draining process that divorce is. It is important to not lose oneself in the process of your and your former spouse’s separation.

Even if you were formerly dependent on your significant other on a financial basis, you can still find your standing and get help in the process in the form of alimony and other resources.

In the hustle, it is crucial to take care of one’s mental health as the only thing that gets harder than the financial and social foundations of one’s life is the mental and spiritual wellbeing and no lawyer or financial advisor can help with that.

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